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Sometime before July 23, 1999--Present

Compiled by Jim Dupree and Earl Oliver

1.Randy Rocket

2.Doug Gilbert
07/23/99-Dyersburg, TN

RenamedN.W.A. Mid-South Heavyweight Title on July 30, 1999

3.Blade Boudreaux
08/13/99-Dyersburg, TN
Defeats Doug Gilbert and Randy Rocket in a Triple Threat match.

4.Outlaw Don Bass
08/28/99-Kenton, TN

5.Blade Boudreaux [2]
09/04/99-Brownsville, TN

6.Big Nasty Bill
11/05/99-Dyersburg, TN

7.The V-Man
01/04/00-Dyersburg, TN

8.Blade Boudreaux [3]
01/29/2000-Tiptonville, TN
The V-Man no showed

9.Blade Boudreaux [4]
03/25/00-Humbolt, TN

10.Tracy Smothers
04/21/2000-Dyersburg, TN

Title Vacant
Smothers stripped for not being able to meet title defenses.

11.Alan Steele
08/04/2000-Dyersburg, TN
Defeated Blade Boudreaux for vacant title

12.Bulldog Raines
08/25/00-Dyersburg, TN
Defeated Alan Steele for title

13.Blade Bourdreaux [5]
10/15/2000-Nashville, TN (NWA Showcase card)

14.Brickhouse Brown
12/21/2000-Dyersburg, TN

15.Blade Boudreaux [6]
02/17/2001-Dyersburg, TN

Title Vacant
Bordreaux booked on tour that will keep him out of the area for 2 months.

16.Bulldog Raines [2]
03/24/2001-Dyersburg, TN
Defeated Alex Krisis

17.Tracy Smothers [2]
06/14/2001-Newbern, TN.

18.Ricky Murdock
09/15/2001-Humboldt, TN

19."Dangerous" Doug Gilbert [2]
02/20/2002-Greenville, MS
NWA Battle Zone (Mississippi) card

20.Ricky Murdoch [3]
06/15/2002-Greenville, MS

21.Randy Rocket
11/16/2002-Greenville, MS

22.Bulldog Raines [3]
05/02/2003-Humboldt, TN
Defeated Randy Rocket for title

23.NxN Rude
05/16/2003-Humboldt, TN

24.Ricky Murdock
Defeated Naughty By Nature Rude in a loser leaves town winner take all match.

25.Billy Ray Hickerson

26.Ricky Murdoch
04/16/2005-Trenton, TN

Title Vacant

27.Don Bass
11/25/2005-Humboldt, TN
Defeated Golden Boy in a tournament final

Title Vacant
Promotion temporarily closes around 10/2009

28.Jon Micheal
03/31/2012-Union City, TN
Defeated Greg Anthony

29.Bull Bronson
06/23/2012-Union City, TN

11/10/2012-Union City, TN

31.Bull Bronson [2]
2/9/2013-Union City, TN

32.Derrick King*
7/26/2013-Union City, TN
All Action Wrestling Champion, Derrick King defeats Pro Wrestling Elite Mid South Champion Bull Bronson to unify championships.
Title is renamed PWE Unified Championship.

33.Bull Bronson [3]
8/6/2013-Union City, TN

34.Jon Michael [2]
9/13/2013-Union City, TN

35.Seth Knight
11/29/2013-Union City, TN

36.Eric Wayne*
1/17/214-Union City, TN
Eric Wayne is awarded Championship by Coach JP

37.Lil' Chris
2/14/2014-Union City, TN

38.Greg Anthony
12/27/2014-Dyersburg, TN (Herb Welch WrestlePlex)

39.Jason Peter Rose
02/14/2015-Dyersburg, TN

40."The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony [3]
03/14/2015-Dyersburg, TN (Herb Welch WrestlePlex)

41.Gaylon "Maverick" Summers
04/04/2015-Dyersburg, TN (Herb Welch Wrestleplex)

42.Tim Storm
05/02/2015-Dyersburg, TN
TCW champion, wins a unification match by default when NWA Mid-South champion Gaylon Summers no-shows.

43.Rob Conway
06/20/2015-Dyersburg, TN

44.Greg Anthony [4]
10/10/2015-Dyersburg, TN
NWA Southern champion, defeated Rob Conway in a double title match.

45.Jeremy Moore
12/26/2015-Dyersburg, TN

46.Matt Riviera
07/02/2016-Morgan City, LA

47.Greg Anthony [5]
10/15/2016-Dyersburg, TN

Title Vacant
Anthony won the National Title

48.Johnny Morton
11/26/2017-Dyersburg, TN
Won a 20-man battle royal.

49.Jakob Edwinn
02/18/2017-Dyersburg, TN

50.Greg Anthony [6]
03/11/2017-Dyersburg, TN

51.Simon Reed
05/13/2017-Dyersburg, TN

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