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July 5, 1968-November 1980

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will

1.Ramon Torres and Alberto Torres
07/05/68-Atlanta, GA
Defeated El Mongol and Tarzan Tyler to become first champions

2.Butcher Vachon and Stan Vachon (Stan Pulaski)

3.Ramon Torres and Alberto Torres [2]
09/20/68-Atlanta, GA

4.Butcher Vachon and Stan Vachon [2]
10/29/68 Savannah, GA

5.Ramon Torres and Alberto Torres [3]

6.Assassins (Tom Renesto and Jody Hamilton)
11/22/68-Atlanta, GA

7.Ramon Torres and Alberto Torres [4]

8.Assassin #2 and The Professional (Doug Gilbert)
Declared vacant in March 1969 after a match against Ray Gunkel and Buddy Fuller.

9.Assassins [2]
04/04/69-Atlanta, GA
Defeat El Mongol and Louie Tillet in 8-team tournament final

10.El Mongol and The Professional

11.Chati Yokouchi and Mr. Ito (Umanosuke Ueda)
07/10/69-Athens, GA

12.Assassins [3]

13.Ray Gunkel and Buddy Fuller
10/10/69-Atlanta, GA

14.Assassins [4]
12/19/69-Atlanta, GA
Assassins won title in a 6-man tag match with Nick Bockwinkel against Gunkel, Fuller, and The Professional
Title was stripped in March 1970

15.Bobby Shane and Doug Gilbert

16.Assassins [5]
08/28/70-Atlanta, GA

17.Bobby Shane and Doug Gilbert
09/25/70-Atlanta, GA

The belts were returned because of the headgear worn by Shane and Gilbert in the match.

19.Ray Gunkel and El Mongol
04/02-Atlanta, GA

[Records unclear]

20.Assassins [6]
Title was held up after promoter Paul Jones ruled The Assassins deliberately got disqualified in a match against Argentina Apollo and Dick Steinborn.

21.Assassins [7]
Defeated Apollo and Steinborn in a rematch
The title was held up after a match against El Mongol and Jimmy Dancing on November 19, 1971 in Atlanta, GA.

22.Assassins [8]
11/26/71-Atlanta, GA
Defeated Bill Dromo and Bob Armstrong in tournament final by forfeit when Amrstrong was injured

23.Ray Gunkel and Buddy Fuller [2]
12/17/71-Atlanta, GA

24.Assassins [9]
The title was held up after a match with Dick Steinborn and Bob Armstrong in August 1972 when the Assassins intentionally get disqualified.

25.Dick Steinborn and Bob Armstrong
Defeat Assassins in rematch.

26.Assassins [10]
Vacated in September 1972 when Assassin #1 (Tom Renesto) unmasked and retired

27.Scandor Akbar and Ox Baker
09/15/72-Atlanta, GA

28.Dick Steinborn and Argentina Apollo
10/20/72-Atlanta, GA
Vacated in November 1972 Steinborn and Apollo quit to launch All South Championship Wrestling with Ann Gunkel

29.Eddie Graham and Mike Graham
12/29/72-Atlanta, GA
Defeated Sputnik Monroe and Rocket Monroe in 4-team tournament final

30.Super Infernos (Doug Gilbert and Don Smith)

31.Mr. Wrestling II and Bob Orton Jr.

32.Super Infernos [2]
Title stripped on March 9, 1973 in Savannah, GA for deliberately getting disqualified

33.Stan Vachon and Bobby Duncum
09/21/73-Atlanta, GA

34.Robert Fuller and Bob Armstrong

35.Bobby Shane and Gorgeous George Jr.
12/21/73-Atlanta, GA
The title held up after a match against Bob Armstrong and Robert Fuller on January 4, 1974 in Atlanta, GA

36.Ron Garvin and Terry Garvin
01/18/74-Atlanta, GA
Defeat Robert Fuller and Bob Armstrong in tournament final.

