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June 10, 2007--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver

1."The Legacy" Mathew Priest - Battle For A Champion
06/10/2007-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Priest defeated 30 other BCWA Wrestlers in the Battle For A Champion becoming the first ever BCWA Champion.

2."Beautiful" Bill Martel
12/30/2007-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Martel defeated Priest in a triple threat match that also featured Johnny Margera. Martel was expected to lay down for his cousin but opted to kick out and con Priest's manager Kayla Kalico to smash her mirror over the head of Priest allowing Martel to grab the title.

3."The Legacy" Mathew Priest [2]
02/17/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Martel handpicked his opponent Christian Steele. However, under the mask was Priest.

4."Beautiful" Bill Martel [2] 02/24/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)

5."The Legacy" Mathew Priest [3] 03/30/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Dog Collar Match
No Escape

04/27/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
During the Texas death match with The Superstar Bill Martel and The Legacy Mathew Priest, both men knocked each other out and were unable to answer the count of ten.

6."The Last Dragon " Zane SIlver - 06/ 22/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)

7.Judas Coltrain - 09/ 21/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Judas Coltrain defeated Zane Silver with interference from Skye Bynes

8.Hudge 12/28/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)

9."The Last Dragon" Zane Silver[2]
06/21/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
State of Emergency

10.The Superstar Bill Martel [3] 06/28/2008-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Martel cashed in his BFAC stipulation to become the new BCWA Champion defeating the Last Dragon Zane Silver after Silver defended the championship to Chase Burnett in a grueling match.
Superslam 8

11."The Last Dragon" Zane Silver[3] -08/30/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)
Zane Silver defeated Cyrus Parker in a triple threat match at Summer stand-Off to become the new BCWA Champion.

12.The Superstar Bill Martel [4] - 09/27/2009-Detroit, MI (Tri-City Trade Center)

13.Major Money - 01/30/2010-Southgate, MI (Modern Exchange)
Money pinned Martel to become the first ever person to become a triple crown champion.

14.The Superstar Bill Martel [5] - 03/28/2010-Southgate, MI (Modern Exchange)
Martel defeated Money to become a 5 time BCWA Champion.
No Escape

15.Major Money [2]- 05/23/2010-Southgate, MI (Modern Exchange)
Money defeated Martel in a 2 out of three falls match to win the BCWA Championship
Tri-Town Rumble

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