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August 5, 2007--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver

1."Beautiful" Bill Martel
Martel defeated Fraytown in the tournament final at Summer Standoff, with aide of a roll quarters.

2."The Flatliner" Scotty Fraytown
11/04/2007-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
I Quit match

3."The Last Dragon" Zane Silver
11/25/2007-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
3 weeks after Fraytown's dramatic victory he made a very big mistake. He took Silver's challenge and an impromptu championship match was underway. Silver was able to score a quick pinfall to capture the championship.

4."The Darkstar "Logan
03/30/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)

5.Jarek 120 - The Darkstar Logan - 08/03/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Logan had Jarek beat when Aiden Hallows got involved by attacking The Darkstar, The ref was out and Hallows caused the upset by pulling Jarek onto Logan for the pin.
Superslam 4

6.Robert Jamez
03/08/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Robert Jamez defeated Jarek 1:20 in the fastest title match in BCWA history with an impressive 5 second match.

7.Major Money won a fatal fourway elimination match pining Jarek 1:20 to become the New National Champion-

8.Jimmy Starr
04/19/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)

9.Chase Burnett
04/26/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Burnett won a triple threat match to become the New National Champion-

10.Austin Hightower
05/17/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)

11.Major Money [2]
05/24/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Major Money won a a six man scrable match pining Austin Hightower
Tri-Town Rumble

12.Tristan Parker
08/30/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Summer Stand-Off

13.Chase Burnett [2]
10/11/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)

14.Malcolm Sunshine
11/03/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Last Rites

15.The Baddest
12/06/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)

16.The Darkstar Logan [2]
01/03/2010-Southgate, MI (Modern Exchange)
The Darkstar defeated The Baddest in a fourway dance with Malcolm Sunshin, Chase Burnett and The Baddest

17.Dynamite Evan Craig
03/28/2010-Southgate, MI (Modern Exchange)
Dynamite was victorious in The No Escape Gauntlet match pinning Cyrus Parker

18.Cyrus Parker
05/16/2010-Southgate, MI (Modern Exchange)

19.Tristan Parker [2]
07/11/2010-Southgate, MI (Modern Exchange)

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