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January 10, 2004--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema and Mark Oship

Formerly known as the RPW Heavyweight Title

1.HC Loc
Defeated Charisma by submission

2.Danny Doring
09/25/2004-Webster, NY

3.Glenn Spectre
04/09/2005-Webster, NY

4.Brodie Lee
04/08/2006-Irondequoit, NY
Contest was a steel cage match
NWA Upstate's Anniversary Anarchy I card

5.Jimmy Olsen
12/02/2006-Irondequoit, NY
NWA Upstate's X-Mas Chaos

6.Brodie Lee [2]
04/07/2007-Henrietta, NY
This was a War Games cage match. Brodie Lee was awarded the title by NWA Owner Hellcat when Jimmy Olsen's brother Colin threw in the towel to save Jimmy (who was the final member of his team) from further punishment at the hands of Brodie Lee and Cody Deaner, who were the last members of their team in the cage.

7.Jimmy Olsen [2]
06/09/2007-Henrietta, NY
Won title in a two-of-three falls match, with each fall fought under a different stipulation.
Fall one: Olsen won under First Blood rules.
Fall two: Lee won under Street Fight rules.
Fall three: Olsen won under Tables Match rules

8.Danny Doring [2]
02/23/2008-Henrietta, NY

NWA Upstate switched to NWA New York

9.Pepper Parks
09/05/2009-Rochester, NY
Danny Doring tried to get himself counted out and then disqualified, but both times NWA owner Chip Stetson refused to allow this and ordered referee Ron Falco to re-start the match.

10.Gabreal Saint
02/06/2010-Rochester, NY
Three Stages of Hell Match.
Parks won the first fall (fought under dog collar rules), while Saint won the second fall (fought under first blood rules) and the third fall (fought under last man standing rules) to win the match and the title.

11.John McChesney
12/18/2010-Rochester, NY

02/05/2011-Rochester, NY
Defeated John McChesney [c] and Ricky Reyes for title

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