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July, 1974--August 25, 1984

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Richard Sullivan

1.Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson

2.Johnny Weaver & George Becker

3.Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson
70/04 Greensboro, NC

4.Paul Jones & Nelson Royal
70/09/22-Raleigh, NC

5.Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson (2)

6.Johnny Weaver & George Becker (2)

7.Larry Hamilton (Missouri Mauler) & Brute Bernerd
[Records unclear]

8.Sandy Scott & Jerry Brisco
[Records unclear]

9.Johnny Weaver & Art Neilson

10.Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson (2)

11.Thunderbolt Patterson & Jerry Brisco

12.Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson (3)

13.Sandy Scott & Nelson Royal

14.Brute Bernerd & Mike York
[Records unclear]

Renamed Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title in 1974

15.Gene Anderson & Ole Anderson (4)
03/09/74-Spartanburg, SC (Memorial Coliseum)
Defeat Johnny Weaver & Bob Bruggers.
[Records unclear]

16.Paul Jones and Bob Bruggers

17.Rip Hawk and Ric Flair
07/04/74-Greensboro, NC

18.Paul Jones and Tiger Conway Jr.

19.Gene and Ole Anderson (5)
Vacant in 75.

20.Dino Bravo and Mr. Wrestling
Win tournament.

21.Hollywood Blonds (Jerry Brown and Buddy Roberts)

22.Dino Bravo and Tiger Conway Jr.

23.Greg Valentine and Ric Flair

24.Paul Jones and Ricky Steamboat
08/22/77-Greensboro, NC

25.Ric Flair and John Studd
26/30/78-Greenville, SC (Memorial Coliseum)

27.Paul Jones and Ricky Steamboat
28/05/78-Greensboro, NC

15.John Studd and Ken Patera 79/01

29.Ricky Steamboat and Dino Bravo

30.Masked Superstars [Bill Eadie & John Studd (John Minton)]
Studd had lost a loser-leave-town match with Blackjack Mulligan and returned as Superstar #2. He was later unmasked, therefore the titles were vacated and Studd left the promotion in 1980.

31.Matt Borne and Buzz Sawyer
06/02/80-Greenville, SC (Memorial Coliseum)

32.Sheepherders (Luke Williams and Butch Miller)
09/28/80-Charlotte, NC

33.Dewey Robertson and George Wells
12/12/80-Richmond, VA

34.Mr. Fuji and Tenryu
02/07/81-Greensboro, NC

35.Dewey Robertson and Johnny Weaver

36.Nikolai Volkoff and Chris Markoff
06/27/81-Charlotte NC

37.Jay Youngblood and Jake Roberts

38.Jay Youngblood and Johnny Weaver
11/27/81-Appalachia VA

39.Ox Baker and Carl Fergie

40.Jay Youngblood and Porkchop Cash

41.Pvt. Don Kernodle and Pvt. Jim Nelson

42.Porkchop Cash and Iceman King Parsons

43.Pvt. Don Kernodle and Pvt. Jim Nelson (2)
6/17/82-Roanoke VA

44.Ricky Steamboat and Jay Youngblood
08/22/82-Toronto, ON
Vacated in 1982 (or 1983).

45.One Man Gang and Kelly Kiniski
05/23/83-Greenville, SC (Memorial Coliseum)
Defeated Jimmy Valiant and Bugsy McGraw in a tournament final.

46.Rufus R. Jones and Bugsy McGraw
07/20/83-Emporia, VA
Vacated in August 1983.

47.Ivan Koloff and Don Kernodle

48.Long Riders (Ron Bass and Black Bart)

Abandoned in 1985.

NWA Northern Continental Tag Team Title renamed to NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title

49.Triple XXX (Drake Dawson and Curtis Thompson)

Title Vacant
Dawson leaves NWA to become pit crew member for a NASCAR Winston Cup team. Dawson has become the jackman for the new McDonald's team for next year.

Records unclear

50.The Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton and Rikki Nelson)

Title abandoned

51.Dusty Rhodes and Buff Bagwell
01/22/2005-Seoul, Korea
Defeated Rikki Nelson and Terry Taylor for title

52.Rick Steiner and Scott Steiner
12/09/2006-Easley, SC
Defeated Chris Hamrick and Rick Nelson for title

Title Vacant

53.Buff Bagwell and Rick Nelson
05/02/2009-Shelby, NC
Defeated Reid Flair and David Flair for vacant title

54.Rock 'n' Roll Express [2]
09/18/2010-Maiden, NC

Title Vacant

55.Brad Armstrong and Ricky Morton
11/06/2010-Taylorsville, NC
Defeated Chris Hamrick and Jeff Lewis for the vacant title.

Title Vacant

56.The Lords of Kaos (Lance Erikson and Damien Wayne)
11/02/2013-Kingsport, TN (Kingsport Civic Auditorium)
Defeat C&C Wrestle Factory (Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander) to win vacant title.

Title Vacant
Erikson and Wayne decide to pursue singles careers.

57.The Brutes (Mark James and Jimmy Parker)
06/20/2015-Louisburg, NC
Defeated the AHL and the Cabelleros in 3-way match for the vacant title.

58.William Huckaby and Joe Black
02/27/2016-Williamston, NC
Defeated The Brutes (Mark James and Jimmy Parker) and F1st Generation: Victor Andrews and James Anthony in 3-way match.

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