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NWA East


June 23, 2001--Present

Compiled by Jeff Capo

1.Brandon K
06/23/2001-McKeesport, PA
Tournament held to unify the NWA East Heavyweight Title, PWX Heavyweight Title and the PWL Heavyweight Title into the NWA East Triple Crown Title.
Defeated Dirk Ciglar to become the first NWA East Triple Crown Champion

2.Crusher Hansen
11/24/2001-McKeesport, PA

3.Brandon K [2]
12/15/2001-McKeesport, PA
Title returned to Brandon K

4.Dirk Ciglar
12/29/2001-McKeesport, PA

5.Paul Atlas
05/10/2002-McKeesport, PA

6.Dirk Ciglar [2]
09/14/2002-McKeesport, PA

7.Crusher Hansen [2]
10/12/2002-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Dirk Ciglar for title with assistance from Nikita Allanov

Title Held Up
Crusher Hansen is injured at the hands of New Era.

8.Crusher Hansen [3]
03/15/2003-McKeesport, PA
Wins Burgh Brawl Battle Royal to win vacant title.

Triple Crown Title retired and replaced when Nikita Allanov won the NWA East Heavyweight Title on 05/24/2003 in McKeesport, PA

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