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FromWrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
(with additional information from Brian Westcott, Eric Roelfsema, Matt Benaka and Jim Dupree)

1.Austin Idol

2.Jack Brisco

3.Mongolian Stomper (Archie Gouldie)
12/06/80 Atlanta, GA

4.Steve Olsonoski
05/29/81 Atlanta, GA

5.Masked Superstar
08/81 Columbus, GA
Unified Georgia Heavyweight title, defeating Tommy Rich on August 29, 1981 in Atlanta, GA.

6.Tommy Rich
09/28/81 Augusta, GA

7.Masked Superstar [2]
11/25/81 Atlanta, GA

8.Tommy Rich [2]
01/17/82 Atlanta, GA

9.Ron Bass

10.Tommy Rich [3]

11.Buzz Sawyer
05/02/82 Atlanta, GA

12Paul Orndorff
06/20/82 Atlanta, GA
Vacated in 1982 when Orndorff went into training for the World title.

13.Super Destroyer (Scott Irwin)
08/29/82 Atlanta, GA
Irwin won tournament.

14.Paul Orndorff [2]
10/03/82 Atlanta, GA

15.Masked Superstar [3]
10/17/82 Atlanta, GA

17.Paul Orndorff [2]
11/17/82 Atlanta, GA

18.Killer Karl Kox

19.Tommy Rich

20.Paul Orndorff [4]

21.Killer Tim Brooks
03/23/83 Atlanta, GA

22.Larry Zbyszko
03/23/83 Atlanta, GA
Zbyszko paid Brooks $25,00 for the belt
Zbyszko stripped of title by NWA president Bob Geigel on April 30, 1983

23.Larry Zbyszko [2]
06/05/83 Atlanta, GA
Zbyszko defeated Mr. Wrestling II in a tournament final to fill the vacanrt title

24.Mr. Wrestling II

25.Larry Zbysko [3]

26.Brett Wayne (Brett Sawyer)
09/25/83 Atlanta, GA

27.Ted DiBiase
11/18/83 Cleveland, OH

28.Brad Armstrong
02/18/84 Atlanta, GA
DiBiase faced Mr. R, who was thought to be Tommy Rich
Armstrong was unmasked during the match then Rich appeared at ringside.

29.The Spoiler
04/12/84 Wheeling, WV

30.Brad Armstrong [2]
05/04/84 Marietta, GA

31.The Spoiler [2]
07/01/84 Atlanta, GA

32.Ted DiBiase [2]
07/14/84 Macon, GA *

33.Ron Garvin
10/11/84 Baltimore, MD

34.Black Bart
06/01/85 Atlanta, GA

35.Terry Taylor
09/22/85 Atlanta, GA

36.Buddy Landell
11/28/85 Greensboro, NC

37.Dusty Rhodes

38.Tully Blanchard
03/04/86 Spartanburg, SC

39.Wahoo McDaniel
08/28/86 Los Angeles, CA

40.Nikita Koloff
09/28/86 Atlanta, GA
The NWA National Heavyweight Title was unified with the United States Heavyweight title, when Nikita Koloff defeated US Champion Magnum TA on August 17, 1986 in Charlotte, NC.

National Heavyweight Title revived by the NWA in 1997

41.Big Slam

42.Salvatore Sincere
07/18/97 Raeford, NC
Vacates on 97/10/11.

43.Doug Gilbert
03/27/98 Mt. Holly, NJ
Defeated Barry Windham and Rocco Rock in a 3 Way Dance.

44.Stevie Richards
08/22/98 Mt. Holly, NJ

45.Doug Gilbert [2]
10/24/98 Cherry Hill, NJ
Won a war game between Richards' team and Gilbert's team.
Managed by Jim Cornette

Doug Gilbert stripped of the title due to his resignation from the NWA.

46.Don Brodie
01/15/2000-Memphis, TN

47.Kevin Northcutt
04/14/2000-N. Richland Hills, TX
Kevin Northcutt held the following titles in conjunction with the NWA National Heavyweight Championship:

48.Stone Mountain
09/13/2000-Athens, GA

49.Terry Knight
11/04/2000-Cornelia, GA
Terry Knight defeats Jesse Taylor to win the Wildside United States Title
Bill Behrens announces that the Wildside US Title and the NWA National Heavyweight Title will be merged into the NWA United States Title with Terry Knight as the current champion.

