March 26, 1981--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka, Earl Oliver, John Solo and Andrew Zadarnowski

1.Perro Aguayo {Pedro Damien Aguayo}
03/26/81-Shimizu, JAPAN
Perro Aguayo defeated Gran Hamada {Hiroaki Hamada} in a tournament final to crown the first champion.

09/25/81-Los Angeles, California, United States

3.Perro Aguayo (2)
10/01/81-Los Angeles, California, United States

4.Chris Adams
10/18/81-Mexico City, MEXICO

5.Perro Aguayo (3)
12/13/81-Mexico City, MEXICO

6.Gran Hamada {Hiroaki Hamada}
04/21/82-Tokyo, JAPAN

7.Perro Aguayo (4)
08/29/82-Mexico City, MEXICO

8.Villano III
03/20/83-Mexico City, MEXICO

9.Perro Aguayo (5)
08/07/83-Mexico City, MEXICO

10.Gran Hamada (2)
04/17/84-Tokyo, JAPAN

11.Villano III (2)
05/20/84-Mexico City, MEXICO

12.Fishman (2)
08/24/86-Mexico City, MEXICO

13.Perro Aguaya (6)
12/24/86-Mexico City, MEXICO
The title was held up after a match against Villano III on May 03, 1987.

14.Villano III (3)
06/17/87-Mexico City, MEXICO
Villano III defeated Aguayo in the rematch.

10/04/87-Mexico City, MEXICO

16.Villano III (4)
07/11/88-Mexico City, MEXICO

17.Sangre Chicana
08/14/89-Mexico City

18.Perro Aguayo (7)
10/15/89-Mexico City, MEXICO

19.Sangre Chicana (2)
12/03/89-Mexico City, MEXICO

20.Villano III (5)
05/27/90-Naucalpan, MEXICO

21.The Pegasus Kid {Chris Benoit}
03/03/91-Naucalpan, MEXICO

22.Villano III (6)
09/13/92-Naucalpan, MEXICO

23.El Signo
01/01/93-Netzahualcoyoti, MEXICO

24.Villano III (7)
07/18/94-Puebla, MEXICO
Villano III was stripped of to title after jumping to PROMELL in January of 1995.

25.Aero Flash
06/16/95-Netzahualcoyoti, MEXICO
Aero Flash defeated Fighter.

26.The Great Sasuke {Masanori Marakawa}
03/24/96-Shirakawa Fukushima, JAPAN

27.El Samurai {Osamu Matsuda}
06/22/96-Naruko, JAPAN
El Samurai defeated Gran Hamada in the first round of the J-Crown tournament to win the World Wrestling Association (WWA) World Junior Light Heavyweight Title.

28.The Great Sasuke (2)
08/04/96-Tokyo, JAPAN
The Great Sasuke defeated El Samurai in the second round of the J-Crown tournament; he also defeated Ultimo Dragon in the final of the J-Crown tournament on August 05, 1966 in Tokyo, JAPAN to become the unified octuple crown champion.

In conjunction with the WWF World Light Heavyweight Title, the octuple crown championship was comprised of:

29.Ultimo Dragon {Yoshihiro Asai}
10/11/96-Osaka, JAPAN
managed by Sunny Oono
Ultimo Dragon defeated The Great Sasuke for the octuple crown titles.

Dragon held the following titles in conjuntion to the octuple titles:

30.Jushin "Thunder" Liger {Keiichi Yamada}
01/04/97-Tokyo, JAPAN
Jushin Thunder Liger won the octuple titles but did not win the WCW World Cruiserweight Title. Liger lost The (WAR) International Junior Heavyweight Title to Yuuji Yasuraoka on 06/06/97 in Tokyo, JAPAN butstill kept the other titles.

31.El Samurai (2)
07/06/97-Sapporo, JAPAN
El Samurai won the seven titles still comprising the octuple crown.

32.Shinjiro Ohtani
08/10/97-Nagoya, JAPAN (Nagoya Dome)-The Four Heaven in Nagoya Dome
Shinjiro Ohtani was forced by The WWF to vacate the title on 11/05/97.
New Japan had control of the title at this time, and the WWF wanted to crown a new Light Heavyweight Champion in their promotion, but could not do so with Ohtani holding this title.
On this day, all titles still comprising the J-Crown were returned to their original promotions.
Ohtani remained IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion in New Japan.

33.Taka Michinoku
12/07/97-Springfield, Massachusetts, United State (In Your House XVII)
Taka Michinoku defeated Brian Christopher {Brian Christopher Lawler} in the final match of an eight man tournament to win the Light Heavyweight Title.

34.Christian (Jay Reso)
10/18/98-Chicago, Illinois, USA (Rosemont Horizon) - WWF Judgement Day PPV
accompanied by Gangrel

35.Duane Gill
11/17/98-Columbus, OH (Schottenstein Center) - RAW is WAR taping
Aided by Al Snow and the job squad which Gill then joined.

36.Essa Rios (aka Papi Chulo)
02/08/2000-Austin, TX (Sunday Night Heat - 2/13 program)

37. Dean Malenko
03/13/2000-East Rutherford, NJ (Monday Night RAW)

38. Scotty Too Hotty (Scott Taylor)
04/17/2000-State College, PA (Bryce Jordan Center)

39.Dean Malenko [2]
04/25/2000-Charlotte, NC
WWF SmackDown (04/27 program)

39.Crash Holly
03/13/2001-Anaheim, CA

40.Jerry Lynn
04/29/2001-Chicago IL (Allstate Arena)
Sunday Night Heat (just before the back Lash PPV)

41.Jeff Hardy
06/05/2001-Grand Forks, ND
Smackdown (June 7 program)

42.X-Pac (Sean Waltman)
06/25/2001-New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
X-Pac held the following titles in conjunction with the WWF World Light Heavyweight Title:

08/06/2001-Anaheim, CA (Arrowhead Pond)

44.X-Pac [2]
08/19/2001-San Jose, CA
WWF SummerSlam PPV


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