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From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will (with additional information from the Stampede Wrestling web site)

1.Jerry and Bobby Christy
Win tournament.

2.Gil Hayes and Bill Dromo

3.Jerry and Bobby Christy [2]

4.Gil Hayes and Bob Sweetan

5.Jerry and Bobby Christy [3]

6.Bob Sweetan and Paul Peller
Vacated in 1971.

7.Tiger Joe Tomasso and Earl Black
Win touranment.

8.Dan Kroffat and Bill Cody

9.Tiger Joe Tomasso and Earl Black [2]

10.Michel Martel and Danny Babich

11.Chin Lee and Sugi Sito

12.Tiger Joe Tomasso and Dave Ruhl

13.Chin Lee and Sugi Sito [2]

14.Geoff Portz and Jeff Atcheson

15.Tiger Joe Tomasso and Gil Hayes

16.George Gordienko and Super Hawk

17.Michel Martel and Danny Babich [2]

18.Dan Kroffat and Lennie Hurst

19.Michel Martel and Danny Babich [3]

20.Carlos Belafonte (Carlitos Colon) and Gino Caruso
Vacated in 1973.

21.Samoans (Afa Anoia and Sika Anoia)

22.Chati Yokouchi and Yasu Fuji

23.Dan Kroffat and Bill Cody [2]

24.Gil Hayes and Benny Ramirez

25.Samoans [2]

26.Chati Yokouchi and Yasu Fuji [2]

27.Bill Cody and Bob Pringle

28.Kiwis (Nick Carter and Sweet William)

29.Tokyo Joe and Great Saki

30.Kiwis [2]

31.Stan Kowalski and Duke Savage

32.Lennie Hurst and Rick Martel

33.Pat Kelly and Mike Kelly

34.Len Thornton and Frankie Laine

35.Mr. Hito and John Quinn
Vacated in 1975.

36.Mr. Hito and Gil Hayes
Won tournament to fill vacant title.

37.Ed Morrow and Jerry Morrow

38.Ripper Collins and Don Gagne (Frenchy Martin)

39.Lumberjack Luke and Prince Tapu

40.Ripper Collins and Bobby Bass

41.Ed Morrow and Gama Singh

42.Mr. Hito and Higo Hamaguchi (Animal Hamaguchi)

43.Ed Morrow and Jerry Morrow [2]

44.Ripper Collins and Larry Sharpe

45.Ed Morrow and Jerry Morrow [3]

46.Cuban Assassins

47.Leo Burke and Keith Hart

48.Royal Kangaroos (Jonathan Boyd and Norman Frederick Charles III)

49.Leo Burke and Bobby Burke

50.Mr. Hito and Michael Martel

51.Jerry Morrow and George Wells

52.Norman Frederick Charles III and Cuban Assassin

53.Keith Hart and Hubert Gallant

54.Raul Castillo and Fidel Castillo

55.Keith and Bret Hart

56.Mr. Hito and Mr. Sakurada

57.Leo Burke and Keith Hart [2]

58.Dory Funk Jr. and Larry Lane

59.Mr. Hito and Mr. Sakurada [2]

60.Keith and Bret Hart [2]

61.Dynamite Kid and Loch Ness Monster (Luke McMasters)

62.Keith and Bret Hart [3]

63.Dynamite Kid and Kasavudu06/03/80-Regina, SK

64.Keith and Bret Hart [4]

65.Kasavudu and Mr. Sakurada

66.Jim Neidhart and Hercules Ayala

67.Duke Myers and Bobby Bass

68.Leo and Bobby Burke [2]

69.Duke Myers and Mike Sharpe

70.Duke Myers and David Shultz
Vacated in 1982 when Myers and Shultz broke up their team

71.Duke Myers and Kerry Brown
03/23/82 Regina, SK
Defeated Davis Shultz and Leo Burke in tournament final.

72.Bruce Hart and Davey Boy Smith

73.Duke Myers and Dynamite Kid

74.Leo Burke and Bret Hart
11/19/82-Calgary, AB

75.Duke Myers and Kerry Brown [2]
12/08/82-Edmonton, AB

76.Jim Neidhart and Mr. Hito
03/11/83-Calgary, AB

77.Cuban Assassin and Francisco Flores
09/09/83-Calgary, AB

78.Bruce Hart and Davey Boy Smith

79.Danny Davis and Hubert Gallant
02/27/84-Vancouver, BC
Title declared Vacated after a match against Phil Lafleur and Ben Bassarab.

