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February 11, 1944-December 1988

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Duncan Royal and Gary Will
With additional information from
The History of Professional Wrestling: Volume I
by Scott Teal
and Brian Westcott

1.Rollend Kirchmeyer
02/11/44-Tampa, FL
Recognized as first champion.

2.Ed "Strangler" Lewis
02/26/44-Tampa, FL

[Records unclear]

3.Rollend Kirchmeyer [2]

4.The Cardiff Giant
08/26/46-Tampa, FL

5.Antonio Cortez
10/28/46-Tampa, FL

[Records unclear]

6.Rollend Kirchmeyer [3]

[Records unclear]

7.Lester Welch
08/11/66-Tampa, FL
Defeated Sputnik Monroe in tournament final.

8.Louie Tillet
03/20/67-W. Palm Beach, FL

9.Wahoo McDaniel
05/01/67-Orlando, FL

10.Boris Malenko
05/16/67-Tampa, FL

11.Johnny Valentine
08/26/67-Tampa, FL

12.Joe Scarpa
12/05/67-Tampa, FL

13.Johnny Valentine [2]
12/27/67-Tampa, FL

14.Red Bastien
04/30/68-Tampa, FL

15.Johnny Valentine [3]
06/27/68-Jacksonville, FL

16.Nick Kozak
09/23/68-Orlando, FL

17.The Gladiator (Rick Hunter)
11/23/68-Tampa, FL

18.Hans Mortier
02/04/69-Tampa, FL

19.The Gladiator
?/69-Jacksonville, FL

20.Hans Mortier

21.Ciclon Negro
04/15/69-Tampa, FL

22.Dale Lewis
08/26/69-Tampa, FL

23.Mr. Saito (Masa Saito)
12/22/69-Tampa, FL

24.Jack Brisco
02/10/70-Tampa, FL

25.Missouri Mauler
05/19/70-Tampa, FL

26.Jack Brisco [2]

27.Tarzan Tyler
12/15/70-Tampa, FL

28.Jack Brisco [3]
01/19/71-Tampa, FL

29.Paul Jones
05/16/72-Tampa, FL

30.Jack Brisco [4]
11/28/72-Tampa, FL

31.Buddy Colt
02/20/73-Tampa, FL

32.Paul Jones [2]
06/12/73-Tampa, FL

33.Tim Woods
07/31/73-Tampa, FL

34.Paul Jones [3]

35.Buddy Colt [2]

36.Paul Jones [4]

37.Buddy Colt [3]

38.Eddie Graham

39.Buddy Colt [4]

40.Ron Fuller
03/20/74-Miami, FL

41.Bill Watts
07/02/74-Tampa, FL

42.Jerry Brisco

43.Pak Song

44.Dusty Rhodes

45.Bill Watts [2]

46.Bob Roop

47.Dusty Rhodes [2]

48.King Curtis Iaukea

49.Rocky Johnson
12/23/75-Tampa, FL

50.Frank Goodish (Bruiser Brody)
12/31/75-Tampa, FL

51.Thunderbolt Patterson

52.Pak Song [2]

53.Jack Brisco [4]
04/17/76-St. Petersburg, FL

54.Bob Orton Jr.

55.Dusty Rhodes [3]

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56.Billy Graham
Vacated in 03.

57.Buddy Wolfe
Defeated Steve Kiern in tournament final.

58.Dusty Rhodes [4]

59.Ernie Ladd
Vacated in 1977

60.Dusty Rhodes [5]

61.Lars Anderson

62.Dusty Rhodes [6]
11/26/77-St. Petersburg, FL

63.Killer Karl Kox
02/07/78-Tampa, FL

64.Rocky Johnson [2]
03/08/78-Miami, FL

65.Bob Roop [2]
03/13/78-W. Palm Beach, FL

66.Jack Brisco [5]
03/26/78-Orlando, FL

67.The Spoiler
05/23/78-Tampa, FL

68.Dusty Rhodes [7]
06/19/78-W. Palm Beach, FL

69.The Spoiler [2]
09/23/78-Lakeland, FL

70.Steve Keirn
Vacated in 78.

71.Dusty Rhodes [8]
11/25/78-St. Petersburg, FL
Defeated Bob Roop in tournament final.

