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February 17, 2001--Present

Compiled by Jeff Capo and Brian Westcott with additional information from Eric Roelfsema

1.Sweet-n-Sassy (Farren Foxx and Quinton Charisma)
02/17/2001-Nashville, TN
Won a Fatal Four-way elimination match. Shane Eden and Lance Dreamer were pinned first, and then Ashley Hudson pinned Chris Daniels while Tim Renesto simultaneously pinned Kory Williams, thus eliminating each other.

2.Jeff Daniels and Tim Renesto
03/10/2001-Nashville, TN

3.Ashley Hudson and Tim Renesto
05/05/2001-Nashville, TN
The match between Jeff Daniels and Tim Renesto and New South ended with Ashley Hudson pinning Daniels and Renesto pinning Kory Williams at the same time, so it was ruled by NWA Nashville promoter Mike Porter that Hudson and Renesto are the new champions.

4.Jeff Daniels and Tim Renesto [2]

5.Sudden Impact (Chris Gatlin and Steve Lane)
06/30/2001-Columbia, TN
Defeated Tim Renesto/Jeff Daniels and The Victory Twins (Lee and Lex Victory) in a 3 way Dance

6.Disturbing Behavior (Jeff Daniels and Tim Renesto) [2]
10/28/2001-Columbia, TN

7.John Noble and Robbie Ruffin
06/01/2002-Columbia, TN

8.Dante and Leatherface
07/27/2002-Columbia, TN

9."Wild Chyle" Andy Douglas and Ricky Santell
08/31/2002-Columbia, TN

Title Held Up
Title held up after a match between Douglas/Santel and Hot Rod Biggs/Larry Valentine.

10.The Heartbreakers (John Caesar and Carson Valentine)
02/08/2003-Columbia, TN
Defeated Chris Gatlin/Steve Lane and Dante/Tim Renesto for the vacant title.

11.Dante and Tim Renesto
03/01/2003-Columbia, TN

12.John Caesar and Larry Valentine [2]
03/28/2003-Columbia, TN

13.The Misfits (Natas and Justin Sain)
07/06/2003-Murfreesboro, TN
NWA Main Event TV Taping.

14.Jeff "The Crippler" Daniels and Lone Star
The Misfits lost the titles to Jeff Daniels and Lone Star on Saturday morning, July 26th on TV.

15.Mike Woods and Kory Williams
07/26/2003-Columbia, TN
This was an evening show.

16.Dan Morrow and Bryan Turner
08/24/2003-Murfreesboro, TN

17.Devil's Deciples (Damien and Dante)
11/02/2003-Murfreesboro, TN

18.Kory Williams and Kid Thrilla
?/2003-Lewisburg, TN

19.Devil's Deciples [2]

20.Booty Call (Dan Turner and Bryan Turner)
12/25/03-Columbia, TN

01/03/2004-Columbia, TN
Dan Morrow and Bryan Turner stripped of title due to failure to appear for the last 2 weeks.

21.Dante and Mephisto 2
01/03/2004-Columbia, TN
Defeated Steve Lane and Chris Gatlin for vacant title

22.Kory Williams and Kid Thrilla [2]
03/04/2004-Springfield, TN
Defeated Dante and Big Bully Douglas, subbing for Damian.

23.Rex Sexton and Tommy Capone
06/12/2004-Columbia, TN
Defeated Dante and Damien for title


24.Jeff "The Crippler" Daniels and "Mean" Mike Woods
10/08/2005-Nashville, TN (Nashville State Fairgrounds)
Defeated The Old School Players (Apollo and Dynamite Derrick) to win held-up title.
NWA 57th Anniversary Show

25.Syndicate Crew (L.A. Player and Karnage)
08/05/2006-Columbia, TN
Won a 4-team match.

26.Rick Thunder and Jody Lopez
10/20/2006-Smyrna, TN
Defeated The Syndicate Crew to become the NWA Mid-American Tag Team Champions.

27.Syndicate Crew (L.A. Player and Psycho Medic)
10/21/2006-Columbia, TN

28.Brandon Stone and Johnny Gunnz
11/23/2006-Columbia, TN

29.Syndicate Crew (LA Player and DeAngelo)
11/25/2006-Columbia, TN

Title Vacant
Stripped after regular interference in title matches by other members of The Syndicate Crew

30.Jeff Daniels and Steve O
03/07/2009-Princeton, KY
Defeated Scott Hayes and Chris Hayes for the vacant title

Title Vacant
Sometime before 06/07/2011

31.Cross Brothers
01/26/2016-Memphis, TN
Won a 16-team tournament.

32.Eric Draven and Josh Lewis
05/20/2016-Madison, IN

33.King's Court (Nic Noble and Dino Stephanopolis)
06/11/2016-Madison, IN

34.Dance N Dazzle (Deonta Davis and Van Martigan)
10/07/2016-Madison, IN

35.Love Connection (Van Van Horn and Dale Wylde)
12/02/2016-Seymour, IN

36.Custom Made (Eric Draven and Roger Malcolm)
12/03/2016-Madison, IN

37.Dance N Dazzle (Deonta Davis and Van Martigan) [2]
12/09/2016-Madison, IN

38.Custom Made (Eric Draven and Roger Malcolm) [2]
01/07/2017-Madison, IN

39.Dance N Dazzle: Deonta Davis and Van Martigan [3]
01/27/2017-Seymour, IN

40.Big & Tasty (William Valentine and Mike Trusty)
02/11/2017-Madison, IN

41.Custom Made (Eric Draven and Roger Malcolm) [3]
03/11/2017-Madison, IN

42.Big and Tasty [2]
04/29/2017-Madison, IN

43.Leon Elliot and Nic Noble
05/12/2017-Hanover, IN

44.Angus Barnett and Darrin O'Neil
06/03/2017-Madison, IN

45.Josh Lewis and Bobby Fulton
06/10/2017-Madison, IN

46.East and West Express (Tommy Cash and Angus Barnett)
06/23/2017-Hanover, IN
Defeated Lewis and Mortimer Blankenship III (subbing for Fulton) and Big &

47.Tasty (William Valentine and Mike Trusty) in 3-way match.

48.Custom Made [4]
07/14/2017-Madison, IN
Defeated East and West Express and Leon Elliot and Nic Noble in 3-way match.

49.Rob Conway and Josh Lewis
07/14/2017-Madison, IN

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