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April 3,

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Tower of Doom
04/03/97-Louisville, KY
Defeats Ox Harley & Bull Pain in a tournament final to become the first champion.

2."Dangerous" Doug Gilbert
04/24/97-Louisville, KY

Doug Gilbert is stripped of the title.

3.Ian Rotten
07/19/97-Louisville, KY
Defeats Bull Pain to win vacant title.

4.Bull Pain
07/31/97-Louisville, KY

5.Tracey Smothers
09/11/97-Louisville, KY

6.Salvatore Sincere (Tom Brandi)
09/18/97-Louisville, KY

7.Bull Pain [2]
11/04/97-Louisville, KY

8."Nature Boy" Buddy Landel
11/07/97-Lexington, KY

9.Bull Pain [3]
11/08/97 Bardstown, KY
Title held up between Bull Pain and Paul Diamond due to a double pin,

10.Bull Pain [4]
12/09/97-Louisville, KY
Defeats Diamond to win held-up title.

11.Axl Rotten
02/13/98-Lexington, KY

Axl Rotten is stripped of the title.

12.Ox Harley
04/24/98-Louisville, KY
Defeats Harry "The Babe Magnet" Palmer to win vacant title.
Ian Rotten pins Ox Harley,
05/06/98, Lexington, KY. But IWA Promoter Jim Fannin reversed decision and gave Ox Harley the title.
Texas Hangman Psycho (Bull Pain) pins Ox Harley
05/13/98, Lexington, KY. Texas Hangman Psycho is stripped of the belt on
05/14/98 after refusing to unmask and prove he wasn't Bull Pain (who was suspended at the time). Ox Harley is given back the belt the same day.
Ian Rotten pins Ox Harley
05/14/98, Louisville, KY. Ian Rotten was stripped of the title due to being suspended at the time. Ox Harley is given back the belt.

13.The Midnight Rider (Ian Rotten) [2]
05/28/98-Louisville, KY
Defeats Tower of Doom who was given authority to defend Ox Harley's title. Ian Rotten unmasks himself and continues as champion.

14.Billy Joe Eaton
07/12/98-Kalamazoo, MI

15.Ian Rotten [3]
07/30/98-Louisville, KY

16.Harry "The Babe Magnet" Palmer
08/06/98-Louisville, KY
Ian Rotten had pinned Palmer earlier to win the match. Afterwards, Ian gives the title to Harry.

17.Corporal Robinson
11/13/98-West Point, KY

18.Ian Rotten [4]
12/04/98-Salem, IN
Corporal Robinson suffered a cut artery and later suffered an aneurysm during the match

19.Corporal Robinson [2]
01/06/99-Charlestown, IN

20.Ian Rotten [5]
01/07/99-Louisville, KY

21.The Suicide Kid
01/14/99-Louisville, KY

22.Chip Fairway
01/21/99-Louisville, KY

23.The Suicide Kid [2]
01/28/99-Louisville, KY

Title was ruled vacant following a double pin between The Suicide Kid and Chip Fairway.

24.Chip Fairway [2]
02/03/99-Charlestown, IN
Defeats The Suicide Kid to win vacant title.

25.Ian Rotten [6]
04/29/99-Salem, IN
Beat Dean Baldwin, subbing for Chip Fairway, for title.

26.Rollin' Hard
08/07/99-Oolitic, IN

27.Mad Man Pondo
09/29/99-Louisville, KY

28.2 Tuff Tony
02/23/2000-Charlestown, IN

03/25/2000-Charlestown, IN

30.Axl Rotten [2]
04/01/2000-Charlestown, IN

Axl Rotten stripped of title.

31.Rollin' Hard [2]
06/10/2000-Charlestown, IN
Defeats Ian Rotten in tournament final to win vacant title.

32.Ian Rotten [7]
06/24/2000-Charlestown, IN

33.Rollin' Hard [3]
07/01/2000-Charlestown, IN

34.Mean Mitch Page
Awarded by Ian Rotten; Rollin' Hard was unable to defend the title due to injury.

35. Bull Pain [5]
08/05/2000-Charlestown, IN

09/09/2000-Charlestown, IN
Bull Pain is stripped of the title due to no-show, jumps to OVW.

36.Harry Palmer [2]
09/22/2000-Charlestown, IN
Defeated Cash Flo in an 8-man tournament final to win vacant title.

Title Vacant
09/23/2000-Charlestown, IN.
Title held up after a match between Harry Palmer and Cash Flo.

37.Harry Palmer [3]
09/27/2000-Charlestown, IN
Defeated Cash Flo & Rollin' Hard in a Triangle Belt on a Pole match to win vacant title.

