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October 21, 1995--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema and Hisaharu Tanabe

1.B.A. Briggs
10/21/95-N. Versailles, PA
beat Vince Charming in tournament final.

2.Vince Kaplack
05/25/96-N. Versailles, PA
beat Sean Evans for title after Briggs was stripped.

Title Vacant
Kaplack forfeited title.

3.Brian Anthony
07/20/96-N. Versailles, PA
won title in "Burgh Brawl" battle royal.
eliminated Paul Atlas last to claim title.

4.Salvatore Sincere
03/07/97-N. Versailles, PA

5.T. Rantula
03/08/97-Boswell, PA

6.Quinn Magnum
11/22/97-N. Versailles, PA

05/30/98-N. Versailles, PA

8.The Mauler
08/07/98-N. Versailles, PA

9.Sean Evans
09/11/98-N. Versailles, PA

10.Bubba The Bulldog
10/30/98-N. Versailles, PA
Evans forfeited title on 10/30/98

11.Samu [2]
12/11/98-N. Versailles, PA
beat Hungarian Barbarian for title after Bubba was stripped.

12.Sean Evans [2]
01/02/99-N. Versailles, PA
Bubba claimed to still be the champ because he was never beaten
Evans came out and said he is still the champion because he was never officially stripped when he left promotion
Everyone finally agreed that Evans was still the champion.

13.Samu [3]
01/02/99-N. Versailles, PA

14.Big Poppa Gator
04/24/99-N. Versailles, PA
beat Samu by forfeit
won by forfeit when Samu no-shows event with Heavyweight & Tag Team Titles on the line.

15.Shane Douglas
06/17/99-North Versailles, PA

16.Bubba the Bulldog [2]
?/99-North Versailles, PA

7.Brian Anthony [2]
10/28/99-Pittsburgh, PA

Title Held Up

8.Brian Anthony [3]
12/10/99-N. Versailles, PA
Defeats Crusher Hanson, Bubba the Bulldog, Payne in a four-way, belt on a pole match; Anthony sub for the injured Cody Michales.

9. Vince Kaplack
01/14/2000-N. Versailles, PA
Wrestled as masked Kid Galvez and unmasked after the match.
In conjuction with the NWA East Heavyweight Title Vince Kaplack held the following titles:

10.Race Steele
04/21/2000-North Versailles, PA

Title Vacant

11.Lou Marconi
06/02/2000-North Versailles, PA
Defeated Brian Anthony in tournament final.

12.Vince Kaplack [2]
09/22/2000-McKeesport, PA

13.Guido Corleone
10/20/00-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Vince Kaplack, Brandon K, Big Poppa Gator, Jimmy Anjel, Paul Atlas in a 6-man scramble match.

01/27/2001-McKeesport, PA

A tournament was held to unify the PWX Heavyweight Title, the PWL Heavyweight Title, and the NWA East Heavyweight Title to become the NWA East Triple Crown Title

15.Brandon K [3]
05/28/2006-McKeesport, PA Wins a 6-man elimination match against Scott Venom, Chris Taylor, Scottie Gash, Justin Idol, and Sam Slej.

16.Chris Taylor
10/28/2006-McKeesport, PA Defeats AWC champion Crusher Hansen on 07/05/05 in McKeesport, PA to unify both titles.

17.Scottie Gash [2]
12/22/2007-McKeesport, PA

18.Sterling James Keenan
03/01/2008-McKeesport, PA

19.Scottie Gash [3]
09/20/2008-McKeesport, PA

20.Ashton Amherst
08/07/2009-McKeesport, PA

21.Patrick Hayes
04/10/2010-McKeesport, PA

22.Dash Bennett
06/05/2010-McKeesport, PA

23.Ashton Amherst [2]
08/20/2010-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Bennett and Stryder in a 3-way match.

24.Chris Taylor [2]
09/25/2010-McKeesport, PA
Won a 4-way elimination match against Amherst, Dash Bennett, and Patrick Hayes.

25.Ryan Mitchell
04/29/2011-McKeesport, PA

05/21/2011-McKeesport, PA

27.Ryan Reign
06/29/2012-McKeesport, PA

28.Jack Pollock
04/06/2013-McKeesport, PA

29.Chris Taylor [3]
08/23/2013-McKeesport, PA
Defeats Jack Pollock (c) in the final of the Sean "Shocker" Evans Memorial Tournament.
Gory pinned Chris Taylor on 08/23/2013 with a fast count by the referee;
Title is returned to Taylor on 09/07/2013

30.Jack Pollock [2]
11/02/2013-McKeesport, PA

05/24/2014-McKeesport, PA
Won the title from Jack Pollock.

32.Chris LeRusso
10/25/2014-McKeesport, PA

33.Ganon Jones Jr.
03/28/2015-McKeesport, PA

34.Lance Anoa'i
11/21/2015-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Ganon Jones Jr., Cassidy Stone, and Jack Pollock in 4-way match.

Title Vacant
Lance Anoa'i is stripped of the title on 04/09/2016 for no-showing the scheduled defense.

35.Lee Moriarty
04/09/2016-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Sonny Vince in a 4-man tournament final.

04/09/2016-McKeesport, PA
Cashed in his "Golden Ticket", which allows him to challenge for the title any time.

37.Brandon K. [5]
05/21/2016-McKeesport, PA

38.Jack Pollock [3]
11/19/2016/-McKeesport, PA

39.Duke Davis
12/03/2016-McKeesport, PA

40.Crusher Hansen [4]
02/18/2017-McKeesport, PA

41.J.R. Mega
03/18/2017-McKeesport, PA

42.Kato [2]
06/17/2017-McKeesport, PA
Defeated J.R. Mega* and Drake Braddock in 3-way match.

43.Dean Radford
09/23/2017-McKeesport, PA

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