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October 25, 1998--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Earl Oliver

1.Dino Bravo
12/17/78-Toronto, ON
Defeated Gene Kiniski

2.Greg Valentine
04/08/79-Toronto, ON

3.Dino Bravo [2]
06/03/79-Toronto, ON
Vacant in 09 when Bravo leaves the area.

4.Dewey Robertson
09/09/79-Toronto, ON
Defeated Greg Valentine in tournament final.

5.Great Hossein Arab (Iron Sheik)
05/25/80-Toronto, ON

6. Angelo Mosca
07/20/80-Toronto, ON

7.Great Hossein Arab [2]
08/10/80-Toronto, ON

8.Angelo Mosca [2]
12/28/80-Toronto, ON

9.Mr. Fuji
07/12/81-Toronto, ON

10.Angelo Mosca [3]
07/26/81-Toronto, ON

11.Big John Studd
09/20/81-Toronto, ON

12.Angelo Mosca [4]
01/17/82-Toronto, ON

13.Sgt. Slaughter
07/24/83-Toronto, ON

14.Angelo Mosca [5]
01/22/84-Toronto, ON

Vacant in March 1984

15.Ivan Koloff
04/29/84-Toronto, ON
Defeats Brian Adidas in tournament final.

16.Angelo Mosca Jr.
06/10/84-Toronto, ON
Abandoned in July 1984 when Toronto promotion joins WWF

Title revived by ECCW in 1998

17.EZ Ryder
10/25/98-Cherry Hill, New Jersey
EZ Ryder defeated Paul Atlas, who was filling in for Mr. Gillis.

18."Gorgeous" Michelle Starr
06/25/99-Winnipeg, Manitoba

19.E.Z. Ryder [2]
07/25/99-Victoria, BC

20.Crusher Carlsen
11/27/99-Winnipeg, Manitoba

Title Vacant

21.E.Z. Ryder [3]
10/13/2001-St. Petersburg, FL (Florida Wrestleplex)
NWA 53rd Anniversary Show
Defeats Juggernaut to win vacant title

12/09/2001-Winnipeg, Manitoba
Defeats E.Z. Ryder & Baron Von Meaner in a Triple Threat Steel Cage match.

23."Stylin'" Bryan Sylver
03/08/2002-Winnipeg, Manitoba

24.Spyder [2]
03/10/2002-Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

Title held up
09/08/2002-Winnipeg, MB
Title held up by NWA President Jim Miller after The Machine defeated Spyder.

25.Spyder [3]
10/18/2002-Winnipeg, Manitoba
Defeats The Machine to win held-up title.

03/07/2003-Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
Spyder was stripped of the title and suspended from the NWA.

25.Zack Mercury
03/07/2003-Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA
Defeated "Bad Boy" Brian Jewel to win vacant title.

26.Brian Jewel
05/17/2003-Winnipeg, MB

Brian Jewel stripped by CWF Commissioner Shadow Chaser.

27."The Rabid Dog" Rob Stardom
09/24/2003-Fort Garry, MB (Coyote's Nightclub)
Defeated The Axe to fill the vacant title.

28.Kerry "The Pitbull" Brown
05/07/2004-Winnipeg MB
Became the new NWA Canadian Champion in a cage match, by exiting the the cage door before Rob Stardom
"Battleground" card

29.Vid Vain
10/17/2004-Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA

30."Gorgeous" Michelle Starr [2]
09/16/2005-Port Coquitlam, BC

02/17/2006-Vancouver, BC

32."Fast" Freddy Funk
10/27/2006-Surrey, BC

33.Cole Bishop
05/25/2007-Surrey, BC
Defeated Freddy Funk (champion) and Michelle Starr in a 3-way match.

34.Scotty Mac
03/28/2008-Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Scotty Mac also held the following title in conjunction with the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title.

35.Sid Sylum
04/10/2010-Surrey, BC

36.Scotty Mac [2]
10/02/2010-Vancouver, BC

37.Tony Baroni
03/18/2011-Surrey, BC
Reigning ECCW Heavyweight Title holder, defeated NWA Canadian champion Scotty Mac to unify both titles.

38.Artemis Spencer
12/03/2011-Vancouver, BC (Russian Community Centre)
ECCW One Shall Reign Supreme

ECCW Heavyweight Title deunified from NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title and declared vacant on 12/23/2011

02/25/2012-Vancouver, BC
Continued to be billed as an NWA title after ECCW leaves NWA in 09/2012.

14.King of the Yukon
12/08/2012-Vancouver, BC

15.Scotty Mac [3]
03/23/2013-Port Coquitlam, BC

16.Nelson Creed
09/14/2013-Vancouver, BC
Defeated Scotty Mac and Kenny Lush in a 3-way match.

17.Tony Baroni [2]
03/15/2014-Vancouver, BC
Defeated Nelson Creed (c), Ethan H-D, and the King of Yukon in a 4-way match.

18.Sid Sylum [2]
10/18/2014-Cloverdale, BC

Title Vacant
01/03/2015 Sid Sylum was stripped of the title due to injury.

19.Nelson Creed [2]
01/03/2015-Vancouver, BC
Defeated Artemis Spencer and Kenny Lush in 3-way match.

20.Artemis Spencer [2]
01/17/2016-Vancouver, BC

21.Tony Baroni [3]
10/17/2015-Vancouver, BC
Won a 10-wrestler battle royal, last eliminating Nicole Matthews.

22.Artemis Spencer [3]
01/16/2016-Vancouver, BC

23.Ethan H.D.
04/09/2016-Vancouver, BC

24.Mike Santiago
07/16/2016-Vancouver, BC

25.Andy Bird
01/14/2017-Vancouver, BC
Defeated Mike Santiago*, Bishop, and Nelson Creed in a 4-way match.

26.Eddie Osbourne
03/31/2018-Coquitlam, BC

27.Artemis Spencer [2]
01/12/2019-Vancouver, BC
ECCW champion, defeats Eddie Osbourne in a double title match.
(ECCW website still lists both titles with Spencer as the champion, so these titles are most likely not unified)

28.Travis Williams
09/13/2019-New Westminster, BC

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