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May 18, 1950--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories by Royal Duncan & Gary Will.
With additional information from Eric Roelfsema

1.Bill Longson
05/18/50-Kansas City, KS
Defeated Sonny Myers in tournament final to become first champion.

2.Tarzan Kowalski
01/25/51-Kansas City, KS

3.Dennis Clary
04/26/51-Kansas City, KS

4.Sonny Myers
05/03/51-Kansas City, KS

5.Dennis Clary [2]
05/10/51-Kansas City, KS

6.Jimmy Coffield
11/06/51-Topeka, KS

7.Alo Leilani
11/29/51-Kansas City, KS

8.Bob Orton
12/20/51-Kansas City, KS

9.Enrique Torres
02/28/52-Kansas City, KS

10.Sonny Myers [2]
03/06/52-Kansas City, KS
Vacant in 52.

11.Sonny Myers #
04/52-Wichita, KS
Defeated Bob Orton in 13-man tournament final, but Orville Brown refuses to present him with the title because the final was only one fall.

12.Sonny Myers [3]
Defeated Bob Orton in 3-fall match.

13.Red Berry

14.Bobby Lane
11/52-Kansas City, KS

15.Dave Sims
01/15/53-Kansas City, KS

16.Lenny Montana

17.Sonny Myers [4]
12/11/53-St. Joseph, MO

18.Dave Sims [2]

19.Bob Orton [2]
01/28/54-Kansas City, KS

20.Sonny Myers [5]

[Records unclear]

21.El Toro

22.Sonny Myers [6]
?/54-Kansas City, KS

23.Joe Dusek
09/13/54-Wichita, KS

24.Ray Villmer
12/16/54-Kansas City, KS

25.Lu Kim

26.Ray Villmer [2]

[Records unclear]

27.Mike DiBiase

28.Richard Brown
04/10/56-Topeka, KS

[Records unclear]

29.Mighty Atlas

[Records unclear]

30.Sonny Myers [7]

[Records unclear]

31.Richard Brown [2]


32.Red Berry [2]
09/15/57-Wichita, KS

33.Richard Brown [3]
10/07/57-Wichita, KS
Vacant in 1958

34.Sonny Myers [8]
07/25-St. Joseph, MO
Wins tournament; vacant in 10/58

35.Bob Geigel
Defeated Bob Ellis in tournament final.

36.Bob Ellis
11/28/58-St. Joseph, MO

37.Lee Henning
01/22/60-St. Joseph, MO

[Records unclear]

38.Kinji Shibuya

39.Bob Ellis [2]
03/10/60-Kansas City, KS

40.Lee Henning [2]

41.Thor Hagen
05/27/60-St. Joseph, MO

42.Ricky Lee
06/60-St. Joseph, MO

43.Thor Hagen [2]

44.Mike Paidousis
09/29/60-Kansas City, KS

45.Lee Henning [3]
11/18/60-St. Joseph, MO

46.Ron Etchison
03/31/61-St. Joseph, MO

47.Lee Henning [4]
04/21/61-St. Joseph, MO

48.Bob Ellis [3]
Vacant in 61 when Ellis leaves the area.

49.Buddy Austin

50.Sonny Myers [9]
11/03/61-St. Joseph, MO

51.Tarzan Tyler
11/10/61-St. Joseph, MO

52.Buddy Austin [2]

53.Ray Gordon
02/09/62-St. Joseph, MO

54.Lee Henning [5]
05/04/62-St. Joseph, MO

55.Pat O'Connor

56.Lee Henning [6]
11/02/62-St. Joseph, MO

57.Pat O'Connor [2]
11/16/62-St. Joseph, MO

[Records unclear]

58.Sonny Myers [10]
02/01/63-St. Joseph, MO

59.Rock Hunter
05/17/63-St. Joseph, MO

60.Enrique Torres [2]
12/20/63-St. Joseph, MO

61.The Spoiler
12/20/63-St. Joseph, MO

[Records unclear]

62.Mike DiBiase

63.Ron Reed (Buddy Colt)
01/11/65-St. Joseph, MO

64.The Stomper (Archie Gouldie)
06/04/65-St. Joseph, MO

65.Sonny Myers [11]

