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October 12, 1996--October 3, 1997

Compiled by Earl Oliver

1.Super Diablo
10/12/96-Modesto, CA
Super Diablo became the first APW Junior Heavyweight Champion by defeating �Leprechaun� Erin O�Grady in the finals of an 8-man tournament

Title Vacated
Super Diablo stripped by APW President Roland Alexander due to his failure to defend the title within the thirty day defense period.

2.Erin O�Grady
03/22/97-Cupertino, CA
Defeats Donovan Morgan for the APW Junior in a match between the top two contenders

3.Chris Cole
05/07/97-Hayward, CA

Title Vacated
Chris Cole was forced to relinquish the APW Junior Heavyweight Championship after losing a special stipulated match against Boom Boom Comini at Gym Wars �97 in Hayward, California.
The title was dropped from the championship roster due to lack of competition.

Jimmy Ripp laid unofficial claim to the Junior Heavyweight Champion after defeating Boom Boom Comini on November 28th 1998 in Pinole, California.
This title change is not recognized by APW and the Pro Wrestling Council.

4.Nate Coy
08/17/2018-Daly City, CA
Defeats Steven Tresario, Manny Faberino, and Marcus Lewis in 4-way match for the vacant title.

5.Jake Atlas
06/15/2019-Daly City, CA

Title Vacant
Vacated the title after winning APW Universal Heavyweight Title on 2019/08/02.

6.Steven Tresario
09/27/2019-Daly City, CA
Defeated Lucas Riley, Manny Mars, and Starboy Charlie in a 4-way match.

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