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February 23, 2008--Present

Compiled by Adam Fenwick

1.Eric Perez and Eddie Colon
02/23/2008-Port Richey, FL
Defeated Heath Miller and Steve Lewington in a tournament final to become the first champions

2.Nic Nemeth
03/23/2008-Port Richey, FL

3.Eric Perez and Eddie Colon
04/15/2008-Port Richey, FL
Nic Nemeth and Brad Allen to win the titles by DQ in a match where the titles could change hands on a DQ.

4.Drew McIntyre and Stu Sanders
05/06/2008-New Port Richey, FL

5.Nic Nemeth and Gavin Spears
08/17/2008-Tampa, FL

6.Heath Miller and Joe Hennig
09/11/2008-Tampa, FL br>Triple threat match that also involved Scotty Goldman (aka Colt Cabana) and Kafu

7.DH Smith and TJ Wilson
10/30/2008-Tampa, FL
Defeated Joe Hennig and Sebastian Slater to win the titles

8.Tyler Reiks and Johnny Curtis9.Caylen Croft and Trent Beretta
04/30/2009-Tampa, FL

10.Justin Angel and Kris Logan
07/23/2009-Tampa, FL

11.Bo Rotundo and Duke Rotundo
07/23/2009-Tampa, FL

12.Dude Busters (Caylen Croft, Trent Beretta and Curt Hawkins)
11/19/2009-Tampa, FL
Croft and Hawkins defeat the Rotundos.

13.Fortunate Sons (Joe Hennig and Brett DiBiase)
01/14/2010-Tampa, FL
Defeated Croft and Barreta.

14.Jimmy Uso and Jules Uso
03/13/2010-Crystal River, FL

15.Los Aviadores (Dos Equis and Hunico)
06/03/2010-Tampa, FL

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