66.Bob Geigel [2]
01/07/66-St. Joseph, MO

67.Ron Reed [2]
02/18/66-St. Joseph, MO

68.The Viking (Bob Morse)
06/17/66-St. Joseph, MO

69.Mike DiBiase [2]
12/16/66-St. Joseph, MO

70.Sonny Myers [12]
01/13/67-St. Joseph, MO

71.Bob Geigel [3]
02/24/67-St. Joseph, MO

72.The Viking [2]
04/07/67-St. Joseph, MO

73.Sonny Myers [13]
06/09/67-St. Joseph, MO

74.The Hangman
10/27/67-St. Joseph, MO

75.Bob Geigel [4]
11/17/67-St. Joseph, MO

76.Sonny Myers [14]
12/12/67-St. Joseph, MO

77.Harley Race
04/05/68-St. Joseph, MO

78.Ron Etchison [2]
05/03/68-St. Joseph, MO

79.Roger Kirby
05/10/68-St. Joseph, MO
Vacant in 68/05.

80.Bob Brown
06/04/68-St. Joseph, MO
Defeated Thor Hagen in tournament final.

81.Tommy Martin
10/11/68-St. Joseph, MO

82.Dusty Rhodes
12/13/68-St. Joseph, MO

83.Don Kent
01/10/69-St. Joseph, MO

84.Dick Murdoch
02/28/69-St. Joseph, MO

85.Pat O'Connor [3]
06/20/69-St. Joseph, MO
Vacant in 69/10.

86.Danny Little Bear
11/28/69-St. Joseph, MO
Wins tournament.

87.Roger Kirby [2]
04/03/70-St. Joseph, MO

88.Bob Geigel [5]
01/01/71-St. Joseph, MO

89.Harley Race [2]

90.Bob Geigel [6]

91.Harley Race [2]
Pat O'Connor defeated Race for the title on January 28, 1972 in St. Louis, MO, but Race continued to be recognized by other promoters. Sam Muchnick withdrew recognition of the title and later created the Missouri Heavyweight title.

92.Danny Little Bear
02/11/72-St. Joseph, MO

93.Black Angus Campbell

94.The Stomper [2]

95.Harley Race [3]
07/07/72-Kansas City, KS

96.Omar Atlas
11/24/72-St. Joseph, MO

97.Roger Kirby

98.Danny Little Bear [2]

99.Bob Brown [2]

100.Harley Race [4]
09/22/73-Kansas City, KS

101.Bob Brown [3]
10/11/73-Kansas City, KS

102.Mike George
03/21/74-Kansas City, KS

103.Roger Kirby [2]

[Records unclear]

104.Bob Brown [4]
07/04/74-Kansas City, KS
Defeated Don Fargo.

105.Harley Race [5]
07/11/74-Kansas City, KS

106.Bob Brown [5]
08/01/74-Kansas City, KS

107.Terry Martin

108.Jerry Oates
02/07/75-St. Joseph, MO

109.Ed Wiskoski
05/31/75-Kansas City, KS

110.Mike George [2]
02/12/76-Kansas City, KS

111.Bob Brown [6]
04/10/76-Wichita, KS

112.Mike George [3]
04/17/76-Wichita, KS

113.Bob Brown [7]
05/18/76-Topeka, KS

114.Harley Race [6]
07/08/76-Kansas City, KS

115.Bob Brown [8]
09/05/76-Wichita, KS

116.Rick Gibson
10/01/76-St. Joseph, MO

[Records unclear]

117.Bob Slaughter (Robert Remus)

118.Ted Oates
02/04/77-St. Joseph, MO

119.Bob Slaughter [2]
02/11/77-St. Joseph, MO

120.Bob Brown

121.Bob Slaughter [3]

122.Ted DiBiase
05/19/77-Kansas City, KS

[Records unclear]

