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May 12, 1998--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott and and Kriss Knights

1.Freedom Ryder
05/12/98-St. Petersburg, FL
Defeats Pat Tanaka in tournament final to become the first champion.

2."Iceman" Buck Quartermaine
06/26/98 Pinellas Park, FL

3.Navy Seal
10/13/98-Crystal River, FL

4.Cuban Assassin
03/12/99-Crystal River, FL

5.Haystacks Calhoun, Jr.
11/13/99-Crystal River, FL

6.Cuban Assassin [2]
01/22/2000-Crystal River, FL

7."Marvelous" Mike Sullivan (formerly known as Freedom Ryder) [2]
01/29/2000-St. Petersburg, FL

8.Navy Seal [2]
05/19/2000-St. Petersburg, FL

9."Marvelous" Mike Sullivan [3]
05/20/2000-Crystal River, FL

10.Scoot Andrews
04/21/2001-St. Petersburg, FL
defeating 'Marvelous' MIKE SULLIVAN and 'Iceman' BUCK Q to win the Florida Triple Crown - the IPW, FOW and NWA Florida Heavyweight Title

11.A.J. Styles
11/24/2001-St. Petersburg, FL (IP WrestlePlex)

12.Billy Fives
12/08/2001-St. Petersburg, FL

13."Marvelous" Mike Sullivan [4]
05/24/2002-Deltona, FL

14.Agent Steele
06/08/2002-St. Petersburg, FL (Florida Wrestleplex)

15.Steve Corino
11/02/2002-St. Petersburg, FL

Title Held Up
11/30/2002-Pinellas Park, FL
Title held up after a Title vs. Title Ladder match between Rod Steele and Steve Corino
Corino retained the NWA Southern Heavyweight Title in the match. Both belts (which Corino held) were suspended above the ring. Corino took down the Southern belt but was knocked off the ladder. Several other wrestlers from the Alliance of Defiance hit the ring and interfered, allowing Steel to grab the IPW title. The title was held up by the Commissioner due to the interference.

16.Rod Steel
Steel was declared the new champion because the contract said the champ would be the first man to get the belt and did not specify it had to be a wrestler in the match.

17.Billy Fives
03/22/2003-St. Petersburg, FL
title is unified with the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title

18.Scoot Andrews
07/19/2003-St. Petersburg, FL
Defeated Billy Fives and Lex Lovett in three way match.

19.Lex Lovett
08/02/2003-St. Petersburg, FL

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