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March 28, 1997--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema and Hisaharu Tanabe

1.Lou Marconi
03/28/97-North Versailles, PA
Defeated Paul Atlas in tourney final.

2.Dennis Gregory
10/04/97-North Versailles, PA

3.Vince Kaplack
10/25/97-North Versailles, PA

4.Bubba The Bulldog
11/22/97-North Versailles, PA
Defeated Kaplack by forfeit

5.Shirley Doe
01/10/98-North Versailles, PA
Doe awarded title when Bubba was unable to compete

6.Sean Evans
01/10/98-North Versailles, PA

7.J.B. Destiny
02/28/98-North Versailles, PA

8.Paul Atlas
05/16/98-North Versailles, PA

Atlas stripped of title

9.Quinn Magnum
07/25/98-North Versailles, PA
Defeated T. Rantula in tournament final

10.The Player
09/26/98-North Versailles, PA

11.Boomer (Col.) Payne
01/29/99-North Versailles, PA

12.Bubba The Bulldog [2]
03/12/99-North Versailles, PA

13.Guido Corleone
07/16/99-N. Versailles, PA

14.Boomer (Col) Payne [2]
10/22/99-North Versailles, PA

15.J.B. Destiny [2]
10/28/99-Pittsburgh, PA

16.Masked Steel City Machine (Crusher Hanson)
12/10/99-N. Versailles, PA
Defeats Guido Corleone, Kingdom James, Superstar 2000, Big Poppa, and Kory K. in a 6-man Battle Royal for the vacant title

17.Shark Boy
02/25/2000-Pittsburgh, PA
Defeats Crusher Hansen & Cody Hawk in a Three Way match.

18.Cody Hawk19.Shark Boy [2]
04/21/2000-North Versailles, PA

[Records unclear]

20.J. B. Destiny [3]
06/16/2000-North Versailles, PA
Defeated Bubba the Bulldog for the held up title.

09/22/2000-McKeesport, PA
Defeated J. B. Destiny & Chris Hero

22.Scott Venom
11/11/2000-McKeesport, PA

23.Powerhouse Hughes
01/27/2001-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Venom and Super Mantis to win both Television and PWL Triple Jeopardy titles.

Title Vacant
after 2001

24.Jason Cage
06/07/2013-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Gory and Chris LeRusso in 3-way final of the "Best In Pittsburgh" tournament for the revived title.

25.Bobby Beverly
09/07/2013-McKeesport, PA

26.J.R. Mega
05/10/2014-McKeesport, PA

27.Cassidy Stone
06/06/2014-McKeesport, PA
Won the title from J.R. Mega.

28.Tony Johnson
11/29/2014-McKeesport, PA
Won the the second fall of the 4-man Double Jeopardy Match against Cassidy Stone (c), Mad Mike, and Bill Collier; lost the PWX Three Rivers Title to Mad Mike in the first fall.

29.Joey Vengeance
02/28/2015-McKeesport, PA

30.Brandon K.
03/14/2015-McKeesport, PA

31.Clinton Crooks
03/28/2015-McKeesport, PA

32.Jack Pollack
04/11/2015-McKeesport, PA

33.Bryan Bowers
06/27/2015-McKeesport, PA

34.The Bev
11/21/2015-McKeesport, PA

35.Matthew Justice
11/21/2015-McKeesport, PA

36.David Lawless Esq.
02/20/2016-McKeesport, PA

37.Ryan Reign
11/19/2016-McKeesport, PA

38.Crusher Hansen
06/03/2017-McKeesport, PA

39.Justin Idol
06/03/2017-McKeesport, PA

40.Tanner Reynolds
09/09/2017-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Idol and Crusher Hansen in 3-way match.

41.Chris Helmsly
11/25/2017-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Reynolds, Beastman, Clinton Brooks, Dirk Ciglar, and Timothy Titan in 6-way match.

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