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(Puerto Rico)


October 28, 2000--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver and Manuel O. Gonzolez

1.Glamour Boy Shane
10/28/00-Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Defeated Nuevo Gran Apollo, Miguel Perez Jr., and Ricky Banderas to become first champion.

2.Ricky Banderas
02/10/2001-Bayamon (Pepin Cestero Basketball Place)
Banderas used a foreign object to score the pinfall

3.Glamour Boy Shane [2]
04/07/2001-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Coliseum)
Wins Double Ladder match.

4.Ricky Banderas [2]
04/21/2001-Gurabo, PR

5.Nuevo Gran Apolo
06/16/2001-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Coliseum)
Defeated Ricky Banderas and Tiger Ali Singh in a Three Way match.

09/29/2001-Bayamon, PR

7.Glamour Boy Shane [3]
10/20/2001-Carolina, PR (Guillermo Angulo Coliseum)

8.Nuevo Gran Apolo [3]
10/27/2001-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Coliseum)

Title Held Up
12/08/2001, Orocovis, PR, (Jesus Tito Colon Coliseum)
Held up after a Chairs, Ladder and Tables match between Nuevo Gran Apolo and Shane the Glamour Boy

9.Primo Carnero
03/02/2002-Bayamon (Pepin Cestero Arena)
Defeated Nuevo Gran Apolo for the held up title when Victor Quioones threw in the towel on behalf of Apolo.

10.Savio Vega (Juan Rivera)
03/02/2002-Bayamon (Pepin Cestero Arena)
Carnero handed the title over to Vega after he won it

11.Nuevo Gran Apolo [4]
04/13/2002-Bayamon, PR (Pepon Cestero Arena)
Victor Quioones was the special referee

12.Primo Carnero [2]
04/27/2002-Levittown, Toa Baja, PR (Volleyball Arena)

13.Nuevo Gran Apolo [5]
05/12/2002-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Arena)

14.Primo Carnero [3]
05/18/2002-Caguas, PR (Volleyball Arena, Small Hector Zola Bezares Coliseum)

15.Ricky Bandaras
06/15/2002-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Arena)
Cage match, with the baseball bat and a steel chair suspended above the cage

16.Rey Fenix
09/14/2002-Carolina, PR (Roberto Clemente Walker Stadium)

17.Nuevo Gran Apolo [6]
11/09/2002-Cayey, PR (Luis Raol Colon Coliseum)

18.Ricky Banderas [4]
01/06/2003-Carolina, PR (Roberto Clemente Walker Stadium)

19.Rey Gonzalez [2]
04/05/2003-Bayamon, PR (Juan Ramon Loubriel Stadium)

20.Nuevo Gran Apolo [7]
07/19/2003-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Arena)

21.Shane the Glamour Boy
09/20/2003-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Arena)

22.Bison Smith
11/01/2003-Bayamon, PR

11/29/2003-Carolina, PR
Title held up after a match between Bison Smith and Glamour Boy Shane.

23.Glamour Boy Shane [5]
12/13/2003-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Bison Smith for held-up title.

01/06/2004-Bayamon, PR

25.? [records unclear]

Title Held Up
02/07/2004-Caguas, PR (Yldefonso Sola Morales Stadium)
Title held up after a match between Bison Smith and Glamour Boy Shane.

26.Glamour Boy Shane [6]
02/14/2004-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Arena)

Title Vacant
03/06/2004-Carolina, PR
Shane left IWA.

27.Rey Gonzalez [3]
03/06/2004-Carolina, PR
Defeated Apolo for vacant title.

28.Nuevo Gran Apolo [8]
09/04.2004-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Arena)

29.Ray Gonzalez [4]

30.Glamour Boy Shane [7]
12/18/2004-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Arena)
Win came with help from Spectro, who applied a Spectro Slam to Ray, preparing him for Shane's elbow from heaven.
Christmas In PR

31.Ricky Banderas
02/12/2005-Caguas, PR (Hector Solo Bezarez Coliseum)

Title Held Up
02/19/2005-Bayamon, PR (Pepin Cestero Arena)
Victor Quioones held the title up after a controversial match between Banderas and Shane

32.Chicano [2]
06/11/2005-Toa Baja, PR
Defeated Glamour Boy Shane for held-up title.

[Records unclear]

33.Ricky Vega
02/16/2008-Toa Baja, PR
Defeated Blitz for title

34.Blitz [2]
05/17/2008-Bayamon, PR

35.Joe Bravo
07/19/08-Bayamon, PR

36.Blitz [3]
09/06/2008-Bayamon, PR

37.Chicano [3]
10/04/2008-Bayamon, PR

38.Dennis Rivera
11/01/2008-Bayamon, PR

39.Chicano [4]
11/15/2008-Bayamon, PR

40.Joe Bravo [2]
04/18/2009-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Chicano for title

05/09/2009-Haltillo, PR
Joe Bravo stripped of title

41.Joe Bravo [3]
05/16/2009-Bayamon, PR
Defeated Chicano and Jerry Lynn for vacant title.

42.Miguel Perez Jr
08/29/2009-Catano, PR

43.Joe Bravo [4]
10/10/2009-Bayamon, PR

44.Glamour Boy Shane [10]
01/06/2010-Bayamón, PR

45.Ricky Cruzz
04/17/2010-Bayamón, PR

46.Rick Stanley
06/26/2010-Bayamón, PR

47.Dennis Rivera [2]
10/16/2010-Bayamón, PR

48.Eric Escobar
01/06/2011-Bayamón, PR

49.Hiram Tua
04/02/2011-Toa Baja, PR

50.Chris Angel
07/30/2011-Bayamón, PR

Title Vacant
Due to failure to defend.

01/29/2012-Bayamón, PR
Interim GM awards himself.

01/29/2012-Bayamón, PR
Also defeats Carlos Cotto on 03/17/2012 in San Juan, PR to unify EWO World Title.

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