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July 27, 2002--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.A.J. Styles
11/09/2002-Philadelphia, PA
Defeats American Dragon in the finals of the #
1 contender's trophy Gauntlet Series.

2.Paul London
12/07/2002-Philadelphia, PA
Defeats American Dragon in a 4-man tournament final.

3.Paul London [2]
02/08/2003-Queens, NY
Defeats A.J. Styles & Low Ki in a three-way match to win the trophy.

4.Samoa Joe
03/15/2003-Cambridge, MA
Defeats Homicide, BJ Whitmer, & EZ Money in a four way match to win the trophy.

5.Doug Williams
03/22/2003-Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Christopher Daniels to win the trophy and the FWA Heavyweight Title.

04/26/2003-West Mifflin, PA
Defeats C.M. Punk to win the trophy.

7.Paul London [3]
06/14/2003-Cambridge, MA
ROH officials determined London had earned it in a twenty-eight minute draw vs. NWA World Heavyweight Champion A.J. Styles.

8.BJ Whitmer
07/19/2003-Elizabeth, NJ
Defeats Danny Maff, Homicide & Colt Cabana in a four-way match to win the trophy.

9.Christopher Daniels
08/16/2003 - Fairfield, CT
Defeats Xavier to win the trophy.

Title Vacated

10.AJ Styles [2]
11/01/2003 - Elizabeth, NJ
Defeats the returning "American Dragon" Brian Danielson to win the vacant trophy.

Title Vacated
11/29/2003-Framingham, MA
War Of The Wire card
Trophy was vacated after AJ Styles received his title shot and was defeated by ROH World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe. A new number one contender to be crowned on January 29th in Glen Burnie, MD in a match between Xavier, John Walters, B.J. Whitmer, and Jimmy Rave.

11.BJ Whitmer and Dan Maff
01/29/2004-Glen Burnie, MD
Both Whitmer and Maff scored a double pin on Matt Stryker in a Four Corners Surival match.
Xavier was the 4th participant in the match

12.Matt Stryker
03/13/2004-Elizabeth, NJ
Defeated John Walters.


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