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May 30, 2004--Present

Compiled by Jeff Capo

05/30/2004-Hammond, IN
Defeated Mercedes Martinez and Daizee Haze in a three-way elimination final to become the first champion

2.Mercedes Martinez
09/17/2004-Highland, IN

01/15/2004-Framingham, MA
Defeated Hayley Skye and Mercedes Martinez in a Triple Threat Match

Title unified witt the new IWA Womans' Title to become the NWA Mid-West/IWA Mid-South Womans' Title.

4.Daizee Haze
02/12/2005-Highland, IN
Won a Six-Way Elimination Match to become the new NWA Midwest/IWA Mid-South Women's Champion.

05/07/2005-Streamwood, IL

6.Mickie Knuckles
06/11/2005-Philadelphia, PA (New Alhambra Sports Center - formerly ECW Arena/Viking Hall)
Defeated MsChif and Allison Danger in a Three Way Elimination match.

7.MsChif [2]
06/17/2005-Midlothian, IL (Park District Recreation Center)
NWA Midwest promoter ED CHUMAN declared that the IWA-MS event in Philadelphia, PA on 6/11, was unsanctioned and so the Women's Title change was invalid. Chuman then stated that he'd give Mickie a chance to keep the title, if she won her match against RAIN later that evening.

RAIN defeated MICKIE KNUCKLES via disqualification when JIM FANNIN interfered in the match. Post match, ED CHUMAN returned the title to the previous champion, MsCHIF. IAN ROTTEN came to ringside and told Chuman that since Mickie had won the title fair and square in Philadelphia, then she is recognized as IWA Mid-South Women's Champion, belt or no belt. Rotten officially proclaimed the NWA Midwest and IWA Mid-South Women's Titles are separate entities from this point forward.

8.Mickie Knuckles
04/01/2006-Midlothian, IL
Won the title in a 4 way elimination match with Vanessa Kraven and Daizee Haze vs. MsChif and Mickie Knuckles by pinfall over Vanessa Kraven

01/06/2007-Streamwood, IL
Defeated Ms. Chif and Mickie Knuckles to win the title

03/24/2007-Streamwood, IL

11.Chuck Taylor
07/18/2007-Joliet, IL
A male wrestler and reigning heavyweight champion defeated Mickie Knuckles in a double title match.

12.Mickie Knuckles
08/04/2007-Plainfield, IN

13.Daizee Haze
05/02/2008-Joliet, IL
Triple threat match that also involved Sara Del Ray.

Title Vacant

06/07/2014-Marion, OH
Defeated Hailey Rose, Shayla Hyde, and Samantha Heights in 4-way match for the vacant title; recognized as NWA Midwest Womens' Title after 01/2015.

14.Samantha Heights 04/04/2015-Marion, OH

15.Kaela [2]
09/10/2015-Marion, OH

Title Vacant
Kaela stripped of title

16.Angel Dust
03/05/2016-Marion, OH Defeated Camron Starr.

05/06/2017-Marion, OH

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