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November 23, 1997--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott and Jim Dupree

NWA OVW Tag Team Title renamed NWA OVW Southern Tag Team Title during vacant period.

1.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway
03/18/98-Jeffersonville, IN
Defeat Rip Rogers and Trailor Park Trash in tournament final.

2.Rip Rogers and Dave the Rave
05/03/98-Jeffersonville, IN

3.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway [2]
05/13/98-Jeffersonville, IN

4.Rip Rogers and Dave the Rave [2]
05/17/98-Jeffersonville, IN

5.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway [3]
05/17/98-Jeffersonville, IN

Title Held

6.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway [4]
06/14/98-Jeffersonville, IN
Defeated Flash Flanagan & Jason Lee.

7.Dave the Rave and Juan Hurtado
06/28/98-Jeffersonville, IN
Defeat Flash Flanagan and David Lee in tournament final.

8.Jebediah Blackhawk and Cousin Otter
07/01/98-Jeffersonville, IN
Win by forfeit when Dave the Rave no-shows for the defense.

9.Bryan Cash and Juan Hurtado
08/09/98-Jeffersonville, IN

Bryan Cash injured.

10.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway [4]
09/27/98-Jeffersonville, IN
Defeat Jason Lee and Rob Steel in tournament final.

11.Vito and Guido Andretti
10/25/98-Jeffersonville, IN

12.Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore [5]
11/24/98-Louisville, KY

Title held up

13.Dajama and David C.
Awarded after Nick Dinsmore no-showed and Rob Conway was counted out.

14.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway [6]
01/27/99-Jeffersonville, I

15.David C. and Damaja [2]
02/02/99-Louisville, KY

16.Jebediah Blackhawk and Cousin Otter [2]
02/07/99-Jeffersonville, IN

17.Flash Flanagan and Trailer Park Trash
03/30/99-Louisville, KY
Flash Flanagan held the following titles in conjunction with the NWA Ohio Valley Southern Tag Team Title

18.Suicide Blondes: Rip Rogers and Jason Lee
07/20/99-Louisville, KY

19.Jebidiah Blackhawk and Trailer Park Trash
Jeffersonville, Ind.

20.Suicide Blondes: Jason Lee and Derrick King
03/29/2000-Jeffersonville, IN

21.Scotty Sabre and B.J. Payne [2]
04/04/2000-Jeffersonville, IN

22.Mr. Black and Bull Buchanan
02/01/2000-Louisville, KY

23.The Disciples of Synn: Slash (Wolfie D.) and Damian
06/23/2000-Louisville, KY (Louisville Gardens)

07/19/2000-Jeffersonville, IN

25.Steve Armstrong and Tracey Smothers
07/21/2000-Knoxville, TN

26.Disciples of Synn [2]
08/04/2000-Louisville, KY (Louisville Gardens)

27.B.J. Payne and Flash Flanagan
10/17/00-Louisville, KY

28.Disciples of Synn (Payne and Damian)
01/03/2001-Jeffersonville, IN
Payne defeated Flanagan in a singles match for the tag titles, then chose Damian as his new partner

29.The Minnesota Stretching Crew: Shelton Benjamin and Brock Lesnar
02/13/2001-Louisville, KY

30.Disciples of Synn [2]
04/22/2001-Jeffersonville, IN

31.The Minnesota Stretching Crew [2]
05/15/2001-Louisville, KY (Freedom Hall)
Dark match at WWF Smackdown/Heat TV taping.

The Minnesota Stretching Crew unable to defend titles due to Shelton Benjamin's injury.

32.Minnesota Stretching Crew [3]
10/29/2001-Louisville, KY
Defeated Proto type and Rico Constantino to win back the vacant titles.

OHV drops NWA affiliation - title is now known as the Ohio Valley Wrestling Southern Tag Team Title

33.Jason Lee and Derrick King
11/07/2001-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

34.Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore
12/12/2001-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

35.Doug Basham and Damaja
02/06/2002-Jeffersonville, IN
Defeated Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore in an Ironman match for the title.

