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January 6, 1996--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema

1.Sean Evans and Vince Charming
beat Brian Anthony and Paul Atlas in tourney final

2.The Wrong Crowd (Paul Atlas and Brian Anthony)
02/17/96 J.B. Destiny and Ron Williams
Bone Crusher subbed for Paul Atlas in title change.

3.Paul Atlas and Black Cat
beat Destiny and Bubba The Bulldog.
Bubba subbed for Ron Williams.

4.Gator and Country Boy Chris

5.Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie

6.J.B. Destiny and Dennis Gregory

7.Bone Crusher and Quinn Magnum

8.Gator and Col. Payne

9.The Wrong Crowd [2]

10.Gator and Col. Payne [2]

11.Jimmy Anjel and Mr. Big

12.Col. Payne and Bone Crusher

13.Robert Gibson and Vince Kaplack

14.The Wrong Crowd [3]

15.Quinn Magnum and T. Rantula

16.J.B. Destiny and Boomer Payne
04/24/99-N. Versailles, PA
won by forfeit when Samu no-shows event with Heavyweight and Tag Team Titles on the line.

17.The Kaplacks (Vince Kaplack and Brandon K)

18.Kingdom James and Homicide
11/06/99- Johnstown, PA
Defeated Brandon K and Cory K who subbed for Vince Kaplack
06/17/99-North Versailles, PA

19.Lou Marconi and Paul Atlas
01/14/00-N. Versailles, PA
Defeated Kingdom James in handicap match when Homicide no-showed the event

20.Armageddon (Rapture and Revelation)
07/28/00-North Versailles, PA
Defeated Shawn Patrick and Orion (Subbing for Kingdom James)

21.Bubba The Bulldog and Homicide
10/06/2000-McKeepsort, PA

22.Shirley Doe and Devil Bhudakhan
10/28/00-McKeesport, PA

23.J-Ru and J.B. Destiny
02/17/2001-McKees Rocks, PA
Defeated Shirley Doe and The Mantis (subbed for Devil Bhudokhan)

24.The Mon Valley Monsters: Cory K and Big Poppa Gator
06/23/2001-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Armageddon in tournament final to unify NWA East, PWX, and PWL titles.

25.Boomer Payne
07/21/2001-McKeesport, PA
Won title by defeating Cory K.

26.J-Ru and Tommy Brown
08/18/2001-McKeesport, PA

27.New Age Horsemen (Paul Atlas and Jimmy Anjel)
10/06/2001-McKeesport, PA
Defeated J-Ru and Dash Bennett, subbing for Brown.

28.Axl Law and Scott Venom
12/15/2001-McKeesport, PA

29.Bison and Rapture
01/02/2002-McKeesport, PA
Defeated the New Era Horsemen to unify NLW Tag Team Title on 03/02/2002 in McKeesport, PA.

30.Premiere Players (Dash Bennett and Daron Smythe)
03/30/2002-McKeesport, PA

31.Mad Mike and Sterling James Keenan
04/26/2002-McKeesport, PA

32.Premiere Players [2]
05/24/2002-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Mad Mike, Brandon K, and Sterling James Keenan in a "winner-takes-all" 6-man elimination match when Paul Atlas pinned Mike.

33.Dirk Ciglar and Brandon K
07/19/2002-McKeesport, PA

34.Premiere Players [3]
08/17/2002-Triadelphia, WV
Defeated Ciglar and Mr. Bigg, subbing for injured Brandon K.

35.Chris Taylor and Lance Dayton
02/15/2003-McKeesport, PA

36.J.B. Destiny and Scott Venom
08/30/2003-McKeesport, PA

37.Better Than You: All Business Brant and Scott Venom
06/19/2004-McKeesport, PA

38.Da Munchies: Dick Trimmins and Shiek Abdul Hassan
08/14/2004-McKeesport, PA

39.Better Than You [2]
09/11/2004-McKeesport, PA

40.Tri Chi Fraternity (Hammer and Blitzz)
10/09/2004-McKeesport, PA

41Da Munchies [2]
02/05/2005-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Tri Chi Fraternity and Extreme (Squigg and McGrath) in an elimination match.

42.Brandon K. and Quinn Magnum
09/17/2005-McKeesport, PA Vacant in 06.

43.Bigg and Nikita Allanov
03/25/2006-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Devin Devine and Chris Taylor.

44.987 (Scottie Gash and Crusher Hansen)
05/14/2006-McKeesport, PA

45.Devil's Advocates (Devil Bhudakahn and Jake Garrett)
08/26/2006-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Da Munchies and Scottie Gash in a 3-way match Title Vacated

46.Straight Jacket Mafia (Sean Dahmer and Apollyon)
04/21/2007-McKeesport, PA
Defeated James Ross and Guido Corleone and Dash Bennett and Kid Cupid in a 3-way elimination match to be recognized as AWC champions.

