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October 17, 1998--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott, Eric Roelfsema, Hisaharu Tanabe and Jim Dupree

NWA Georgia Tag Team Title revived by Music City Wrestling in 1998

1.Hot and Heavy: Silky Boom Boom and Frenchy Riviera
10/17/98-Eatonton, GA
Defeat Shane Helms and Mike Maverick and The Centerfolds in an elimination match to determine the first champions

2.Samoan Deth Squad
3/11/99-Loganville, GA

3.Billy Black and Joel Deaton
4/1/99-Loganville, GA

06/10/99-Loganville, GA
Billy Black attacks promoter Bill Behrens

4.Vic Violent and Rukkus (No Fear)
06/10/99-Loganville, GA
beat Faku and Mark Davis (who subbed for Faku's normal partner Spade) for vacant title

Title Vacant
Vic Violent and Rukkus no-shows title defense.

5.Shane Young and David Young
08/19/99-Loganville, GA
Defeated Bart Sawyer and Terry Lawler for vacant title

6.Joe Harley and Pan Head Nelson
11/20/99-Cornelia, GA
Defeated Rick Michaels (subbing for Shane Young) and David Young for titles

7.The Underdogs (Mark E. Mark and Big Eddie Cool)
12/04/99-Cornelia, GA

NWA Georgia Tag Team Titles (including National Championship Wrestling Tag Team Title) taken under control by NWA Georgia
Title renamed NWA Wildside Tag Team Titles

8.Rick Micheals and David Young
01/08/2000-Cornelia, GA

9.Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson
02/19/00-Cornelia, GA

10.Bad Attitude: David Young and Rich Michaels [2] 06/17/2000 Cornelia, GA

Bad Attitude are stripped of the belts after they won the NWA World Tag Team Title.

11.The Boogaloo Crew: Scotty Wrenn and J.C. Dazz
08/19/2000-Cornelia, GA
Defeat Terry Knight and Onyx in a one-night 9-team tournament final to win vacant title.

12. Suicidal Tendencies (John Phoenix and Adam Jacobs)
01/06/2001-Cornelia, GA (NCW Arena)

13.Three Count (Shannon Moore and Shane Helms)
01/19/2001-Cornelia, GA

14.Boogaloo Crew [2]
01/20/2001-Cornelia, GA
Defeated 3 Count and Suicidal Tendencies in a three way dance.

15.Kent Kohl and Keith Kohl
02/03/2001-Cornelia, GA

16.Romeo Bliss and David Flair
03/24/2001-Cornelia, GA (NCW Arena)
12:59 (time of match)

17.Kohl Brothers [2]
04/21/2001-Cornelia, GA

18.TNT (Todd Sexton and Tony Stradlin)
08/04/01-Cornelia, GA (NCW Arena)

19.Blackout (Rainman and Homicide)
08/10/2001-Kingsport, TN
Blackout defeated TNT on 08/10/2001 in Kingsport and were then defeated by Total Destruction who had been "banned from Wildside for 30 days", and so on 08/18/2001 at the TV taping Jeff G Bailey, substituting for "Mr. Wildside" Steve Martin, stipped Total Destruction of the titles and they reverted to Blackout. Similarly Total Destruction pinned the New Heavenly Bodies, and that title win was reversed due to the 30 day suspension. Total Destruction are no longer banned as of the 09/01/2001 TV taping and will face the Bodies in a rematch in Tampa on 09/18/2001.

20.White Trash and Tank
10/19/2001-Cornelia, GA

21.Blackout [2]
11/17/2001-Cornelia, GA (NCW Arena)
Defeated Project Mayhem: White Trash and Tank, Bad Attitude: David Young and Terry Knight and Lost Boyz: Azrael and Gabriel in a Four Corners match.

22.Lost Boyz (Azrael and Gabriel)
03/22/2002-Cornelia, GA (NCW Arena)
Ladder match
NWA Wildside Hardcore Hell 2002

23.The Briscoes
08/03/2002-Cornelia, GA (NCW Arena)
Defeated The Lost Boyz, TNT, and The Spanish Announce Team to become NEW Wildside tag team champs last pinning TNT.

24.TNT [2]
08/17/2002-Cornelia, GA

25.Scottie Wrenn and Tank
11/02/2002-Cornelia, GA
Defeat Todd Sexton and Tony Stradlin (TNT) and Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere in a 16-team tournament final.

26.Future Shock (Jay Freeze and Brandon P.)
03/28/2003-Cornelia, GA (NWA Arena)
Defeated Scottie Wrenn and Tank and The Lost Boys in a Three Way Ladder match.
NWA Wildside Hardcore Hell 2003

27.The Impact (Scott Cage and Kaos)

28.Bulldog Raines and Tank
07/19/2003-Cornelia, GA (NWA Arena)
NWA Wildside TV Taping

29.Brandon P. and Jeremy V.
10/18/2003-Cornelia, GA
NWA Wildside TV Taping

30.The Texas Death Club (Todd Sexton and Masada)
12/27/03-Cornelia, GA

31.Slim J and Murder One
07/03/2004-Cornelia, GA (NWA Arena)
Win title in a War Games match.

32.Azrael and Mikal Adryan
09/18/2004-Cornelia, GA (NWA Arena)
NWA Wildside TV Taping

33.33.Tank and Iceberg
01/01/2005-Cornelia, GA (NWA Arena)
Defeat Azrael and Rainman and Pomp and Circumstance: Ace Rockwell and Shaun
Tempers in a Three Way Elimination match.
NWA Wildside Christmas Chaos

34.Pomp and Circumstance (Ace Rockwell and Shaun Tempers)
03/05/2005-Cornelia, GA (NWA Arena)
NWA Wildside TV Taping (NWA Arena)

35.Tank and Iceberg [2]
03/26/2005-Cornelia, GA
NWA Wildside Hardcore Hell

36.Pomp and Circumstance [2]
11/22/2005-Soddy-Daisy, TN
Falls Count Anywhere match.
NWA Wildside Reunion

Title Vacant

37.Bald Beautiful Besties (Michael Stevens and Zac Edwards)

NWA Atlanta Tag Team Titles renamed NWA Georgia Tag Team Titles in June 2014

38.Blunt Force Trauma (Bill the Butcher and Pain)
10/25/2014-Griffin, GA

36.Young Lions (Lex Lee and Kevin Coffman)
03/28/2015-Stockbridge, GA

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