38.The Suicide Kid [3]
10/13/2000-Charlestown, IN
Title held up after match between The Suicide Kid and Todd Morton, 10/21/2000.

39.Todd Morton
10/25/2000-Charlestown, IN
Defeats The Suicide Kid in rematch to win held-up title.

40.Ian Rotten [8]
12/06/2000-Charlestown, IN

41.Cash Flo
12/30/2000-Charlestown, IN

42.Blaze [2]
02/07/2001-Charlestown, IN

43.2 Tuff Tony [2]
03/02/2001-Charlestown, IN

44.Mitch Page [2]
04/07/2001-Charlestown, IN
Defeats 2 Tuff Tony and Rollin' Hard in a Three Way match.

45.Trent Baker
05/19/2001-Charlestown, IN

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07/14/2001-Charlestown, IN
Defeats Trent Baker and Chip Fairway in a Three Way match.

TITLE VACANT 07/18/2001-Charlestown, IN
Hido lost a Loser Leaves Town match to Necro Butcher (Hido returned to Japan, in other words.) So Hido was stripped of the title.

47.The Suicide Kid [4]
07/21/2001-Charlestown, IN
Defeats "Mean" Mitch Page in a tournament final to win vacant title.

48.Trent Baker [2]
08/04/2001-Charlestown, IN

49.Chris Hero
10/20/2001-Charlestown, IN

50.C.M. Punk
12/05/2001-Indianapolis, IN

50.Eddie Guerrero
03/01/2002-Indianapolis, IN
Defeats CM Punk and Rey Misterio, Jr. in a Three Way Dance.

51.C.M. Punk [2]
03/02/2002-Morris, IL

52.Colt Cabana
04/19/2002-Dayton, OH
Defeated C.M. Punk and Eddie Guerrero in a Three Way match.

53."Marvelous" Mike Sullivan [4]
05/24/2002-Deltona, FL

54.Chris Hero [2]
07/12/2002-Clarksville, IN

55.M-Dogg 20
10/05/2002-Clarksville, IN

56.C.M. Punk [3]
10/26/2002-Clarksville, IN

57.B.J. Whitmer
11/02/2002-Clarksville, IN

58.C.M. Punk [4]
12/14/2002-Clarksville, IN

59.Chris Hero [3]
02/07/2003-Clarksville, IN
92:15 - Sudden Death Overtime
2/3 Falls with a 90:00 time limit.

60.Mark Wolf
06/07/2003-Clarksville, IN (IWA Arena)

07/12/2003-Clarksville, IN
Mark Wolf vacated the title due to repeated concussions and other injuries.

61.Chris Hero [4]
07/12/2003-Clarksville, IN
Defeated Danny Daniels in a 2/3 Falls match to win vacant title.

62.Danny Daniels
08/02/2003-Clarksville, IN (IWA Arena)
Defeated Chris Hero in a Texas Death match.

63.Jerry Lynn
01/16/2004-Oolitic, IN

64.B.J. Whitmer
04/09/2004-Oolitic, IN
Won 30 Minute Iron Man match.

65.Petey Williams
05/29/2004-Highland, IN (Lincoln Center)

66.Arik Cannon
09/18/2004-Highland, IN
Ted Petty Invitational Tournament

10/21/2004-Evansville, IN
Arik Cannon suffered a broken collarbone from a hard clothesline during his title defense against Austin Aries

67.A.J. Styles
10/21/2004-Evansville, IN
Defeated Petey Williams, Christopher Daniels, & Chris Sabin to win vacant title.

68.C.M. Punk
10/23/2004-Highland, IN (The Lincoln Center)

69.Danny Daniels
02/05/2005-Valpariso, IN

70.Jimmy Jacobs
04/01/2005-Herrin, IL
NWA Midwest/IWA Mid-South joint card

71.Arik Cannon [2]
01/21/2006-Midlothian, IL
Wins No DQ/No Countouts/Falls Count Anywhere match.

72.Darin Corbin
04/22/2006-Midlothian, IL

73.Trik Davis
06/03/2006-Plainfield, IN

74.Toby Klein
06/17/2006-Streamwood, IL

75.Chuck Taylor
09/30/2006-Midlothian, IL
Ted Petty Invitational

76.Brandon Thomaselli
04/14/2007-Shelbyville, IN
Defeated Josh Abercrombie in a TLC match

77.Mike Quackenbush
09/29/2007-Midlothian, IL
Defeated Chuck Taylor in the finals of the 2007 Ted Petty Invitational

78.Eddie Kingston
12/7/2007-Plainfield, IN
Defeated Mike Quackenbush, Chris Hero and Chuck Taylor in a four way elimination match to win the title

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