37.Robert Fuller and Bob Armstrong
03/08/74-Atlanta, GA

38.Ron Garvin and Terry Garvin [2]
03/15/74-Atlanta, GA

39.Robert Fuller and Bob Armstrong [2]
05/24/74-Atlanta, GA

40.Gene and Ole Anderson
05/31/74-Atlanta, GA

41.Tim Woods and Mr. Wrestling II
08/02/74-Atlanta, GA
Mr. Wrestling II paid Harley Race $10,000 to defend his half of the belt against Gene and Ole Anderson on August 16, 1974 in Atlanta, GA

42.Gene and Ole Anderson [2]
08/16/74-Atlanta, GA
Defeated Tim Woods and Harley Race

43.Mr. Wrestling I and II
09/06/74-Atlanta, GA

44.Gene and Ole Anderson [3]
09/20/74-Atlanta, GA

45.Buddy Colt and Roger Kirby
11/01/74-Atlanta, GA

46.Rocky Johnson and Jerry Brisco
01/25/75-Atlanta, GA

47.Assassin #2 and Toru Tanaka

48.Robert Fuller and Bob Armstrong [3]
05/09/75-Atlanta, GA

49.Dick Slater and Bob Orton Jr.
06/27/75-Atlanta, GA
Vacant in 08 when Slater and Orton win US Tag Team title.

50.Toru Tanaka and Mr. Fuji
09/19/75-Atlanta, GA
Win tournament.

51.Jerry Brisco and Bob Backlund

52.Les Thornton and Tony Charles

[Records unclear]
Vacated in 1976.

53.Ted Oates and Jerry Oates
05/21/76-Atlanta, GA
Won tournament

54.Black Gordman and Goliath

55.Dean Ho and Ken Mantell
07/02/76-Atlanta, GA

56.Jimmy Valiant and Johnny Valiant
07/16/76-Atlanta, GA

57.Tom Jones and Porkchop Cash
09/10/76-Atlanta, GA

58.Gene and Ole Anderson [3]
10/22/76-Atlanta, GA

59.Mr. Wrestling and Mr. Wrestling II [2]

60.Gene and Ole Anderson [4]

61.Mr. Wrestling and Thunderbolt Patterson
04/29/77-Atlanta, GA

62.Gene and Ole Anderson [5]

63.Tommy Rich and Tony Atlas

64.Gene and Ole Anderson [6]

65.Tommy Rich and Stan Hansen

66.Ole Anderson and Jacques Goulet
12/13/77-Macon, GA

67.Mr. Wrestling II and Tony Atlas
02/78-Columbus, GA

68.Ole Anderson and Lars Anderson
03/78-Atlanta, GA

69.Thunderbolt Patterson and Tommy Rich
03/31/78-Atlanta, GA

70.Ole Anderson and Ivan Koloff

71.Thunderbolt Patterson and Tony Atlas
06/23/78-Atlanta, GA

72.Ole Anderson and Ivan Koloff [2]
Vacated in November 1978

73.Dory Funk Jr. and Terry Funk
11/23/78-Atlanta, GA
Defeat Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco in tournament final.

74.Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco
01/01/79-Atlanta, GA

75.Ole Anderson and Ivan Koloff [3]
01/19/79-Atlanta, GA

76.Rufus R. Jones and Norvell Austin
04/25/79 Augusta, GA
Vacated in May 1979

77.Tommy Rich and Wahoo McDaniel
05/18/79-Atlanta, GA

78.Ole Anderson and Ivan Koloff [4]
06/08/79-Atlanta, GA

79.Tommy Rich and Stan Hansen [2]
07/02/79-Augusta, GA

80.Ole Anderson and Ivan Koloff [5]
08/31/79-Atlanta, GA

81.Tommy Rich and Crusher Lisowski
09/21/79-Atlanta, GA

82.Ole Anderson and Ernie Ladd
Vacated on October 15, 1979

83.Masked Superstar and Austin Idol
11/25/79-Atlanta, GA
Defeat Tommy Rich and Crusher.

84.Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco [2]

85.Ole Anderson and Jerry Brisco
Jack Brisco gives his share of the title to Ole.

86.Ivan Koloff and Alexi Smirnoff

87.Kevin Sullivan and Tony Atlas

88.Ivan Koloff and Alexi Smirnoff [2]
04/26/80-Atlanta, GA

89.Ole Anderson and Lars Anderson [2]
06/08/80-Atlanta, GA

06/16/80 Augusta, GA

91.Mr. Wrestling and Steve Kerin
07/30/80-Columbus, OH

92.Assassins [2]
08/06/80-Columbus, OH

93.Mr. Wrestling and Mr. Wrestling II [3]
09/19/80-Griffin, GA

94.Fabulous Freebirds(Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes)
10/10/80-Atlanta, GA
The Freebirds won a 3-team tournament against Mr. Wrestling I & II and The Assassins
The title was help up on November 14, 1980 after a match against Austin Idol and Kevin Sullivan

The title replaced with National Tag Team title in November 1980

Title revived by Music City Wrestling in 1998 as theMCW/NWA Georgia Tag Team Title

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