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May 24, 1996--Present

Compiled by Jim Dupree, Jeff Capo and Earl Oliver

1.Rex Havoc
Defeated EZ Ryder

Title vacated
10/96 Ryder fails to defend the title

2.Robby Royce
Defeated Brian Jewel in tournament final

3.Bobby Jay

Title Vacant
Jay stripped of the Title after a no show

4.Robby Royce(2)
Defeated Buggsy Sluggliano in tournament final

5.Brian Jewel

6.Mike Stone

7.Bobby Jay(2)

8.Tom Steele

Title held up

9.Mike Stone(2)
won the title in a Battle Royal match

10.Brian Jewel(2)

Title Vacant
Jewel vacated the Title due to shoulder injury

11.Bobby Jay(3)
05/09/98-Winnepeg, MB, CANADA
Defeated EZ Ryder

12.EZ Ryder
05/22/98-Seven Oaks, MB, CANADA

13.Crusher Carlsen
05/28/98-Elmwood, MB, CANADA

14.Charley Hayes
07/26/98-Regina, SK

15.The Masked Mercenary
09/25/98-Winnepeg, MB, CANADA Defeated Charley Hayes and Darren Dalton in Triangle Match

16.Darren Dalton
01/06/99-Winnepeg, MB, CANADA

17.Brian Jewel(3)
02/13/99-Winnepeg, MB, CANADA

Title Vacant
Jewel reinjured shoulder

18.Robby Royce [3]
03/11/2000-Ft. Garry, MB, CANADA
Won a "fans bring the weapons, barbwire bunkhouse brawl"

19.Darren Dalton [2]
06/28/2000-Winnipeg, MB, CANADA

20.Robby Royce [4]
08/23/2000-Elmwood, Manitoba

20.Paul Diamond
10/28/00-St. Boniface, MB, CANADA

21.Robby Royce [5]
03/09/2001-St. Boniface, MB, CANADA
Robby Royce also held following titles in conjunction with the CWF Heavyweight Title

22.Ernie Todd (Big Kahuna)
6/17/2001-St Boniface, MB, CANADA
Robby Royce returned the belt to Todd
Todd defended the belt but said that an 8 man tourney will be held on 7/29/01 with the winner to face him for the title
Royce is still the NWA North American Champion

23."Tomahawk" Gene Swan
09/28/2001-St. Boniface, MB, CANADA

Title Vacant
Gene Swan left the promotion

24."Rebel" Bobby Collins
05/26/2002-St Boniface, MB, CANADA, Canada (LeRendevous)
Won a Battle Royal
Bobby Collins also held the following titles in conjunction with the CWF Hardcore Title

25."Dirty" Dick Walker
09/08/2002-Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
Defeats "The Rebel" Bobby Collins and Baron Von Meaner in a Three Way match.

26."Bad Boy" Brian Jewel
03/07/2003-Winnipeg, MB, CANADA

TITLE VACANT 07/10/2003
Stripped from "Bad Boy" Brian Jewel.

27.Kenny Omega
12/27/2003-Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
Won 4 four man mini-tourney, defeating TJ Bratt, for the vacant title. Also in the tourney were Gibby Guerro and Mentallo.

28.Zack Mercury
01/31/2004-Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
Extreme Rage card

29.Gibby Guerro
06/04/2004-Winnipeg, MB, CANADA

TITLE VACANT 10/07/2004
Title declared vacant as Gibby Guerro quits without notice and does not drop the title before moving on.

30."Stunning" Steve Jaworski
10/17/2004-Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
Won an 18-man battle royal to win vacant title.

31."The Pitbull" Kerry Brown
01/09/2005-Winnipeg, MB

32.The Mauler
06/24/2005-Whale Mountain, PQ

33."The Pitbull" Kerry Brown [2]
When The Mauler won the CWF Heavyweight Title back in June, he was informed that he must make a mandatory re-match defense against Kerry Brown within 30 days. That match did not take place, therefore under a new rule inserted to the CWF charter this year, "if the title holder does not defend the title within 30 days, against the person they won the title from, then the title can revert back to the original title holder by majority vote of the CWF Championship Committee."

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