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December 11, 2001--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver

The WCW World Cruiserweight Title Renamed as the the WWF Cruiserweight Title

12/11/2001-Bakersfield, CA.
Tajiri was awarded the title as the last WCW World Cruiserweight Champ

2.Billy Kidman
04/02/2002-Rochester, NY (Blue Cross Arena)
WWF Smackdown TV Taping

3.Tajiri [2]
04/21/2001-Kansas City, Missouri (Kemper Arena)
WWF BackLash PPV

The World Wrestling Federation changes it's name to World Wrestling Entertainment after losing a trademark suit to the World Wildlife Fund. Henceforth, all WWF Titles will be known as WWE Titles

4.Hurricane (Gregory Shane Helms)
05/14/2002-Montreal, Quebec, CANADA (Molson Centre)
WWE Smackdown TV Taping
Defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri and Billy Kidman in a Three Way match.

5.Jamie Noble
06/23/2002-Columbus, OH (Nationwide Arena)
WWE King of the Ring PPV

6.Billy Kidman [2]
11/17/2002-New York, NY (Madison Square Garden)
Survivor Series PPV

7.Matt Hardy
02/23/2003-Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Bell Centre)
No Way Out PPV

8.Rey Misterio, Jr.
06/03/2003-Anaheim, CA (Arrowhead Pond)
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

9.Tajiri [3]
09/22/2003-Philadelphia, PA (Wachovia Center)
SmackDown! taping

10.Rey Misterio, Jr. [2]
12/30/2003-Laredo, TX
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

11.Chavo Guerrero, Jr.
02/15/2004-San Francisco, CA (The Cow Palace)
WWE No Way Out PPV

05/04/2004-Tucson, AZ
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

13.Chavo Guerrero, Jr. [2]
05/16/2004-Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center)
WWE Judgment Day PPV

14.Chavo Guerrero (Sr.)
05/17/2004-Las Vegas, NV
WWE SmackDown taping

15.Rey Misterio, Jr. [3]
06/15/2004-Chicago, IL
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

16.Spike Dudley
07/27/2004-Cincinnati, OH
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

17.Shoichi Funaki
12/12/2004-Duluth, GA (Gwynette Center)
WWE Armageddon PPV

18.Chavo Guerrero Jr
02/22/2005-Pittsburgh, PA
Pinned Paul London in a Gauntlet Elimination match. Other participants were Shoichi Funaki, Spike Dudley, Akio, and Shannon Moore.
WWE No Way Out PPV

19.Paul London
03/29/2005-Houston, TX
Won an 8-man battle royal, eliminating Billy Kidman; Guerrero was eliminated first.

20.Nunzio (James Maritato)
08/02/2005-Bridgeport, CT
WWE Velocity/Smackdown TV Taping

21.Juventud Guerrera (Anibal Gonzalez)
10/09/2005-Houston, TX (Toyota Center)
WWE No Mercy PPV

22.Nunzio [2]
11/15/2005-Rome, ITALY
WWE house show

23.Juventud Guerrera [2]
11/21/2005-Sheffield, England, UK
WWE Smackdown TV Taping

24.Kid Kash (David Kash)
12/18/2005-Providence, RI (Dunkin Donuts Center)
WWE Armageddon PPV

25.Gregory Helms [2]
01/29/2006-Miami, PPV
Pins Funaki in a Six-Way Cruiserweight Invitational match. Otherparticipants were Kid Kash, Jamie Noble, Nunzio, and Paul London.
WWE Royal Rumble 2006 PPV

26.Chavo Guerrero, Jr. [6]
02/18/2007-Los Angeles, CA (Staples Center)
Defeated Gregory Helms, Shoichi Funaki, Scotty Too Hotty, Shannon Moore, Jamie Noble, Daivari, and Jimmy Wang Yang in a Gauntlet-style
Cruiserweight Open Invitational match.
WWE No Way Out PPV

27.Hornswoggle (Dylan Mark Postlz)
07/22/2007-San Jose, CA (HP Pavilion)
Defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Jimmy Yang, Shannon Moore, Funaki, and Jamie Noble.
The Great American Bash PPV

Title Vacant
09/27/2007-Indianappolis, IN
Hornswoggle forced by acting General Manager, Vickie Guerrero to abdicate title "for his own good" - because he is Vince McMahon's illegitimate son and has becaome "a target".

WWE Cruiserweight Title removed from's active title history list

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