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August 12, 1999--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver and Eric Roelfsema

1.Kool Daddy Swing (Tony McGuire)
Defeated Plum Loco to become the first Champion.

Title Vacant November 1999

2.Bobby Collins
11/06/99-Winnipeg, MB
Defeats Alex Rain and Caveman Broda in a triangle match.

3.Caveman Broda
11/27/99-Winnipeg, MB

4.Bobby Collins [2]
03/11/2000-Winnipeg, MB
Defeated Caveman Broda and Mr. Sushi in a three-way dance.

5.Nikki Lyons
04/19/2000-Winnipeg, Manitoba

6.Bobby Collins [3]
05/03/2000-Winnipeg, MB
Defeated Tod Bullet and Nikki Lyons in a triangle match.

7.Tod Bullet
06/28/2000-Winnipeg, MB

8.Ms. Ballbuster
09/20/00-Elmwood, MAN

Title Vacant

9.J. C. Derkson
10/28/00- St. Boniface, MB
Defeated El Diablo DeJesus for the vacant title.

10."Mr. Tradition" Todd Bullet
12/09/2000-St. Boniface, MB (Le Rendevous)
Battlegrounds 2000 card

11.Bobby Collins [4]
12/27/2000-Elmwood, MB

12.El Diablo De Jesus
01/20/2001-St Boniface, MB (Le Rendevous)
Defeated JC Derksen, Bobby Collins and Todd Bullet in a Fatal Four Way match

13.Bobby Collins [5]
05/12/2001-St. Vital MB (Southdale Civic Center)
"Cage Wars"
Defeated Todd Bullet & El Diablo De Jesus in a Triple Threat match

14.Cory "The Rave" Diamond
6/17/2001-St Boniface, MB

15.Sexy Scotty Styles
10/28/2001-Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

16.Cory Diamond [2]
02/01/2002-Winnipeg, MAN
Defeated Scotty Styles for title

17."Rebel" Bobby Collins [6]
04/12/2002-Winnipeg MB (Northwood C.C.)
Bobby Collins also held the following titles in conjunction with the CWF Junior Heavyweight Title

18.Justin Tyme
06/23/2002-Winnipeg, MB
Wins "Six Man Chamber of Horrors Junior Title Hanging From the Rafters" match by surviving the weapons-and-tables-aided carnage and climbing up to claim the suspended title ahead of "The Gnarly Hippy" Floyd Osborne, "The Rage" Billy Cage, Kevin "Cannonball" Cannon, Cory Diamond, and defending champion "Rebel" Bobby Collins.

19.Phoenix Dreamwalker
05/17/2003-Winnipeg, MB
Wins 3 way match after Justin Tyme is stripped of the title

20.Red Hot" Ryan Wood
09/24/2003-Fort Garry, MB (Coyote's Nightclub)

[records not clear]

21."Shooter" Shane Holmes
05/07/2004-Winnipeg MB
Won Triple Threat steel cage match against Gibby Guerro and Pyro
"Battleground" card

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