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October 24, 1998--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema

1.International Males (Kevin Quinn and Christopher Daniels)
10/24/98-Cherry Hill, NJ
Defeated Danny Dominion and Ace Steel to become the first champions

Title Vacant
Daniels jumps to WCW

2.SAT (Jose and Joel Maximo)
11/23/2002-Grayslake, IL
Defeated Danny Scott and Bailry Mannix for the vacant title

Title Vacant
SAT stripped due to no shows caused by their commitments in Japan.

3.Parental Advisory (Kid USA and Joey Grunge)
11/22/2003-Topeka, KS (The Vinewood Road House)
Kid USA and Joey Grunge defeated Simply The Best (Babyface and Hype Gotti) in the finals of an 8-Team Tournament to crown new champions.

NWA Midwest C.O.O. Ed Chuman has issued a decision that teams that had competed in the first night of the tournament were unable to make the second night after a venue change forced the re-scheduling of the show.

4.The Midwest Express (Mason Hunter and Mark Sterling)
05/14/2004-Topeka, KS
Defeated Krow and Griz in the finals of a tournament at the multi-promotion Midwestmania show

5.Jayson Reign and Marco Cordova [2]
09/16/2006-Streamwood, IL

Title Vacant
Stripped of title due to interference in NWA World Tag Team Title match in Streamwood, IL.

6.Jason Reign and Marco Cordova
01/06/2007-Streamwood, IL
Defeated Hardcore Craig and Corporal Robinson to win the vacant titles

7.The Extreme Dream Team
05/05/2007-Streamwood, IL
Defeated Black Listed

8.Skullcrushers (Venom and Krush)
04/20/2008-Milwaukee, WI
The SkullKrushers also held the following titles concurrently with the NWA Mid-West Tag Team Titles:

9.Heroes For Hire (Zach Thompson and Jimmy Rockwell)
04/09/2011-Kansas City, KS
Defeated Beer City Bruisers (Matt Winchester and Nick Colluci) for vacant title.

Title renamed the Metro Pro Title in 11/2011 after some of the NWA Midwest affiliates left the NWA
Metro Pro continued to be affiliated with NWA.

10.Hooligans (Devin Cutter and Mason Cutter)
05/05/2012-Kansas City, KS
Defeated the Heroes For Hire and American Bulldogs (Maddog McDowell and Jon West) in a 3-way match.

11.Commission (Evan Gelistico and Pierre Abernathy)
12/08/2012-Kansas City, KS

12.Kobra Kai Dojo (Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett)
08/10/2013-Kansas City, KS
Team with Dingo to defeat Gelistico and Abernathy and Gary Jay.

13.Jake King and Ryan King
04/04/2015-Kansas City, KS

14.Kobra Kai Dojo [2]
12/05/2015-Kansas City, KS
Defeated the King Bros., the Commission (Evan Gelistico and Pierre Abernathy), and the American Bulldogs (Jon West and Maddog McDowell) in 3-way match.

15.Legion (Gideon Malice and Nitro)

16.Meat n Taters (Big Moe and Brandon Xavier)
08/27/2016-Marion, OH

17.Cogar Brothers
03/04/2017-Marion, OH

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