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July 18, 1997--?/1998

Compiled by Brian Westcott and Eric Roelfsema

1.The War Machines
07/18/97-Louisville, KY
Defeat Bull Pain and Terek the Great in a tournament final to become the first champions.

2.The Misfits
09/04/97-Louisville, KY

Title abandoned

IWA Mid-South reinstated the tag team titles

3.Rollin' Hard and Mean Mitch Page
02/01/2002-Charlestown, IN
Defeated Todd Morton and Mitch Ryder in tournament final

4.Axl Rotten and Ian Rotten
03/02/2002-Morris, IL
Defeated Mitch Page/Rollin' Hard and Corporal Robinson/Cash Flo in a Three Way Hardcore match.

5."Mean" Mitch Page and Rollin' Hard [2]
04/05/2002-Indianapolis, IN
Defeated Ian Rotten and Necro Butcher

6.Ian Rotten and Cash Flo
05/03/2002-Indianapolis, IN
Cash Flo turned on Ian after they had won the belts

7.Ian Rotten and Tarek the Great
05/10/2002-Clarksville, IN (Tri-County Shriners Club)
Rotten defeated Cash Flo in a singles match to capture control of the belts
Rotten chose Tarek the Great as his partner

8."Mean" Mitch Page and Rollin' Hard [2]
05/18/2002-Clarksville, IN

9.Mark Wolf and Harry Palmer
08/03/2002 Clarksville, IN
08/03/2002-Clarksville, IN (IWA Arena)

Title Vacant

10.Tracy Smothers and Chris Hamrick
05/29/2004-Highland, IN (Lincoln Center)
Defeated C.M. Punk and Colt Cabana in tournament final to capture the vacant title.

11.Brad Bradley and Ryan Boz
05/30/2004-Hammond, IN

12.The Wildcards (Eddie Kingston and Black Jack Marciano)
09/18/2004-Highland, IN
Defeated Brad Bradley and Ryan Boz and NWA Wildside's Tank and Iceberg.
Ted Petty Invitational Tournament

13.Brad Bradley and Ryan Boz and Trik Davis
01/15/2005-Highland, IN
Defeated Eddie Kingston and Steve Stone (subbing for an injured Black Jack Marciano) in a Steel Cage match. Bradley was taken out of the match due to an injured arm, Trik Davis who was doing commentary at the time, substitiuted himself in the match and assisted Boz in the pin.

14.Axl Rotten and Ian Rotten [2]
07/09/2005-Hammond, IN

Ian Rotten suffered a concussion. He was forced to vacate the title.

15.The Iron Saints (Vito and Sal Thomaselli)
09/10/2005-Plymouth, IN
Defeated Matt Sydal and Delirious in a tournament final to win vacant title.

[Records unclear]

16.Vulgar Display of Power (Deranged and Brain Damage)
08/12/2006-Midlothian, IN
Defeated Ian Rotten and Drake Younger, subbing for Mad Man Pondo.

Title Vacant
Title later declared vacant due to an injury.

17.Iron Saints (Vito Thomaselli and Sal Thomaselli) [3]
05/26/2007-Midlothian, IN
Defeated Up in Smoke (Cheech and Cloudy) in tournament final.

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