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NWA East


October 13, 2000--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver with additional information from Nikita Allanov

1.Quinn Magnum
10/13/2000-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Boomer Payne in tournament final.

A tournament was held to unify the PWX Heavyweight Title, the PWL Heavyweight Title, and the NWA East Heavyweight Title to become the NWA East Triple Crown Title

2.Nikita Allanov
05/24/2003-McKeesport, PA
NWA East Triple Crown Title retired, replaced by the NWA East Title

3.Justin Idol
10/25/2003-McKeesport, PA
Defeated "Soviet Terror" Nikita Allanov in a 2 out of 3 falls match

4.Nikita Allanov [2]
02/28/2004-McKeesport, PA (Sportatorium)

5.Justin Idol [2]
03/13/2004-McKeesport, PA

6.Nikita Allanov [3]
03/27/2004-McKeesport, PA
The title was returned to Allanov at the beginning of the show. Commissioner CJ Sensation said that the rest of the Championship Committee had voted to review Paul Atlas' involvement in the situation, and was currently suspended, and that Sensation had no choice but to declare the match between Idol and Allanov a non-title match, and return the belt to Allanov.

7.Mad Mike
03/27/2004-McKeesport, PA
Allanov faced Mad Mike later in the card and tapped out.

06/19/2004-McKeesport, PA
Mad Mike announces his retirement due to injuries sustained on 06/05/2004

8.Devin Devine
06/19/2004-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Justin Idol, Brandon K., and Nikita Allanov in a "Cut Throat Elimination match" to win vacant title.

9.Brandon K
09/25/2004-McKeesport, PA

10.Devin Devine [2]
01/08/2005-McKeesport, PA (NWA East Sportatorium)

11.Scottie Gash
07/09/2005-McKeesport, PA (NWA East Sportatorium)
NWA East Summer Scorcher 3

11.Daron Smythe
02/12/2006-McKeesport, PA

12.Chris Taylor
10/28/2006-McKeesport, PA
Defeated AWC champion Crusher Hansen on 07/05/05 in McKeesport, PA to unify both titles.

13.Scottie Gash
12/22/2007-McKeesport, PA.

14.Sterling James Keenan
03/01/2008-McKeesport, PA

15.Scottie Gash
09/20/2008-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Chris Taylor and Sterling James Keenan in a three way match

16.Ashton Amherst
08/07/2009-McKeesport, PA (Jacob Woll Pavilion)
2nd Annual Sean "Shocker" Evans Memorial Tournament

17.Patrick Hayes
04/10/2010-McKeesport, PA

18.Dash Bennett
06/05/2010-McKeesport, PA

19.Ashton Amherst [2]
08/20/2010-McKeesport, PA
Defeated Dash Bennett(c) and Stryder in a 3-way match.

20.Chris Taylor [2] 09/25/2010-McKeesport, PA
Won a 4-way elimination match against Ashton Amherst (c), Dash Bennett, and Patrick Hayes.

21.Ryan Mitchell
04/29/2011-McKeesport, PA


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