36.Rob Conway and Nick Dinsmore [8]
05/17/2002-Louisville, KY
WWE House Show

37.Trailer Park Trash and Flash (Flanagan) [2]
05/31/2002-Louisville, KY

38.Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway [9]
06/14/2002-Louisville, KY

39.Trailer Park Trash and Flash (Flanagan) [3]
06/28/2002 Louisville, KY

40.Redd Dogg Begnaud and Shelton Benjamin
07/17/2002-Jeffersonville, IN (Davis Arena)

41.Seven and Travis Bane
03/05/2003-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
Defeated Lance Cade and Rene Dupree in a tournament final
OVW TV Taping

42.Ron Simmons and Bradshaw
Phantom title change

Title Vacant
Titles were vacated by the APA due to Bradshaw's hernia, which occurred during a match on 05/30/2003

43.Adrenaline ("Hitman" Chris Cage and John "Tank" Toland)
06/27/2003-Louisville, KY (Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom)
Defeated Brolin Services (Lance Cade and Mark Jindrak)

44.Nova and Aaron Stevens
10/10/2003-Louisville, KY
WWE house show

45.Tank Toland and Chris Cage [2]
03/03/2004-Louisville, KY

46.Brent Albright and Chris Masters
03/31/2004-Louisville, KY

47.Mac Johnson and Seth Skyfire
06/30/2004-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping

48.Adrealine (Chris Cage and Tank Toland) [3]
09/08/2004-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping

TITLE VACANT 09/15/2004
In light of the controversial ending of 09/08/2004 (Tank Toland's cousin, Chad interfering), OVW officials held up the belts pending a rematch between Adrenaline and Johnson and Skyfire on 09/29/2004.

49.Mac Johnson and Seth Skyfire [2]
09/29/2004-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping

50.Joey Matthews and Johnny Nitro
11/10/2004-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping

51.The Thrillseekers (Johnny Jeter and Matt Capotelli)
01/19/2005-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

52.The Blonde Bombers (Tank and Chad Toland)
04/06/2005-Louisville, KY
OVW TV Taping
Managed by Jillian Hall.

53.Chet "The Jet" Jablonski and Seth Skyfire
10/12/2005-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

54.Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and Chris Cage
02/08/2006-Louisville, KY (Danny Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

55.Deuce Shade and Domino
03/19/2006-Louisville, KY (St. Therese's Gym)
Deuce Shade pins Mike "The Miz" Mizanin in a singles match.
Chris Cage was fired by WWE.

56.KC James and Roadkill
04/05/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping
Defeated champions Deuce Shade & Domino Cliff Compton and Spirit Squad (Mikey & Kenny) in 3-way match; WWE World Tag Team Title was also on the line, but only OVW title changed hands since Roadkills pinned Shade.

57.Shad Gaspard & The Neighborhoodie
05/24/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

58.C.M. Punk and Seth Skyfire
07/28/2006-Louisville, KY (Paramarx Arena-Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom)

59.The Untouchables [2]
08/02/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

60.Cody Runnels and Shawn Spears
10/18/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping

TITLE VACANT 11/29/2006 Louisville, KY New Davis Arena
Champions Cody Runnels and Shawn Spears vs. challengers The Untouchables went to a draw and the title was held up.

61.The Untouchables (Deuce Shade and Dice Domino) [3]
12/06/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
OVW TV Taping
Defeated Cody Runnels and Shawn Spears to win held-up title.

62.Cody Runnels and Shawn Spears [2]
12/13/2006-Louisville, KY (New Davis Arena)
Street Fight match OVW TV Taping

63.Justin LaRouche and Charles Evans
04/11/2007-Louisville, KY

64.Brett Major and Brian Major
06/15/2007-Louisville, KY
Defeated Justin LaRouche, Charles Evans (champs), and Dr. Tomas in a handicap match.

