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November 16, 1997--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Jason Lee & David C.
11/23/97-Jeffersonville, IN

2.Flash Flanagan & Doug Basham
01/11/98-Jeffersonville, IN

Title held up
after a match between Flanagan and Basham and Rip Rogers and Trailor Park Trash
Title renamed NWA OVW Southern Tag Team Title during vacant period.

3.Totally Awsome (Suico and Kamikaze Kid)
12/13/2009-Louisville, KY

4.Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal [2]
01/31/2009-Louisville, KY

5.Totally Awsome [2]
03/07/2009-Louisville, KY

6.Fang and Igotta Brewski
04/04/2009-Louisville, KY

7.Top Shelf Talent (J.D. Maverick and Pat Buck)
04/25/2009-Louisville, KY

8.Totally Awsome [3]
06/13-Louisville, KY

9.The Network (Benny the Producer and Andrew the Director)
06/20/2009-Louisville, KY

10.Moose and Tilo
09/27/2009-Louisville, KY
Won a 4-team gauntlet against the Network, Kamikaze Kid and DC, and Hog Wild and Kevin Hundley.

11.Turcan Celik and Mike Mondo
11/21/2009-Louisville, KY

12.Network [2]
11/28/2009-Louisville, KY
Won a 4-way match against Celik and Mondo, Moose and Tilo, and the Mobile Homers;
Benjamin Bray defeated Andrew LaCroix for the control of the title on 02/10/2010 in Lousville, KY when the team temporarily split.

13.Benjamin Bray and Andrew LaCroix [3]
02/17/2010-Louisville, KY
Benjamin again picked Andrew as the partner.

14.Elite: Ted McNailer and Adam Revolver
03/24/2010-Louisville, KY

15.Sucio (Christopher Silvio) and Fang (Raphael Constantine)
08/26/2010-Louisville, KY

16.Elite [2]
12/09/2010-Louisville, KY

17.Christopher Silvio and Ryan Nemeth
01/08/2011-Louisville, KY Vacant on 11/02/02.

18.Ryan Nemeth and Paredyse
02/02/2011-Louisville, KY
Defeated Fighting Spirit (Christopher Silvio and Raphael Constantine)

19.Fighting Spirit [2]
03/05/2011-Louisville, KY

20.Elite [3]
04/02//2011-Louisville, KY

21.Fat and Furious (Mr. Black and Trailer Park Trash)
06/15/2011-Louisville, KY

22.Bolin Services 2.0 (James Thomas and Rocco Bellagio)
08/06/2011-Louisville, KY

23.Fat and Furious [2]
08/24/2011-Louisville, KY Defeat Thomas and Raúl LaMotta, subbing for Bellagio.

24.Elite [4]
09/03/2011-Louisville, KY
Defeated Fat and Furious and James Thomas and Rocco Bellagio in a 3–way match.

25.OMG (Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze)
12/03/2011-Louisville, KY
Defeated Elite and James Onno and Tony Gunn in a 3-way match.

26.Mascagni Family (Jessie Godderz and Marcus Anthony)
01/11/2012-Louisville, KY

27.OMG [2] 2012/01/18 Louisville, KY

28.Family (Jessie Godderz and Rob Terry and Rudy Switchblade)
02/222012-Louisville, KY
Defeated Jonze and Jason Wayne, subbing for Spade, in a handicap match.

29.Los Locos (Anarquia aka Ramon Loco and Raul LaMotta) [2]
04/072012-Louisville, KY
Defeated Godderz and Switchblade.

30.Family [2]
04/11/2012-Louisville, KY Godderz and Switchblade defeat LaMotta in a handicap match.

31.Loco-MG (Shiloh Jonze and Raul LaMotta)
06/022012-Louisville, KY

32.Family [3]
06/062012-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Stripped due to the referee's involvement for the title switch.

33.Best Team Ever (Family) [4]
07/072012-Louisville, KY
Defeated Paredyse and Brandon Espinosa.

34.Team GutCheck (Alex Silva and Sam Shaw)
12/022012-Louisville, KY

35.Crimson and Jason Wayne
01/16/2013-Louisville, KY

36.Team GutCheck [2]
02/27/2013-Louisville, KY

37.Michael Hayes and Mohammed Ali Vaez
06/26/2013-Louisville, KY

38.Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver and Ted McNaler)
12/07/2013-Louisville, KY

39.Michael Hayes and Mohammed Ali Vaez [2]
12/28/2013-Louisville, KY

40.Dylan Bostic and Roberto De Luna
03/01/2014-Louisville, KY Defeat Ali Vaez in a handicap match.

41.Sky Walkers (Aaron Sky and Robbie Walker)
05/10/2014-Louisville, KY

42.Big Jon and The Bodyguy
07/05/2014-Louisville, KY

43.Chris Silvio and Jamin Olivencia
08/02/2014-Louisville, KY

44.War Machinem(Shiloh Jonze and Eric Locker)
09/06/2014-Louisville, KY

45.TerreMex (Randy Terrez and The Mexcutioner aka Roberto De Luna)
11/01/2014-Louisville, KY

46.Fabulous Free Bodies (Big Jon and The Bodyguy)
12/13/2014-Louisville, KY

47.TerreMex [2]
01/14/2015-Louisville, KY

48.Walk on the Wylde Side (Adam Wylde and Robbie Walker)
03/07/2015-Louisville, KY

49.War Machine (Big Jon and Eric Locker)
03/25/2015-Louisville, KY
Jon defeated Wylde in a singles match.

50.Walk on the Wylde Side [2]
07/08/2015-Louisville, KY

51.Van Zandt Family Circus (Dapper Dan Van Zandt and The Ringmaster)
10/03/2015-Louisville, KY
Defeated Adam Wylde in a handicap match.

52.Band of Brothaz (General Pope and Private Anthony)
12/05/2015-Louisville, KY

53.Tag Buddies(Stuart Miles and Adam Revolver)
02/10/2016-Louisville, KY

54.Bad Boys Club (Randy Royal and Shane Andrews)
05/14/2016-Louisville, KY

55.Tag Buddies [2]
06/22/2016-Louisville, KY

56.Van Zandt Family Circus (Dapper Dan Van Zandt and Mad Man Pondo)
07/27/2016-Louisville, KY

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