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February 16, 1991--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka and Brian Westcott

1.Tennessee Equalizer (Glen Day)
02/16/91 Elizabethton, TN
Defeats George Hiatt to become first champion.

07/12/91-Kingsport, TN

3.Stan Lee
10/31/91-Kingsport, TN

4.Wayne Rogers
07/07/92-Fall Branch, TN

5.G.Q. Stratus (The War Machine)
01/08/93-Fall Branch, TN

6.Jimmy Golden
03/30/93 Weber City, VA

7.Wayne Rogers [2]
07/23/93-Fall Branch, TN

8.Mike Samson
02/26/94 Morristown, TN

9.Mongolian Stomper (Archie Gouldie)
05/06/94-Fall Branch, TN

Stomper injured, announces retirement.

10.Chic White
10/01/94-Fall Branch, TN
Defeats Tennessee Equalizer in tournament final.

11.Steve Flynn
01/06/95-Fall Branch, TN

12.Mike Samson [2]
04/21/95-Fall Branch, TN

13.Steve Flynn [2]
08/11/95-Fall Branch, TN

14.Iron Man
10/07/95-Fall Branch, TN

15.Eddie Bruiser
01/19/96-Fall Branch, TN

16.Tennessee Equalizer [2]
03/01/96-Fall Branch, TN

17.Danny Christian
09/02/96-Fall Branch, TN

18.K.C. Thunder
10/05/96-Fall Branch, TN

19.Dan Cooley
01/31/97-Shawsville, VA

Dan Cooley was stripped of the title.

20.Steve Flynn [3]
05/02/97-Fall Branch, TN
Defeats Frank Parker in tournament final.

Flynn stripped for no-showing scheduled defense.

21.Johnny Thunder
09/01/97-Fall Branch, TN
Johnny Thunder won the vacant title by pinning Otto Schwanz in a tag team match.

22.The War Machine [2]
10/25/97-Fall Branch, TN
Defeats Thunder, Steve Flynn & Ricky Harrison in a Four Corners match.

23.Ricky Harrison
12/13/97-Mountain City, TN

24.Buddy Landel
04/10/98-Fall Branch, TN

25.Beau James
04/10/98-Fall Branch, TN

26.Ricky Harrison [2]
04/17/98-Fall Branch, TN
Loser Leaves SSW match.

27.Beau James [2]
01/16/99-Kingsport, TN

28.Iron Cross
06/05/99-Kingsport, TN

29.The War Machine [3]
10/07/99-Johnson City, TN

30.Iron Cross [2]
09/09/2000-Kingsport, TN

30.Stan Sierra
01/15/2001-Kingsport, TN

31.Stan Sierra
01/15/2001-Kingsport, TN

32.Brian Overbay
01/26/2001-Kingsport, TN
Defeated Sierra by forfeit.

33.Steve Phillips
01/26/2001-Kingsport, TN

34.Brian Overbay [2]
Awarded title on a reverse decision.

35.Ricky Harrison [3]
06/01/2001-Kingsport, TN

36. Beau James [3]
12/25/2001 -Kingsport, TN

37. Heinrich Von Keller
07/2002 Kingsport, TN

Title vacant
Keller suspended for attacking TV sponsor

38.Jesse Taylor
10/15/2002-Kingsport, TN
Defeats Beau James in tournament final

39. Scotty McKeever
12/25/2003-Kingsport, TN

40. Jesse Taylor [2]
02/2003-Beaver, WV

41. Robbie Cassidy
05/09/2003-Greeneville, TN

42.Jesse Taylor (3)

43.Brad Batten

44.Beau James [4]
10/2003-Kingsport, TN
Wins by forfeit.

45.Ray Idol

46.John Noble
Won by forfeit. Idol no showed to wrestle for NWA Championship Wrestling, CW has a belt made just like SSW belt and try to claim to Southern States name, Later their belt is just know as Championship Wrestling Champion.

47.Beau James [5]
10/03/2004-Kingsport, TN

48.Danny Ray
03/25/2005-Kingsport, TN
National Guard Armory

Title inactive
SSW leaves NWA Bluegrass in .

48.Wayne Adkins
09/27/2008-Kingsport, TN Defeats Ryan Dookie in tournament final.

49.K.C. Thunder
08/11/27/2008-Kingsport, TN

Title Vacant

50.Cody Ices
01/09/2009-Kingsport, TN Wins a 15-man rumble for vacant title.

[Records unclear]

51.Ray Idol [2]

52.Frank Parker
02/26/2010-Kingsport, TN

53.Ray Idol [3]
06//2010-Kingsport, TN

54.Frank Parker [2]
11/25/2010< r>Also defeated Beau James on 11/25/2010 in Kingsport, TN to win Television Title
Still champion as of 06/06/2011

55.Ray Idol [4]
07/17/2011-Mt. Carmel, TN

56.Frank Parker [3]
11/24/2011-Mt. Carmel, TN

57.Beau James [5]
07/15/2012-Mt. Carmel, TN

58.Eric Darkstorm
09/29/2012-Mt. Carmel, TN

59.Kyle Matthews
11/03/2013-Mt. Carmel, TN

60.Eric Darkstorm [2]
11/29/2013-Mt. Carmel, TN

Title Vacant

61.Kyle Kool
04/18/2014-Rogersville, TN
Defeated Ray Idol in tournament final for the vacant title.

62.DeAndre Jackson
09/27/2014-Kingsport, TN
Won the title from Kyle Kool.

Title Vacant

63.The Iron Cross
07/09/2016-Gray, TN
Defeated Frank Parker for the vacant title.

[Records unclear]

64.Beau James [6]

65.Daniel Richards
11/03/2018-Gray, TN

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