65.K.C. James and Kassidy James
06/29/2007-Louisville, KY (Six Flags)

66.Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard and JTG)
07/21/2007-Owensboro, KY

67.K.C. James and Kassidy James [2]
07/22/2007-Louisville, KY

68.T.J. Dalton and Jamin Olivencia
08/01/2007-Louisville, KY

69.Kassidy James and K.C. James [3]
08/24/2007-Louisville, KY
Defeated Jamin Olivencia and Chris Cage, subbing for TJ Dalton.

70.Chet the Jett and Steve Lewington
09/05/2007-Louisville, KY

71.Kassidy James and K.C. James [4]
09/26/2007-Louisville, KY

Title declared vacant after K.C. and Kassidy James attacked Chet the Jett and Steve Lewington on 10/06/2007.

72.Colt Cabana and Shawn Spears
11/07/2007-Louisville, KY
Defeated Stu Sanders & Paul Birchall in tournament final to win vacant title.

73.Colt Cabana and Charles Evans
12/19/2007-Louisville, KY
Cabana defeated Spears in a Ladder match to win control of the OVW Tag Team Title and chose Charles Evans as his new tag team partner.

74.Paul Birchall and Stu Sanders
01/02/2008-Louisville, KY

75.Raul Loco and Ramon Loco
02/27/2008-Louisville, KY

76.The Insurgency (Ali and Omar Akbar)
05/14/2008-Louisville, KY

77.Pat Buck and Rob Conway
05/278/2008-Louisville, KY.

78.Darriel Kelly and Josh Lowry
08/06/2008-Louisville, KY.
Four corners match also involving Ali and Omar Akbar and Scott Cardinal and Dirty Money

09/10/2008-Louisville, KY

80.Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal
10/29/2008-Louisville, KY
Defeated APOC and Vaughn Lilas

81.Totally Awesome (Suico and Kamikaze Kid)
12/13/2008-Louisville, KY

82.Dirty Money and Scott Cardinal [2]
01/31/2009-Louisville, KY

83.Totally Awesome [2]
03/07/2009-Louisville, KY

84.Fang and Igotta Brewski
04/04/2009-Louisville, KY

85.Top Shelf Talent (J.D. Maverick and Pat Buck)
04/25/2009-Louisville, KY

86.Totally Awesome [3]
06/13/2009-Louisville, KY

87.The Network (Benny the Producer and Andrew the Director)
06/20/2009-Louisville, KY

88.Moose and Tilo
09/27/2009-Louisville, KY

89.Turcan Celik and Mike Mondo
11/21/2009-Louisville, KY

90.Network (Benny the Producer and Andrew the Director) [2]
11/28/2009-Louisville, KY
Won a 4-way match against Turcan Celik and Nick Mondo (c), Moose and Tilo, and the Mobile Homers
Benjamin Bray defeats Andrew LaCroix for the control of the title on 02/10/2010 in Lousville, KY when the team temporarily splits.

91.Benjamin Bray and Andrew LaCroix [3]
02/172010-Louisville, KY
Benjamin again picked Andrew as a partner.

92.Elite (Ted McNailer and Adam Revolver
03/24/2010-Louisville, KY

93.Sucio and Fang
08/26/2010-Louisville, KY

94.Elite [2]
12/09/2010-Louisville, KY

95.Christopher Silvio and Ryan Nemeth
01/08/2011-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant

96.Ryan Nemeth and Paredyse
02/02/2011-Louisville, KY
Defeated Fighting Spirit (Christopher Silvio and Raphael Constantine) for the vacant title.

97.Fighting Spirit (Christopher Silvio and Raphael Constantine) [2]
03/05/2011-Louisville, KY

98.The Elite(Ted McNailer and Adam Revolver) [3]
04/02/2011-Louisville, KY

99.Mr. Black and Trailer Park Trash
06/15/2011-Louisville, KY

100.Fat & Furious (Mr. Black and Trailer Park Trash)
06/15/2011-Louisville, KY

101.Bolin Services 2.0 (James Thomas and Rocco Bellagio)
08/06/2011-Louisville, KY

102.Fat & Furious [2]
08/24/2011-Louisville, KY
Defeated Thomas and Ra�l LaMotta, subbing for Bellagio.