72.Mr. Uganda (Ciclon Negro)
12/12/78-Tampa, FL

73.Jos LeDuc
12/19/78-Tampa, FL

74.Dick Slater

75.Jim Garvin
01/09/79-Tampa, FL

76.King Curtis Iaukea [2]

77.Dusty Rhodes [9]
Vacated on 08/21 when Rhodes wins NWA World title.

78.Terry Funk
09/79-Tampa, FL
Defeated Steve Keirn in tournament final.

79.Manny Fernandez
10/21/79-Orlando, FL

80.Don Muraco

81.Bugsy McGraw
08/07/80-Melbourne, FL

82.Bobby Jaggers
10/11/80-Jacksonville, FL

83.Dusty Rhodes [10]
10/26/80-Ft. Launderdale, FL

84.Dory Funk Jr.
11/04/80-Tampa, FL

85.Barry Windham
01/12/81-W. Palm Beach, FL

86.Dory Funk Jr. [2]
04/08/81-Tampa, FL
Wins by forfeit when Windham injured in auto accident.

87.Charlie Cook

88.Dory Funk Jr. [3]

89.Charlie Cook [2]

90.The Spoiler [3]
11/03/81-Tampa, FL

91.Mr. Wrestling II
12/81-Jacksonville, FL

92.James J. Dillon
03/82-Orlando, FL

93.Mr. Wrestling II [2]
04/82-St. Petersburg, FL

94.Jim Garvin [2]
05/82-W. Palm Beach, FL

95.Brian Blair
07/11/82-Orlando, FL
Declared vacant on 08/23 after a match where Bruiser Brody was declared the winner in W. Palm Beach, FL.

96.Kevin Sullivan
10/06/82-Tampa, FL
Defeated Barry Windham in tournament final.

97.Mike Graham
01/15/83-Miami, FL
Vacated in 83 because of injury.

98.Scott McGhee
Defeated Johnny Heffernan.

99.Adrian Street

100.Scott McGhee

101.Jos LeDuc [2]
08/83-Lakeland, FL

102.Barry Windham [2]
09/17/83-Sarasota, FL

103.Jos LeDuc [3]
09/18/83-Orlando, FL

104.Barry Windham [3]
09/19/83-W. Palm Beach, FL
Vacated in 11 when Windham tours Japan.

105.Mike Rotundo
12/16/83-St. Petersburg, FL
Defeated Greg Valentine in tournament final.

106.Kendo Nagasaki
01/22/84-Orlando, FL

107.Billy Jack (Haynes)
03/29/84-Lakeland, FL

108.Billy Graham [2]
06/10/84-Orlando, FL

109.Scott McGhee [2]
07/29/84-Orlando, FL

110.Jesse Barr
10/14/84-Orlando, FL
Title held up after a match against Brian Blair.

111.Brian Blair [2]
01/06/85-Orlando, FL
Defeated Barr in rematch.

112.Jesse Barr [2]
02/12/85-Tampa, FL

113.Hector Guerrero
04/28/85-Orlando, FL

114.Hercules Hernandez
06/30/85-Orlando, FL
Vacated in July 1985 when Hernandez fired after dressing room fight with Wahoo McDaniel.

115.Jack Hart (Barry Horowitz)
07/23/85-Tampa, FL
Defeated Mike Graham in tournament final.

116.Kendhall Windham
09/02/85-Tampa, FL

117.Cuban Assassin
02/22/86-Tampa, FL

118.Kendhall Windham [2]
03/05/86-Tampa, FL
Vacated title in May 1986 after match with Bob Roop in which Barry Windham interfered to help Kendall win.

119.Kendhall Windham [3]
05/18/86-Orlando, FL
Wins tournament final by forfeit after Lex Luger DCOR Kendo Nagasaki in other semifinal.

120.Whie Ninja (Keiji Mutoh)
05/21/86-Tampa, FL

121.Kendhall Windham
Belt returned to Windham after films show Ninja illegally used karate to win the belt.

122.Ron Bass
07/15/86-Tampa, FL

123.Barry Windham [4]
09/01/86-Daytona, FL

124.Ron Bass [2]
09/16/86-Tampa, FL

125.Barry Windham [5]
09/24/86-Ft. Launderdale, FL
Title held up after a match against Ron Bass where Bass uses chloroform.

