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September 18, 1998--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott and Eric Roelfsema

Formerly theCWA Tag Team Title

1.House of Pain (Frank Gulli and Joe Gulli)
09/18/98-Kingstown, RI
Defeat New York Posse

2.Ark Angels
02/19/99-Mansfield, MA

3.House of Pain (2)
02/19-Mansfield, MA
Rematch held the same night

4.Ark Angels (2)
03/13/99-Southbridge, MA

5.Knuckles Nelson and Dukes Dalton
08/22/99-Somerville, MA
Match was title for title
Knuckles Nelson and Dukes Dalton also held the following titles in conjunction with the NWA New England Tag Team Title

6.Curtis Slamdawg and Jay Kobain
09/22/99-Somerville, MA

7.The Brotherhood: Knuckles Nelson and Dukes Dalton [2]
10/02/99-Thomaston, CT

8.The Millennium Killaz (Muhammad The Butcher and Gino Martino)
07/20/2000-Somerville, MA
Defeated The 2K Klub

9.Luis Ortiz and Jason Rumble and Wagner Brown
08/24/2000-Somerville, MA
Defeated Gino Martino by DQ and were awarded the titles.


10.The Asylum: Apocalypse and Armageddon
11/18/2000-Somerville, MA
Defeat First Strike: Tiger Fang and Mike Lee and Rush and C.J. Brock to win vacant title.

Title Vacant
05/06/2001-Melrose, MA
Commissioner CaPelli stripped The Asylum on NWA-NE Spotlite

11.Criminally Insane (Trooper Gilmore and The Outpatient)
07/21/2001-Wakefield, MA (Knights of Colombus Hall)
Defeated Zak Mason and Chris Charisma to win the vacant titles
Summer Sizzler Tour

12.Trailer Park Trash ("Dirty" Deuce Malone and "The Scrub" Steve Sabo)
10/27/2001-Woburn, MA

13.Kappa Tegga Kegga (Curt Daniels and Andy Jaxx)
06/01/2002-Woonsocket, RI

14.The Seven (Vertabreaker and Apocalypse)
07/13/2002-Woonsocket, RI

15.Todd Hanson and Beau Douglas
04/06/2003-Riverside, RI

16.The Elite
06/19/2004-Sanford, Maine
Defeated The Beau Douglas and Handsome Johnny to win the title.

17.The Rough Ryders (Nixx and Raines)
11/19/2004-Sanford, ME
Defeated The Elite (Roselli and Huntley) and Mark Moment/Paulie Gilmore in a Triple Threat Match
Tony Rumble Memorial Wrestling Show

18.Nyxx and Devin Raines
11/19/2004-Sanford, ME
Defeated Larry Huntley and Sonny Roselli for title 18.Larry Huntley and Sonny Roselli 10/07/2005-Springfield, TN
Defeat Pierre Vachon/Damien Vachon and Big Islanders.
NWA 57th Annual Convention

19.Trooper Gilmore and Corporal Johnson (Apocalypse)
11/25/2005-Revere, MA (Ringside Entertainment Complex)
Defeated Larry Huntley and Nick Santone (subbing for Sonny Roselli) and Makua and Eric Egoh.
6th Annual Tony Rumble Memorial Show

20.Pierre Vachon and Damien Vachon
05/11/2006-Fall River, MA
Defeated Trooper Gilmore and Corporal Johnson for title.

21.Big Islanders (Makua and Kahoku)
06/24/2006-Revere, MA

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