103.Elite [4]
09/03/2011-Louisville, KY
Defeated Fat and Furious and Bolin Services 2.0 in a 3�way match.

104.Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze
12/03/2011-Louisville, KY (Davis Arena)
Defeat The Elite and James Onno and Tony Gunn in a Three Way match.

105.Mascagni Family (Jessie Godderz and Marcus Anthony)
01/11/2011-Louisville, KY

105.OMG [2]
01/18/2012-Louisville, KY

105.Family (Jessie Godderz, Rob Terry, and Rudy Switchblade)
02/22/2012-Louisville, KY
Defeated Jonze and Jason Wayne, subbing for Spade, in a handicap match.

105.Los Locos (Anarquia (Ramon Loco) and Raul LaMotta) [2]
04/07/2012-Louisville, KY
Defeated Godderz and Switchblade.

105.Family [2]
04/11/2012-Louisville, KY
Godderz and Switchblade defeat LaMotta in a handicap match.

106.Loco-MG (Shiloh Jonze and Raul LaMotta)
06/02/2011-Louisville, KY

107.Family [3]
06/06/2011-Louisville, KY

Title Vacant
Stripped due to the referee's involvement for the title switch.

108.Family [4]
/07/0/2011-Louisville, KY
Defeat Paredyse and Brandon Espinosa for vacant title.

109.Team GutCheck (Alex Silva and Sam Shaw)
12/02/2012-Louisville, KY

110.Crimson and Jason Wayne
/01/16/2013-Louisville, KY

111.Team GutCheck (Alex Silva and Sam Shaw) [2]
02/27/2013-Louisville, KY

112.Michael Hayes and Mohamed Ali Vaez
06/26/2013-Louisville, KY

113.Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver and Ted McNaler)
12/072013-Louisville, KY

114.Michael Hayes and Mohammed Ali Vaez [2]
12/28/2013-Louisville, KY

115.Dylan Bostic and Roberto De Luna
03/01/2014-Louisville, KY
Defeated Ali Vaez in a handicap match.

116.Sky Walkers (Aaron Sky and Robbie Walker)
05/10/2014- Louisville, KY
Won the title from Dylan Bostic and Roberto De Luna.

117.Big Jon and The Bodyguy
07/05/2014-Louisville, KY

118.Chris Silvio and Jamin Olivencia
08/02/2014-Louisville, KY
Won the title from Big Jon and The Bodyguy.

119.War Machine (Shiloh Jonze and Eric Locker)
09/06/2014-Louisville, KY

120.Randy Terrez and Roberto De Luna
11/01/2014-Louisville, KY

121.Fabulous Free Bodies (Big Jon and The Bodyguy)
12/13/2014-Louisville, KY

122.TerreMex (Randy Terrez and The Mexcutioner (Roberto De Luna)) [2]
01/14/2015-Louisville, KY

123.Walk On The Wylde Side (Adam Wylde and Robbie Walker)
03/07/2015-Louisville, KY

124.War Machine (Big Jon and Eric Locker)
03/25/2015-Louisville, KY
Jon defeated Wylde in a singles match.

125.Walk on the Wylde Side (Adam Wylde and Robbie Walker) [2]
07/08/2015-Louisville, KY

126.Van Zandt Family Circus (Dapper Dan Van Zandt and The Ringmaster)
10/03/2015-Louisville, KY
Defeated Adam Wylde, holding the title with Robbie Walker, in a handicap match.

