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Sometime before February 21, 1998--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver, Adam Fenwick and Gonzalo Soto

1.Joe "the Shooter" DeFuria

2.Hack Myers
07/17/98-Naples, FL

3.Scoot Andrews
02/11/99-Hollywood, FL

4."Playboy" Bobby Davis
06/04/99-Davie, FL

5.Duke "the Dumpster" Droese
06/26/99-Big Cypress, FL

6.Hack Myers [2]
12/18/99-Big Cypress, FL

7.The Warlock
01/22/2000-Immokalee, FL
The Warlock held the following titles in conjuction with the FCW Heavyweight Title

8.Duke "the Dumpster" Droese

9.Anthony Adonis

10.Sobe Stud

11.Anthony Adonis [2]

12.Anthony Michaels
08/22/2001-Coconut Grove, FL

13.The Warlord
02/07/2002-Hollywood, Florida.

Title Vacant

14.Jake Hager
02/15/2008-Tampa, Florida
Defeated Ted DiBiase Jr. after the two were the finalists in a 22 man battle royal to become the new champion
Jake Hager also held the following titles in conjunction with the FCW Heavyweight Title:

The FCW Southern Heavyweight title is now unified with the FCW Heavyweight Title.

15.Sheamus O'Shauunessy
09/18/2008-Tampa, FL
Defeated Jake Swagger (the former Jake Hager)

16.Eric (Perez) Escobar
12/11/2008-Tampa, FL
Defeated Sheamus O'Shaunessy in a fatal four way match that also involved Joe Hennig and Drew McIntyre

17.Joe Hennig
02/26/2009-Tampa, FL

Title Vacant
Vacated due to injury.

18.Drew McIntyre
03/19/2009-Tampa, FL
Defeated Eric Escobar.

19.Tyler Reks
06/11/2009-Tampa, FL

20.Heath Slater
08/13/2009-Tampa, FL Justin

09/24/2009-Tampa, FL

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