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(South Carolina)


June 15, 1991--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Brian Westcott and Eric Roelfsema

1.George South
06/15/91-Charlotte, NC
Defeats Star Ryder in tournament final.

2.Flaming Youth
09/17/92-Kings Mountain, NC

3.George South [2]
01/29/93-Taylorsville, NC

4.Flaming Youth [2]
09/17/93-Kings Mountain, NC

5.Star Ryder
10/30/93-Kings Mountain, NC

6.George South [3]
01/14/94-Hamlet, NC

7.Brian Williams
04/29/94-Kings Mountain, NC

8.Flaming Youth [3]
08/19/94-Elkin, NC

9.Madd Maxxine
02/10/96-Hamlet, NC

After 2-plus years of beating men, Madd Maxxine is defeated by Sgt. Price in Mooresville, NC. She is so embarrassed she leaves the PWF.

10.Super Ninja
12/14/97-Charlotte, NC
Defeats Scotty Hotbody in tournament final.

11.Flaming Youth [4]
03/23/98-Forest City, NC

05/08/98 Gastonia, NC

13.Super Ninja [2]
06/26/98-Mooresville, NC

14.Scotty Hotbody
09/16/98-Charlotte, NC

15.Handsome Stranger
10/03/98-Lincolnton, NC

16.Super Ninja [3]
10/24/98-Gastonia, NC

17.Handsome Stranger [2]
05/22/99-Akron, OH

18.Super Ninja

19.Thunder Bright
10/30/99-Spartanburg, SC

Records unclear

20.Evan Leppy
10/19/2000-Reading, PA
Defeated Guillotine LeGrande to become the first IWA Light Heavyweight champion; title becomes PWF Junior Heavyweight Title in 01; declared

Title Vacant
Match against Billy Bax ends with double pin.

21.Amazing Red
04/12/2001-Pottstown, PA
Defeated Leppy and Bax in a 3-way match.

22.Billy Bax
08/15/2001-Pottstown, PA
Defeated Red and Tony Kozina in a 3-way match.

23.Amazing Red [2]
12/13/2001-Pottstown, PA

24.Quiet Storm
06/09/2002-Pottstown, PA
Defeated Red in Ultimate Rumble elimination match; title inactive after 03/05.

25.American Tiger (Colby Corino)
Corino defeated Bobby Dempsy and Andy Ridge on 09/25/2014 in Jackson, NJ for WORLD-1 U-30 Openweight Title; however, in 2014, PWF claims that American Tiger has defeated Andy Ridge for the vacant PWF Junior Heavyweight Title.

26.Chris Cairo
08/03/2014-Cicero, IL

27.American Tiger / Colby Corino [2]
08/04/2014-Cicero, IL
Revealed himself as Colby Corino on 11/23/2014

28.Corey Hollis
02/13/2015-Hubert, NC

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