127.Band of Brothaz (General Pope and Private Anthony)
12/05/2015-Louisville, KY

128.Tag Buddies (Stuart Miles and Adam Revolver)
02/10/2016-Louisville, KY

129.Bad Boys Club (Randy Royal and Shane Andrews)
05/14/2016-Louisville, KY

130.Van Zandt Family Circus (Dapper Dan Van Zandt & Mad Man Pondo)
07/27/2016-Louisville, KY

131.Adam Revolver and The Mexicutioner
09/03/2016-Louisville, KY

132.Legacy of Brutality (Big Zo and Hy-Zaya)
09/07/2016-Louisville, KY

133.Big Smooth (Big Jon and Justin Smooth)
11/16/2016-Louisville, KY

134.Team Next Level (Devin Driscoll and Tony Gunn)
01/25/2017-Louisville, KY

135.Billy O and Kevin Giza
03/08/2017-Louisville, KY

136.Bad Boys Club (Randy Royal and Shane Andrews) [2]
04/152017-Elizabethtown, KY

137.Legacy of Brutality (Cash Flo and Dapper Dan)
07/12/2017-Louisville, KY

138.Adam Slade and Kevin Giza
09/022017-Louisville, KY

139.Bad Boys Club (Randy Royal and Shane Andrews) [3]
11/22/2017-Louisville, KY

140.Randy Royal and Jessie Belle
01/2018-Louisville, KY
Belle replaces Andrews.

141.Bro Godz (Colton Cage and Dustin Jackson)
02/03/2018-Louisville, KY

142.Adam Slade and Kevin Giza [2]
03/03/2018-Louisville, KY
Won from Dustin Jackson and Dimes (substituting for Colton Cage).

143.Bro Godz (Colton Cage and Dustin Jackson) [2]

144.David Lee Lorenze III and Shiloh Jonze
07/07/ 2018-Louisville, KY

145.Bro Godz (Colton Cage and Dustin Jackson) [3]
07/11/2018-Louisville, KY

146.War Kings (Crimson and Jax Dane)
08/04/2018-Louisville, KY

147.Bro Godz [4]
09/15/2018-Elizabethtown, KY

148.War Kings (Crimson and Jax Dane) [2]
11/03/2018-Louisville, KY

149.King's Ransom (Leonis Khan and Maximus Khan
04/06/2019-Louisville, KY

150.Jay Bradley and Cash Flo
08/03/2019- Louisville, KY
Defeated Maximus and Big Zo (substituting for Leonis).

151.Corey Storm and Dimes
11/12/2019-Louisville, KY

152.Legacy of Brutality (Big Zo and Hy-Zaya)
02/01/2020-Louisville, KY

153.Tate Twins (Brent Tate and Brandon Tate)
11/07/2020-Louisville, KY

154.Jessie Godderz and Tony Gunn
04/06/2021-Louisville, KY

155Tate Twins [2]
05/22/2021-Louisville, KY

155.Darkkloudz (Eric Darkstorm and Deget Bundlez)
08/28/2021-Louisville, KY
Defeated the Tate Twins (Brent Tate and Brandon Tate), the Legacy Of Brutality (Big Zo and Steve Michaels), the Recusants (Tom Coffey and Brandon Espinosa), Fanny Pack Party (Kal Herro and Dustin Jacksonand), and Box Office Blonds (Adam Swayze and Rex) in a 6-team ladder match.

156.Fanny Pack Party (Kal Herro and Dustin Jackson)
11/23/2021-Louisville, KY

157.Darkkloudz (Eric Darkstorm and Deget Bundlez) [2]
02/10/2022-Louisville, KY
Defeated Dustin Jackson, who has held the title with Kal Herro, in a handicap match.

158.Jessie Godderz and Tony Gunn [2]
05/19/2022-Louisville, KY
Defeat Bankroll (Cash Flo and Dimes) Darkkloudz (Eric Darkstorm and Deget Bundlez), the Outrunners (Truth Magnum and Turbo Floyd) in a 4-corner match.

159.Outrunners (Truth Magnum and Turbo Floyd)
06/02/2022-Louisville, KY

160.Bankroll (Cash Flo and Dimes) [2]
06/25/2022-Louisville, KY

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