126.Barry Windham [6]
10/08/86-Tampa, FL
Defeated Ron Bass in rematch.

127.Kareem Muhammad
11/25/86-Lakeland, FL

128.Ron Simmons
12/02/86-Tampa, FL

129.Bad News Allen
01/20/87-Tampa, FL

130.Sir Oliver Humperdink
02/24/87-Tampa, FL

131.Ed Gantner
Given title by Humperdink.

132.Mike Rotunda [2]
03/15/87-Daytona, FL
Title held up after a match against Dory Funk Jr. in Orlando, FL on 05/31.

133.Mike Rotunda [3]
06/07/87-Orlando, FL
Defeated Dory Funk Jr. in rematch; stripped when Rotunda gives belt to Rick Steiner in December 1988
Title abandoned in December 1988.

Title revived byNWA Florida in 1994

134.Lou Perez

Stripped due to knee injury.

135.Hercules Hernandez
11/07/95-Gainesville, FL
Defeated Steve Collins in tournament final.

136.Steve Keirn
11/08/96-Gainesville, FL

137.Dory Funk Jr.


138.Adam Windsor
08/15/2000-Tampa, FL
Defeated Chris Nelson in 8-man tournament final to win vacant title.

Adam Windsor vacates the title.
Dory Funk, Jr. and his Funking Conservatory has severed all ties with Howard Brody's NWA Florida promotion due to creative differences. Therefore, Adam Windsor vacated the NWA Florida title due to his contractual obligations to Dory and Marti Funk.

139."Iceman" Buck Quartermaine
01/23/2001-Tampa, FL
Defeated Pepe Prado, Scoot Andrews & Mike Sullivan in a Fatal Four Way to win vacant title.

140.Scoot Andrews
04/21/2001-St. Petersburg, FL
defeating 'Marvelous' MIKE SULLIVAN and 'Iceman' BUCK Q to win the Florida Triple Crown - the IPW, FOW and NWA Florida Heavyweight Title

10/13/2001-St. Petersburg, FL (Florida Wrestleplex)
NWA 53rd Anniversary Show

Title Vacant
Cyborg stripped for not defending the title for 90 days

142.Steve Corino
05/25/2002-St. Petersburg, FL (Florida WrestlePlex)
Defeated Danny Doring in an 8-man tournament final to win vacant title.

143.Danny Doring
05/25/2002-St. Petersburg, FL (Florida WrestlePlex)

144.Christopher Daniels
06/28/2002-St. Petersburg, FL (Florida WrestlePlex)
Defeated Danny Doring, Mike Sullivan and Scoot Andrews in a Four Way Elimination match.

145.Danny Doring [2]
06/29/2002-Davie, FL
Defeated Christopher Daniels and Scoot Andrews in a Three Way Dance.

146.Billy Fives
01/25/2003-St. Petersburg, FL

147.Agent Steele
01/25/2003-St. Petersburg, FL

148.Billy Fives [2]
03/22/2003-St. Petersburg, FL
title is unified with the IPW Heavyweight Title

149.Scoot Andrews [2]
07/19/2003-St. Petersburg, FL
Defeated Billy Fives and Lex Lovett in three way match.

150.Steve Madison
11/22/2003-St. Petersburg, FL

151.Adam Windsor

152.Todd Shane
03/20/2004-St. Petersburg, FL
Won the NWA Florida Heavyweight championship from "Modern Miracle" Steve Madison

153.Steve Madison [2]
09/04/2004-Clearwater, FL

154.Bruce Steele
11/20/2004-Brandon, FL
Defeated "Modern Miracle" Steve Madison and Roderick Strong.

155.The Sheik (Joseph Cobibbo)
Defeated Steve Madison on August 1. 2009 in Temple Terrace, FL to win the Pro Wrestling Fusion Title. Recognized as the NWA Florida Champion after October 2009

156.Tommy Taylor
05/15/2010-Ft. Pierce, FL
Still champion as of 10/11/06

PWF leaves NWA in 2011

Before 04/28/2012

158.Deathrow Jethro
05/12/2012-Winter Garden, FL

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