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March 27, 1999--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1."Hardcore" Nick Gage
03/27/99-Mantua, NJ
Wins battle royal to determine the first champion.

2.John Zandig
05/22/99-Mantua, NJ
Defeats Nick Gage, Kronus and Justice Pain in a Four Way match.

3."Hardcore" Nick Gage [2]
06/19/99-Mantua, NJ

09/18/99-Mantua, NJ

5.John Zandig [2]
11/20/99-Mantua, NJ

07/22/2000-Sewell, NJ

7.Justice Pain
09/09/2000-Sewell, NJ

8.Nick Berk
02/28/2001-Dover, DE

9.Yoshihiro Tajiri
02/28/2001-Dover, DE

10.John Zandig [3]
02/28/2001-Dover, DE

11.Wife Beater [2]
04/15/2001-Birmingham, ENGLAND, UK

12.John Zandig [4]
05/12/2001-Smyrna, DE

13.Wifebeater [3]
06/14/2001-Aguascalientes, MEXICO

14.Justice Pain [2]
07/07/2001-Sewell, NJ

05/11/2002-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)

16.Justice Pain [3]
06/08/2002-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)
Defeated Messiah & Nick Mondo in a Three Way match.

17.John Zandig [5]
06/15/2002-Dublin, IRELAND, UK

18.Justice Pain [4]
06/15/2002-Dublin, IRELAND, UK

19.The Messiah [2]
12/14/2002-Philadelphia, PA (Viking Hall/ECW Arena)
CZW Cage of Death

20.John Zandig [6]
10/25/2003-Pistoia, ITALY

21.The Messiah [3]
03/06/2004-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)

02/05/2005-Philadelphia, PA (Viking Hall/ECW Arena)
CZW 6th Anniversary Show: "Only the Strong: Scarred for Life."

23.Super Dragon
12/10/2005-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)

24.Ruckus [2]
02/11/2006-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)
Defeated Super Dragon and Kevin Steen.

25.Chris Hero
05/13/2006-Philadelphia, PA

26.Eddie Kingston
09/09/2006-Philadelphia, PA

27.Justice Pain [5]
12/09/2006-Philadelphia, PA (ECW Arena)
Defeated Chris Hero and Eddie Kingston in a Three Way match.
CZW's Cage of Death 8

13.Nick Gage
12/8/2007-Philadelphia, PA
Defeated Ruckus and The Messiah

28.Ruckus [3]
07/14/2007-Philadelphia, PA

29.Nick Gage [3]
12/08/2007-Philadelphia, PA

30.Drake Younger
07/12/2008-Philadelphia, PA

01/30/2010-Philadelphia, PA

32.Jon Moxley
02/16/ 2010/-Philadelphia, PA

33.Nick Gage [4]
08/07/2010-Lumberton, NC

34.Jon Moxley [2]
08/14/2010-Philadelphia, PA

35.Robert Anthony
02/12/2011-Philadelphia, PA

36.Devon Moore
04/09/2011-Philadelphia, PA

37.Scotty Vortekz
02/04/2012-Indianapolis, IN

03/10/2012-Philadelphia, PA

39.Drew Gulak
08/10/2013-Voorhees, New Jersey

40.Biff Busick
05/10/2014-Voorhees, NJ

10/18/2014-Vorhees, NJ
Won the title from Biff Busick.

42.BLK Jeez
12/13/2014-Voorhees, NJ
Defeated Sozio (c), Biff Busick, and Drew Gulak in 4-way match.

43.Matt Tremont
08/08/2015-Voorhees, NJ

44.Jonathan Gresham
09/10/2016-Voorhees, NJ

45.Joe Gacy
12/10/2016-Voorhees, NJ

46.Lio Rush
05/13/2017-Voorhees, NJ

47.Davey Richards
05/26/2017-Seattle, WA

48.Shane Strickland
07/08/2017-Voorhees, NJ
Defeated Richards, Lio Rush, and Joe Gacy in 4-way match.

49.Joe Gacy [2]
11/11/2017-Sewell, NJ

50.Rickey Shane Page
11/11/2017-Sewell, NJ

51.Maxwell Jacob Friedman
04/14/2018-Voorhees, NJ

Title Vacant
Maxwell Jacob Friedman is injured.

51.Mance Warner
12/09/2018-Philadelphia, PA
Defeated Rickey Shane Page.

52.Anthony Greene
04/13/2019-Voorhees, NJ
Defeated Warner, Anthony Gangone, and B-Boy in the Best of the Best 18 tournament 4-way first round.

53.David Starr
04/13/2019-Voorhees, NJ
Defeated Greene in the Best of the Best 18 tournament semi-final.

54.John Silver
04/13/2019-Voorhees, NJ
Defeated Starr in the Best of the Best 18 tournament final.

55.Joe Gacy [2]
09/13/2019-Voorhees, NJ
Defeated John Silver* and Conor Claxton in a 3-way match.

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