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February 7, 1999--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

See the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title for earlier history

1.Steve Sharp
02/07/99-Springfield, MO
Defeats Greg Valentine to become first champion under the revived championship

Title Vacant

2."Showtime" Shane Sommers
06/17/2003-Rolla, MO
Defeated John "The Bodyguard" Epperson for the vacant title.
The match was a tag-team bout between Sommers/Mad Hatter vs. Epperson/(NWA National Champion) Ricky Murdoch.
The title was declared held up after the Survivor Series bout earlier in the show when it was determined that Showtime used an illegal choke hold on Epperson. The tag bout was then order by NWA Missouri stating that whoever got the pinfall would be the NWA Missouri Champ.

3.Ricky Murdoch
10/10/2003-Parkersburg, WV.
NWA Anniversary Show
Ricky Murdoch also held the following titles in conjunction with the NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title:

4.Shane Somers [2]
03/27/2004-Plato, MO


10/07/2005-Lawrence, KS
Defeated Tyler Cook to win vacant title.

Title Vacant
Abyss won the NWA World Heavyweight Title on 11/19/2006, defeating Sting.

01/19/2007-St. Joseph, MO
Defeated Mark Sterling, Kraig Keesman, and Jeremy Wyatt in a 4-way match.

7.Davey Vega
10/16/2009-Glen Carbon, IL

Title Vacant

8.K.C. Karrington
06/10/2011-Glen Carbon, IL
Defeated Dan Walsh in tournament final for the vacant title.

09/07/2012-Glen Carbon, IL
Defeated K.C. Karrington, Dan Walsh, and Trent Stone in a 4-way match.

10.Elvis Aliaga
03/29/2014-Richland, MO
Won 10-man battle royal, last eliminating Jack Gamble, to be recognized by NWA Central-States; declared held-up on 04/06/2014 due to a controversial ending in the match.

11.Elvis Aliaga [2]
06/21/2014-Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
Won 4-man gauntlet match, last eliminating Jack Gamble.

12.Evan Morris
06/06/2015-Rolla, MO

13.Mitch Johnson
08/22/2015-Newbern, TN
Illinois champion, defeated Morris in double title match.

14.Evan Morris [2]
03/05/2016-St. Robert, MO

15.Deven Spade
07/25/2016-Warsaw, MO

16.Jay Howard
10/29/2016-Newburg, MO

17.Karim Brigante
02/11/2017-Lebanon, MO

18.Jay Howard [2]
03/31/2017-Lebanon, MO

NWA Central-States closes in 10/2017

19.Ricky Cruz
10/03/2015-Fenton, MO
Defeated Jake Dirden to win Dynamo Pro Title and is also recognized as the first Missouri champion by Missouri Wrestling Revival, a website that sanctions the title as a cross-promotional championship
Lost Dynamo Pro Title to Dirden on 02/06/2016 in a 4-way match but keeps the Missouri title since MNR sanctions the title matches only in singles competitions.

20.Brandon Espinosa
05/07/2016-Fenton, MO

01/14/2017-St. Louis, MO

22.Ace Hawkins
02/11/2017-St. Louis, MO

23.Brandon Espinosa [2]
05/13/2017-St. Louis, MO

24.Ace Hawkins [2]
07/22/2017-St. Louis, MO

25.Karim Brigante
03/10/2018-Moscow Mills, MO

26.Jack Gamble
11/17/2018-Green Ridge, MO

27.Karim Brigante [2]
12/01/2018-Troy, MO

28.Ace Hawkins [3]
12/15/2018-Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

29.Hollis Giroux
05/11/2019-Kansas City, MO

30.Billy Hills
08/24/2019-Cape Girardeau, MO

Title Vacant
Billy Hills retires

31.Mike Outlaw
10/22/2021-Arnold, MO
Top 1 ranker, defeated the top 2 ranker Moses.

32.Adrian Surge
05/07/2022-St. Louis, MO
Won from Mike Outlaw, who challenged Surge to give him a rematch later in the day.

33.Mike Outlaw [2]
05/07/2022-St. Louis, MO

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