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From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will

1.Ron Etchison
[Records unclear]

2.Ron Etchison [2]

3.Harley Race
09/16/72-St. Louis, MO
Defeated Pak Song in tournament final
title was help up after a match against Johnny Valentine on December 16, 1972 in St. Louis, MO.

4.Johnny Valentine
01/19/73-St. Louis, MO
Defeated Race in rematch.

5.Terry Funk
02/10/73-St. Louis, MO

6.Gene Kiniski
03/16/73-St. Louis, MO

7.Harley Race [2]
10/13/73-St. Louis, MO

8.Dory Funk Jr.
05/24/74-St. Louis, MO

9.Harley Race [3]
02/21/75-St. Louis, MO

10.Bob Backlund
04/23/76-St. Louis, MO

11.Jack Brisco
11/26/76-St. Louis, MO

12.Dick Slater
08/12/77-St. Louis, MO

13.Ted DiBiase
02/12/78-St. Louis, MO

14.Dick Murdoch
02/26/78-St. Louis, MO

15.Dick the Bruiser
07/14/78-St. Louis, MO

16.Dick Murdoch [2]
03/17/79-St. Louis, MO

17.Dick the Bruiser [2]
05/18/79-St. Louis, MO

18.Dick Murdoch [3]
07/13/79-St. Louis, MO

19.Kevin Von Erich
11/23/79-St. Louis, MO

20.Ken Patera
04/25/80-St. Louis, MO
Ken Patera held the following title in conjunction with the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title

21.Ted DiBiase [2]
11/21/80-St. Louis, MO

22.Jack Brisco [2]
10/02/81-St. Louis, MO

23.Ken Patera [2]
10/23/81-St. Louis, MO

24.Dick the Bruiser [3]
01/01/82-St. Louis, MO
Sam Muchnick retirement card.

25.Harley Race [4]
09/17/82-St. Louis, MO

26.Kerry Von Erich
01/23/83-St. Louis, MO

27.Jerry Blackwell
04/15/83-St. Louis, MO

28.Harley Race [5]
05/13/83-St. Louis, MO
Vacated on June 10, 1983 when Race won NWA World title.

29.Ric Flair
07/15/83-St. Louis, MO

30.David Von Erich
09/16/83-St. Louis, MO

31.Harley Race [6]
01/06/84-St. Louis, MO

32.Jerry Blackwell [2]
11/16/84-St. Louis, MO

33.Harley Race [7]
08/02/85-St. Louis, MO
Abandoned in Feburary,'86 when Jim Crockett bought part of St. Louis office and used his own roster

Title revived in 1999 by NWA World Legion Wrestling

Title Vacant

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