80.Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith
03/31/84-Calgary, AB
Defeated Bad News Allen and Cuban Assassin
Vacated on August 23, 1984 when promotion sold to WWF
Dynamite Kid and Smith join WWF as thew British Bulldogs.

81.Wayne Farris and Ron Starr
Defeated Kerry Brown and Hubert Gallant in tournament final.

82.Leo Burke and Ron Ritchie
02/07/86-Calgary, AB Wayne Farris and Ron Starr [2]
02/27/86-Edmonton, AB

83.Chris Benoit and Ben Bassarab
03/01/86-Regina, SK

84.Wayne Farris and Cuban Assassin
03/24/86-Calgary, AB

85.Chris Benoit and Keith Hart
05/09/86-Calgary, AB
Title held up after a match awarded to Duke Myers and Kerry Brown on May 30, 1986 in Calgary, AB.

86.Duke Myers and Kerry Brown [3]
06/06/86-Calgary, AB
Defeated Benoit and Hart in rematch.

87.Ben Bassarab and Owen Hart
08/09/86-Edmonton, AB

88.Viet Cong Express (Hiroshi Hase and Fumihiro Niikura)
10/03/86-Calgary, AB
Vacated in January 1987 when Niikura returned to Japan in December 1986 after suffering health problems and did not return
Planned replacement was injured while training.

89.Bruce Hart and Brian Pillman
04/06/87-Calgary, AB
Defeated Cuban Assassin and Ron Starr in tournament final

Title held-up after a match against Makhan Singh and Jerry Morrow on October 9, 1987.

90.Bad Company (Bruce Hart and Brian Pillman) [2]
11/13/87-Calgary, AB
Defeated Makhan SIngh and Morrow in rematch.

91.Cuban Commandos (Jerry Morrow and Cuban Assassin)
07/22/88-Calgary, AB

92.Chris Benoit and Lance Idol
10/07/88-Calgary, AB

93.Cuban Commandos [2]
10/28/88-Calgary, AB

94.British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith) [2]
12/07/88-Calgary, AB

95.Makhan Singh and Vokkan Singh (Gary Albright)
12/30/88-Calgary, AB

96.Chris Benoit and Biff Wellington
04/08/89-Calgary, AB

97.Bob Brown and Kerry Brown
06/09/89-Calgary, AB

98.Kensuke Sasaki and Sumo Hara (Tatsumi Kitahara)
08/18/89-Calgary, AB

99.Black Harts (Tom Nash and Dave Heath)
09/29/89-Calgary, AB

Promotion closes in December 1989

Promotion revived in 1989

100.Greg "Pistol" Pawluk & Hotshot Johnny Devine
Tournament winners

101.Dick Raines and Frank Einstein
06/09/2000-Calgary, AB

Title Vacant

102.Bruce Hart and Ted Hart
04/05/2002-Calgary, AB
Defeated Dave Swift and Apocalypse in a tournament final.

103.Bruce Hart and T.J. Wilson
Wilson replaced the injured Ted Hart

[Records unclear]

Harry Smith and Apocalypse
03/26/2004-Calgary, AB

Title vacant
Smith and Apocalypse split up

104.Apocalypse and Dave Swift
04/04/2004-Calgary, AB
Defeat Harry Smith and Johnny Devine.

105.Harry Smith and Kirk Melnick
05/28/2004-Calgary, AB

106.Duke Durrango and Karnage
11/19/2004-Calgary, AB

107.Karachi Vice
03/04/2005-Calgary, AB
2/3 Falls match.

108.Juggernaut and Pete Wilson
07/28/2006-Calgary, AB

109.Juggernaut and T.J. Wilson
T.J. replaced the injured Pete.

110.A-Team: Dusty Adonis and Michael Avery
02/10/2007-Calgary, AB
Lost to Juggernaut and Wilson in a title match but are awarded the belts since Wilson is leaveing the promotion for WWE.

111. Funky Bunch: (Mark Avery and Phoenix Taylor)
11/16/2007-Calgary, AB

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