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May 26, 1993--Present

From the BCW Web Site with additional information from Brian Westcott

1.Canadian Lightning (Bobby Clancy and Otis Apollo)
05/29/93-LaSalle, ON
Defeated Canadian Destroyer and Chris Pilon

2.The New Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Snow and Denny Kass)
05/14/94-LaSalle, ON

3.Bobby Clancy and Scott D'Amore
05/21/94-Macomb Township, MI

4.Canadian Lightning (Bobby Clancy and Otis Apollo) (2)
Otis Apollo replaced Scott D'Amore

5.Hot Paradise (Scott Summers and Johnny Paradise)
06/04/94-Jackson Center, OH

Title Vacant

6.The New Breed (Ric Austin and Mike Legacy)
01/20/95-Oldcastle, ON
Defeated Purple Haze (Chris Pilon and Tommy Wonder)

7.Los Rudos (Rico Rodriguez and Calavera Cortez [Tommy Wonder])
06/23/95-LaSalle, ON

8.Maximum Intensity (Bobby Clancy and Mike Legacy)
08/16/96-LaSalle, ON

9.Otis Apollo and Denny Kass
04/12/97-LaSalle, ON

10.Rocco DiVinci and Chris Valentino
02/10/2000-Windsor, ON
Defeated Bobby Clancy and Otis Apollo

Title Vacant

11.Barry Horowitz and Otis Apollo
07/15/2000-Windsor, ON
Defeated Larry Destiny and Bobby Clancy

12.Larry Destiny and Bobby Clancy
07/16/2000-London, ON

13.Geza Kalman Jr and Dyson Pryce
08/26/2000-Tecumseh, ON

14.Johnny Swinger and Otis Apollo
03/07/2001-Oldcastle, ON

15.Mike Legacy and Chris Church
06/23/2001-Leamington, ON

16.Jack Damage and Tyson Dux
07/14/2001-Windsor, ON

17.Terry Taylor and Cyrus
10/10/2001-Oldcastle, ON
Sabu and Scott D'Amore defeated Terry Taylor and Cyrus on 03/12/2002 in Oldcastle, ON for the titles, but since Sabu was not officially in the match (he was a last minute replacement for Simon Diamond) the match was declared not a title match, and the titles were returned to Terry Taylor and Cyrus.

18.Tyson Dux and El Tornado
10/10/2002-Oldcastle, ON, Canada
Defeated Terry Taylor, Chris Sabin and Tracy in a Handicap Match
Cyrus wasn't there, and They didnt explain why

19.Hacker and Gutter
01/16/2002-Toronto, ON, CANADA
Defeated Tornado and Tyson Dux and Ruffy Silverstein and Trent Steele in a Three Way match.

20.Tyson Dux and El Tornado
01/17/2003-Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

21.Gutter and Hacker [2]
05/27/2003-Oldcastle, ON, CANADA

22.Nova and Tommy Dreamer
06/13/2004-Windsor, ON, Canada
Defeated Johnny Swinger and Otis Apollo

23.Truth Martini and N8 Mattson
06/27/2004-Windsor, ON, CANADA
Defeated Gutter and D-Ray 3000 (subbing for The Hacker).

24.Petey Williams and Bobby Roode
09/19/2004-Windsor, ON, CANADA
Defeated N8 Mattson and Eddie Venom (subbing for Truth Martini)

25.N8 Mattson and Danny Daniels
02/27/2005-Windsor, ON

26.Phil Atlas and Jimmy Jacobs
07/22/2005-Oldcastle, ON

Title Vacant

27.Phil Atlas and Brent B.
05/28/2016-Windsor, ON
Defeat the Fraternity (Channing Decker and Trent Gibson) in tournament final for the vacant title.

28.Johnny Devine and Jon Bolen
11/05/2016-Windsor, ON
Defeated Atlas and Banks, A1 and Bobby Sharp, and the Fraternity (Channing Decker and Trent Gibson) in 4-way elimination match.

29.Phil Atlas and Brent Bank [2]
03/25/2017-Windsor, ON

30.Phil Atlas and Jake Something
03/03/2018-Windsor, ON
Defeated Banks and Aiden Prince after the team splits.

31.Brent Banks and Aiden Prince
10/06/2018-Windsor, ON

32.Desi Hit Squad (Raj Singh and Rohit Raju
08/25/2019-Tecumseh, ON

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