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Date Unknown (before March 3, 1958)--March 2, 1998

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Earl Oliver and Eric Roelfsema

1.Buddy Rogers (Date Unknown)

2.Dory Funk Sr.
04/03/58-Amarillo, TX

3.Dory Funk Sr. [2]

4.Dory Funk Sr. [3]

5.Clubfoot Inferno

6.Dory Funk Sr. [4]

Vacated in 1968

7.John Tolos circa
07/77 awarded title after title is revived

8.Sam Steamboat circa

9.Tor Kamata circa

10.Rick Martel circa

11.John Studd circa
Awarded title after Martel left Hawaii (how Studd got the title was never explained)

12.Title renamed Pacific International Heavyweight Title

13.Don Muraco circa
Defeated Studd in what was probably a fictitious match

14.Tor Kamata

15.Masked Cyclops
Later unmasked as Mad Dog (Frenchy) Martin

16.Siva Afi

Title Revived by the Reconstituted NWA in 1994

17.Greg Valentine
Awarded the title in October of 1994

18.Kevin Von Erich
01/07/95-Dallas, TX

19.John Hawk
01/14/95-Dallas, TX

20.Greg Valentine [2]
03/18/95-Dallas, TX
Vacated when Dallas branch of NWA folds in May of 1995

21.Tommy Cairo
06/24/95-Williamstown, NJ
Defeats Devon Storm in tournament final

22.Reckless Youth
09/07/96-Yardville, NJ
Defeats Derrick Domino who substitutes for Cairo

23.Lance Diamond
04/12/97-Cherry Hill, NJ
Defeats Reckless Youth and Cheetah Master in a three-way match to win the title.

24.Ace Darling
04/26/97-Wilmington, DE

25.Reckless Youth [2]
06/14/97-Vineland, NJ
Vacates voluntarily on 12/29/97 so that the WWF can award the title the next night

26.Jeff Jarrett
12/30/97-New Haven, CT
Jarrett Defeats Barry Windham during a live WWF RAW broadcast when Jim Cornette runs in and hits Windham with his tennis racket

Title vacated on 03/02/98

27.Colorado Kid (Mike Papeda)
08/02/98-Nashville, TN
Awarded NWA belt that Jeff Jarrett had worn previously after defeating MCW North American Champion Recon of the Truth Commission.

28.Chris Michaels
12/26/98-Nashville, TN

29.Colorado Kid [2]
01/09/99- Nashville, TN

30.Big Bully Douglas
09/12/99-Nashville, TN

31.Mike Rapada [3]
10/30/99-Lebanon, TN

32.Terry Taylor
11/06/99-Nashville, TN
Defeated Mike Rapada and Jerry Lawler in a Three-way Dance.

33.Mike Rapada [4]
12/25/99-Nashville, TN

34.Air Paris
05/11/2000-Fairview, TN

35.Chris Harris
05/20/2000-Nashville, TN

36.Colorado Kid
09/15/00-Lebanon, TN

Colorado Kid wins NWA World Title

37.Steve Corino
04/13/2001-North Richland Hills, TX
Defeated Rodney "Redd Dogg" Begnaud for the vacant title

38."Showtime" Robby Royce
04/21/2001-Winnipeg, Canada
Bobby Royce also held the following titles in conjunction with the NWA North American Heavyweight Title

Title Vacant
Royce left the promotion

39.Dark Rain
07/29/2001-St. Boniface, Manitoba, Canada
Defeated Gene Swan in the finals of a 4 man mini tournament to win the vacant NWA North American Heavyweight Title.

08/26/2001-St. Boniface, Manitoba, Canada
Won a Fatal Four-Way Match, beating now former champ Dark Rain, Gene Swan and Dr. Love

41.Quinn Magnum
10/13/2001-St. Petersburg, FL (Florida Wrestleplex)
NWA 53rd Anniversary Show

42.Paul Atlas
09/28/2002-McKeesport, PA

43."Flying Elvis" Jorge Estrada
10/26/2002-Corpus Christi, TX (Memorial Coliseum)
NWA 54th Anniversary Show

44.Hotstuff Hernandez
05/03/2003-Cornelia, GA (NWA Arena)
NWA Wildside TV Taping
Hotstuff Hernandez held the following title in addition to the NWA North American Heavyweight Title

45.JT Wolfen
09/27/2003-Honolulu, HI

46.Tommy Marr
10/08/2005-Nashville, TN (Nashville State Fairgrounds)
NWA 57th Anniversary Show

47.Dru Onyx
04/22/2006-Altamonte Springs, FL
Defeated title holder Thomas Marr (w/Amy Vitale and Lee Douglas) and "Independent Sensation" Chasyn Rance in a three way dance.

48.Damien Wayne
08/24/2007-Las Vegas, NV
Wayne also held the fgollowing titles in conjunction with the NWA North American Heavyweight Title

49.Mike Dibiase
12/08/2007-Elgin, NC

50.El Gran Apolo
04/02/2009-yler, TX

51.The Sheik (Joseph Cabibbo)
01/30/2010-Ft. Pierce, FL

Title Vacant
The Sheik vacated after having won the World Title on 04/23/2011

52.Shaun Tempers
06/25/2011-Cornelia, GA (NWA Arena)
Defeated Ace Rockwell in tournament final to win vacant title.

53.Houston Carson (Ken Carson)
10/12/2012-Cypress, TX (VFW Post 8905)
NWA Houston Redemption

54.Byron Wilcott
01/12/2013-Cypress, TX

04/20/2013-Houston, TX

55.Byron Wilcott [2]
05/16/2014-Sherman, TX

56.Tim Storm
10/17/2014-Sherman, TX

57.Jax Dane
04/12/2015-Las Vegas, NV

Title Vacant
Jax Dane vacates title due to injury.

58.Tim Storm [2]
07/17/2015-Sherman, TX
Defeated Andy Anderson in 4-man tournament final for the vacant title.

59.Tyson Dean
07/16/2016-Pavo, GA

60.Mustang Mike
04/08/2017-Amelia, LA

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