50.Big Don Brodie [2]
01/12/2001-Greenville, MS
Defeats Terry Knight & Ricky Murdoch in a Three Way match.
Don Brodie held the following title in conjunction with the NWA National Heavyweight Title

Title Vacant
Brodie injured, surrenders the belt

51.Kevin Northcutt

52.Hotstuff Hernandez
10/13/2001-St. Petersburg, FL (Florida Wrestleplex)
NWA 53rd Anniversary Show

53.Ricky Murdoch
01/11/2003-Greenville, MS
Ricky Murdoch also held the following titles in conjunction with the NWA National Heavyweight Title:

10/15/2004-Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
NWA 56th Anniversary Show


55.Ricky Murdoch [2]
10/08/2005-Nashville, TN (Nashville State Fairgrounds)
Defeated The Juggulator and NWA UK-Hammerlock's Conscience to win vacant title.
08:58 (time of match)
NWA 57th Anniversary Show

03/31/2006-Lebanon, TN
Kory Williams' interfered in the Ricky Murdoch/Big Bully Douglas match.

56.Big Bully Douglas
04/01/2006-Columbia, TN
Defeated Ricky Murdoch for held-up title.

57.Kory Williams
09/30/2006-Lebanon, TN

58.Chance Prophet
05/05/2007-Salyersville, KY

Title Vacant
NWA Board of Directors stripped Prophet due to injury.

59.Pepper Parks (Jesse Guilmette)
10/20/2007-Lebanon, TN 60. Crusher Hensen
04/18/2008-McKeesport, PA

61.Phil Shatter
01/17/2009-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Crusher Hansen and Chris LeRusso

62.Chance Prophet [2]
02/19/2011-Franklinville, NJ

63.Tokyo Monster Kahagas
03/29/2012-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Title Vacant
Kahagas vacates the title after winning the World Title on 11/02/2012

64.Damien Wayne
01/05/2013-Nashville, NC
Defeated Lance Erikson and Chance Prophet in a 3-way match for the vacant title.

65.Vordell Walker
06/14/2013-Millersville, TN (SAW Mill)
NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling The Gathering of the Champions

66.Damien Wayne [2]
08/02/2013-Millersville, TN

67.Phil "Nitro" Monahan
09/14/2013-Toledo, OH (International Boxing Club)

68.Lou Marconi
03/01/2014-Williamston, NC

69.Phil "Nitro" Monahan [2]
03/22/2014-Hillsdale, MI (Hillsdale College Jesse Philips Arena)

70.Lou Marconi [2]
03/23/20014-Oregon, OH (International Boxing Club)

71.Phil "Nitro" Monahan [3]
04/05/2014-Carolina Beach, NC (Carolina Beach Recreation Center)

72.Lou Marconi [3]
07/12/2014-Carolina Beach, NC

73.Jax Dane
02/06/2015-Millersville, TN

Title Vacant
Jax Dane vacates title due to injury.

74.Arrick Andrews
07/11/2015-Cookeville, TN
Defeated Chase Owens in 8-man tournament final for the vacant title.

Title Vacant
Arrick Andrews vacated the title due to a knee injury

75.John Saxon
01/09/2016-Dyersburg, TN
Won a battle royal, last eliminating Greg Anthony.

75.Greg Anthony
01/30/2016-Dybersburg, TN

76.Mustang Mike
07/02/2016-Morgan City, LA

77.Greg Anthony [2]
07/09/2016-Dyersburg, TN

78.Jake Logan
09/17/2016-Amarillo, TX

79.Greg Anthony [3]
10/29/2016-Dyersburg, TN

80.Damien Wayne [3]
11/19/2016-Gallatin, TN

81.Kahagas [2]
02/03/2017-Franklin, KY

82.Willie Mack
10/21/2018-Nashville, TN
Defeated Sam Shaw for the vacant title after each man wins a respective 4-way elimination match.

83.Colt Cabana
04/27/2019-Concord, NC

84.James Storm
06/29/2019-Philadelphia, PA
Ring of Honor

85.Colt Cabana [2]
10/01/2019-Atlanta, GA
NWA Power

86.Aron Stevens (Damien Sandow)
12/14/2019-Atlanta, GA
Defeated Cabana and Ricky Starks in a 3-way match.

87.Trevor Murdoch
09/29/2020-Long Beach, CA

87.Chris Adonis (Chris Masters)
03/30/2021-Atlanta, GA
The actual recording date is most likely 03/22/2021

Title Vacant
To participate in a battle royal to determine the top contender for the World Title

88.Anthony Mayweather (Crimson)
02/12/2022-Oak Grove, KY

89.Jax Dane [2]
03/20/2022-Nashville, TN
Lost to anthony Mayweather* but immediately cashed in his "Championship Series" ticket that allows him to challenge any champion any time.

08/27/2022-St. Luis, M

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