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March 01, 1988--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka, Adam Fenwick and Chema Castro

1.Rey Misterio {Daniel Lopez}
03/01/88-Tijuana, MEXICO-
Rey Misterio defeated Fishman to become the first World Wrestling Association World Junior Light Heavyweight Champion.

02/18/90-Tijuana, MEXICO-

3.Villano IV
06/11/90-Tijuana, MEXICO-

4.Gran Hamada {Hiroaki Hamada}
12/17/93-Tokyo, JAPAN-

5.El Samurai
08/03/96-Tokyo, JAPAN-

El Samurai defeated Gran Hamada in the first round of the J-Crown Tournament and held the following title in conjunction with the WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title:

6.The Great Sasuke
08/04/96-Tokyo, JAPAN-
The Great Sasuke defeated El Samuari in the second round of the J-Crown Tournament and then defeated Ultimo Dragon {Yoshihiro Asai} in the final of the J-Crown Tournament on 08/05/96 in Tokyo, JAPAN to become the first octuple champion.

The octuple crown championship was comprised of:

7.Ultimo Dragon
10/11/96-Osaka, JAPAN- Ultimo Dragon won the octuple crown titles along with the WWA World Junior Light Heavyweight Title. Dragon held the following title in conjunction with the octuple championships:

8.Jushin "Thunder" Liger {Keiichi Yamada}
01/04/97-Tokyo, JAPAN-00:18:21
Jushin Thunder Liger won the octuple titles but did not win the WCW World Cruiserweight or the NWA World Middleweight Titles. Liger lost The (WAR) International Junior Heavyweight Title to Yuuji Yasuraoka on 06/06/97 in Tokyo, JAPAN but still kept the other titles.

9.El Samurai (2)
07/06/97-Sapporo, JAPAN-
El Samurai won the seven titles still comprising the octuple crown; it was now known as the septuple crown.

10.Shinjiro Ohtani
08/10/97-Nagoya, JAPAN (Nagoya Dome)-
The Four Heaven in Nagoya Dome
00:18:05 Shinjiro Ohtani vacated all the J-Crown titles on 11/05/97 after the WWF forced him to vacate the WWF World Light Heavyweight Title, but remained the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Champion.

09/16/99-Tijuana, MEXICO
Defeats Super Parka in tournament final

12.Super Parka
03/31/2000-Tijuana, MEXICO

13.Super Kendo
04/30/2002-Tijuana, MEXICO

14.Super Parka [2]
06/02/2002-Ensenada, BC, MEXICO

15.Super Kendo [2]

Filoso was billed as champion in Japan for the ZERO1-Max promotion while Inferno continued to defend the original title in Mexico:

21.Nicho El Millonario (original Psicosis)
12/25/2007-Rosarito, Baja California
Defeated Inferno for the WWA Junior Light Heavyweight Title.

22.Dr Wagner Jr.
02/23/2008-Tijuana, Baja California, MEXICO
Defeated Nicho El Millonario in a Relevos Increibles (4 man) match where all the participants put their titles on the line
The match also featured Mistico ( CMLL Welterweight Champion) and Averno (CMLL Middleweight Champion).
At the end it came down to a title vs. title match between Wagner and Nicho and the Doctor took the WWA title.

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