47.Franchise Players: Jon Kronica and Max Alexander
12/22/2007-McKeesport, PA

48.Iron Justice (Matthew Justice and Gregory Iron)
03//2008-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Franchise Players and Straight Jacket Mafia: Sean Dahmer and Apollyon in a 3-way match.

49.Straight Jacket Mafia [2]
08/23/2008-McKeesport, PA

50.Patrick Hayes and Ashton Amhurst
09/06/2008-McKeesport, PA

Title Vacant
Stripped when Patrick refuses to show up for the title defense on 01/17/2009

50.Franchise Players: Jon Kronica and Robert Beverly
04/11/2009-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Blue Dragon and Blue Dragon in tournament final.

51.Double Dragon
07/17/2009-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Franchise Players and Excellence Personified in a 3-way match.

52.Da Munchies (Dick Trimmins and 2 Kool Abdul)
09/26/2009-McKeesport, PA
Defeat Double Dragon and Straight Jacket Mafia in a 3-way match

Title Vacant
The team split

53.Golden Reign (Robert Parker Williams and Ryan Reign)
01/30/2010-McKeesport, PA Defeat Straight Jacket Mafia (Sean Dahmer and Apollyon and Travis Fame and Piston Wiley in a 3-way match.

54.Hellraisers (Travis Fame and Apollyon)
04/2010-McKeesport, PA

55.Mon Valley Monsters (Gator and Beast)
05/2010-McKeesport, PA

56.Golden Reign [2] 10/09/25 McKeesport, PA

57.Excellence Personified (Scottie Gash and Brandon K.)
12/18/2010-McKeesport, PA

58.Uprising (Sean Dahmer and Payton Graham)
11/02/2011-McKeesport, PA

59.Excellence Personified [2]
05/2011-McKeesport, PA

60.Shirley Doe Experience: Shirley Doe and Apollyon
09/03/2011-McKeesport, PA

61.Crusher Hansen and Tony Hansen
11/03/2011-McKeesport, PA

62.Iron City Monsters (Beast and Gator)
11/19/2011-McKeesport, PA

63.Order of Total Oblivion: Shirley Doe and Apollyon
04/14/2012-McKeesport, PA

64.Greatest American Villains (Dash Bennett and Robert Parker Williams)
05/04/2013-McKeesport, PA

65.Legion (Robert Parker Williams and Apollyon)
05/04/2013-McKeesport, PA

66.Revolution (Quinn Magnum and T. Rantula)
07/13/2013-McKeesport, PA

67.Initiative 51 (Troy Lords and A.J. Storm)
08/09/2013-McKeesport, PA

68.Payton Graham and Deion Cruize
/09/07/201-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Initiative 51 and the Revolution (T. Rantula and Brandon K) in a 3-way match.

69.Payton Graham and Ethan Wright
11/02/2013-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Cruize and Alex Matthews after Graham and Cruize split.

70.Shirley Doe and The Fan Guy
12/06/2013-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Graham and Wright and Revolution (Dean Radford and The Beast) in 3-way match.

71.Revolution (Dean Radford and The Beast)
01/04/2014-McKeesport, PA

72.Golden Triangle (G.Q. Hayden Ferra and Dean Radford)
04/12/2014-McKeesport, PA
Defeat Radford in handicap match.

73.Enforcing Officials (Crusher Hansen and Maxx Daniels)
05/24/2014-McKeesport, PA
Defeated the Golden Triangle and System Elite (Edric Everhart and Tyler Cross) in 3-way match.

74.Golden Triangle (Slice and Brittany Force)
2014/10/25 McKeesport, PA

75.Enforcing Officials [2]
11/29/2014-McKeesport, PA Defeat the Golden Triangle and System Elite (Edric Everhart and Tyler Cross) in 3-way match.

76.Hellfire Club (Beastman and Kriss Stark)
03/14/2015-McKeesport, PA

77.Brandon K and Jack Pollock
06/27/2015-McKeesport, PA

78.Locked & Loaded (Duke Davis and Ganon Jones Jr).
04/01/2017-McKeesport, PA
Won from J.R. Mega and Crusher Hansen (subbing for Ashton Amherst).

79.Lewis and Toryn Flight
06/17/2017-McKeesport, PA

80.A.J. Matthews and Zak Hunter
11/25/2017-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Lewis andFlight and White Trash Bun Style (Bobby Beverly and Thomas Adams) in 3-way match.

81.Atticus Cogar and Otis Cogar
12/09/2017-McKeesport, PA

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