123.Bob Sweetan

124.Bob Brown [9]
10/30/77-Topeka, KS

125.Ted DiBiase [2]
01/07/78-Kansas City, KS

126.Alexis Smirnoff
01/07/78-Kansas City, KS

127.Ken Lucas
02/16/78-Kansas City, KS

128.Bob Sweetan [2]
04/27/78-Kansas City, KS

129.Doug Gilbert
08/31/78-Kansas City, KS

130.Buck Robley
10/07/78-Des Moines, IA

131.Dick Murdoch
12/30/78-Kansas City, KS

132.Randy Alls (Randy Rose)
01/02/79-St. Joseph, MO

133.Bob Sweetan [3]
02/22/79-Kansas City, KS

134.Ron Starr

135.The Turk

136.The Avenger
11/22/79-Kansas City, KS

137.The Assassin (Jody Hamilton)
01/24/80-Kansas City, KS

138.Bob Brown [10]
02/04/80-Kansas City, KS

139.Bruiser Brody
04/10/80-Kansas City, KS

140.Dick Murdoch
05/22/80-Kansas City, KS

141.Killer Karl Kox
07/24/80-Kansas City, KS

142.Bob Brown [11]
08/16/80-Topeka, KS

143.Mike George [4]
09/11/80-Kansas City, KS

144.Bob Brown [12]
10/23/80-Kansas City, KS

145.Buzz Tyler
04/01/81-Des Moines, IA

146.Bob Sweetan [4]

147.Tommy Martin
11/19/81-Kansas City, KS

150.Bob Sweetan [5]
12/10/81-Kansas City, KS

[Records unclear]

151.Roger Kirby
04/27/82-St. Joseph, MO
Defeated Harley Race.

152.Manny Fernandez
09/16/82-Kansas City, KS

153.Dewey Robertson
02/10/83-Kansas City, KS

154.Bob Brown [13]
05/12/83-Kansas City, KS

155.Dewey Robertson [2]
05/19/83-Kansas City, KS

156.Harley Race [7]
06/02/83-Kansas City, KS
Vacant on 83/06/10 when Race wins World Heavyweight title.

157.Super Destroyer
06/30/83-Kansas City, KS
Defeated Buck Robley in tournament final.

158.Buzz Tyler [2]
10/20/83-Kansas City, KS

159.Tully Blanchard
01/26/84-Kansas City, KS

160.Buzz Tyler [3]
02/09/84-Kansas City, KS

161.Luke Graham
04/19/84-Kansas City, KS

162.Ted Oates [2]
06/21/84-Kansas City, KS

163.Buzz Tyler [4]
08/12/84-Columbia, MO

164.Hacksaw Higgins
10/06/84-Kansas City, KS

165.Harley Race [8]
10/25/84-Kansas City, KS

166.Mr. Pogo
01/10/85-Kansas City, KS

167.Marty Janetty
09/22/85-Des Moines, IA

168.Brett Sawyer
12/05/85-Kansas City, KS

169.Bob Brown [14]
12/17/85-Ames, IA
Vacates on 86/05/30 due to an ankle injury.

170.The Shadow (Jaymie Knight)
05/30/86-Des Moines, IA
Wins 13-man battle royal.

171.Marty Janetty [2]
06/01/86-Marshalltown, IA

172.Bob Brown [15]
Vacant on Septembar 26, 1986 when Jim Crockett Jr. buys out the promotion and uses his own wrestlers.

173.Sam Houston
11/16/86-St. Louis, MO

174.Bill Dundee
01/03/87-Topeka, KS

175.Bob Brown [16]
02/27/87-Kansas City, KS

176.Rufus R. Jones [2]
05/21/87-Kansas City, KS

177.Porkchop Cash
07/10/87-St. Joseph, MO

178.Rufus R. Jones [3]
07/17/87-Kansas City, KS

179.Earthquake Farris
09/27/87-Des Moines, IA

180.Bob Brown [17]
10/30/87-St. Joseph, MO

181.Dave Peterson
12/25/87-St. Joseph, MO
Title held up.

182.Dave Peterson [2]
02/18/88-Kansas City, KS
Defeated Cuban Assassin for the held-up title
Promotion withdrew from NWA and closed in 1988.

183.Akio Sato
03/23/89-Kansas City, KS
Defeated T.C. Carter
Promotion closes in 1989.

Title Revived by NWA Mid-West, renamed NWA Central States Title

183.Shane Somers
03/30/2002 Rolla, MO
Defeated Butch McClain when the title is revived; Title Vacant
10/22/2002 Shane Somers forced to vacate title due to injury

184.Derek Stone
11/16/2003 Coffeyville, KS
Defeated Michael Barry, Griz and Gary Jackson.

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