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March 14, 1998--Present

Compiled by Phil Tsakiries and Eric Roelfsema

1.Don Montoya
03/14/98-Nutley, NJ
Defeated Reckless Youth to become first champion.

2.Rik Ratchett
10/10/98-Nutley, NJ

01/23/99-South Plainfield, NJ

4.Rik Ratchett (2)
01/30/99-Verona, NJ

5.Twiggy Ramirez
03/20/99-Nutley, NJ
Defeated Simon Diamond who was defending the title for an injured Rik Ratchett.

6.Simon Diamond
06/22/99-South Plainfield, NJ

7.Rik Ratchett (3)
06/22/99-South Plainfield, NJ
Given title by Diamond upon his leaving for ECW.

8.Twiggy Ramirez (2)
10/09/99-Nutley, NJ

9.Kevin Knight
05/06/2000-Nutley, NJ

01/21/2001-West Orange, NJ

11.Kevin Knight (2)
04/28/2001-West Paterson, NJ

06/03/2001-West Orange, NJ

13.Biggie Biggs
06/15/2002-W. Paterson, NJ

14.Kevin Knight [3]
03/22/2003-West Paterson, NJ

15.Fred Sampson
05/17/2003-West Patterson, NJ

16.Roman [3]
01/17/2004-W. Paterson, NJ

17.Fred Sampson [2]
01/21/2005-W. Paterson, NJ
Defeated Roman, Biggie Biggs and Shane O'Brien.

18.Roman [4]
04/16/2005-W. Paterson, NJ

[Records unclear]

19.Shawn Donovan
08/19/2006-W. Paterson, NJ
Defeated Kevin Knight for title

20.Tony Torres
11/17/2006-W. Paterson, NJ

21.Frank Scoleri

22.Tony Torres [2]
09/01/2007-Paterson, NJ beat for the IWF Heavyweight Title.

23.Travis Blake
02/17/2008-W. Paterson, NJ

24.Kevin Knight [5]
05/18/2008-W. Peterson, NJ
Won a Gauntlet Match against Blake, Franciz, Chris Steeler, Justin Corino and Evan Schwartz

25.Chris Steeler

26.Kevin Knight [6]
02/20/2010-W. Peterson, NJ

27.Fady the Arabian Bull
05/21/2010-W. Paterson, NJ

28.Chris Steeler [2]
06/26/2010-W. Paterson, NJ
Won a 3-way match against Fady and Kevin Knight.

10/22/2010-W. Paterson, NJ

30.Mastodon Franciz
11/20/2010-W. Paterson, NJ

Title Vacant

31.Travis Blake
10/22/2011-Woodland Park, NJ
Defeated Chris Steeler, Jarrett Foster, Austin Williams, and Steven Sterling in 5-way elimination match for vacant title.

32.Kevin Knight [7]
10/30/2011-Woodland Park, NJ

33.Roman Zachary
05/10/2013-Manville, NJ
Won the title from Kevin Knight on a Funkdafied Wrestling Federation card.

34.Shawn Donavan
05/02/2015-Nutley, NJ
Defeated Roman Zachary (c) and Tommy Dreamer in 3-way match.

35.Roman Zachary [2]
03/05/2016-Nutley, NJ

03/04/2017-Nutley, NJ

Promotion closed on 06/29/2017

37.Biggie Biggs [2]
04/14/2018-Nutley, NJ Won a 16-man battle royal for the vacant title.

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