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December 30, 2005--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Jeff Lewis
12/30/2005-Cornelia, GA (NWA Arena)

2.Hayden Young
03/11/2006-Cornelia, GA (NWA Arena)
Lumberjack Strap match.
NWA Anarchy Hardcore Hell 2006

3.Masked Phoenix (Brandon P)
06/17/2006-Cornelia, GA
Defeated Adrian Hawkins for title
Unmasked after match.

4.Ace Rockwell
11/04/2006-Helen, GA (Return to Nowhere Theater)
NWA Anarchy Fright Night 2006

5.Chad Parham
03/31/2007-Cornelia, GA
Parham pinned Rockwell in a Double Jeopardy Match that also included Slim J and Jeremy Vain where both Parham's NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title and Rockwell's NWA Anarchy Television Title were on the line.

6.Jeremy Vain
04/21/2007-Cornelia, GA

7.Trutt Fields
09/29/2007-Cornelia, GA

8.Shaun Tempers
04/18/2009-Cornelia, GA (NWA Arena)
NWA Anarchy Hardcore Hell

9.Brody Chase
12/18/2010-Cornelia, GA

10.Shaun Tempers [2]
01/08/2011-Cornelia, GA
Teamed with Young Lion's champion Bo Newsom to face Chase and Slim J with both titles on the line and pins Chase.

11.Brodie Ray Chase [2]
04/09/2011-Cornelia, GA

12.Jeff Lewis [3]
07/09/2011-Cornelia, GA (NWA Arena)

13.Steven Walters
07/23/2011-Cornelia, GA
Won a 3-way match against Jeff Lewis(c) and Brodie Ray Chase.

14.Seth Delay [2]
12/17/2011-Cornelia, GA
Won a 4-way match against Steven Walters (c), Mike Posey, and Corey Hollis.

15.Bro Newsom
04/30/2012-Cornelia, GA

16.Billy Buck
10/27/2012-Cornelia, GA (Anarchy Arena)
Wrestling Fright Night

17.Bro Newsome [2]
12/08/2012-Cornelia, GA

18.Billy Buck [2]
12/29/2012-Cornelia, GA

19.Bobby Moore
04/13/2013-Cornelia, GA

20.Wideside (Billy Buck) [3]
10/26/2013-Cornelia, GA

Title Vacant
Declared vacant because Buck was suspended prior to the title win.

21."Wild" Billy Buck [4]
12/28/2013-Cornelia, GA (ANARCHY Arena)
Defeated Bobby Moore in an "I Quit" match to win vacant title.
ANARCHY Wrestling Seasons Beatings 2013

22.CB Suave
03/08/2014-Cornelia, GA (ANARCHY Arena)
Won the title from Iceberg Slim: Iceberg and Slim J.

23.Tommy Penirelli [2]
07/26/2014-Cornelia, GA (Anarchy Arena)

24.Todd Sexon
10/25/2014-Cornelia, GA
Won a 4-way match against Tommy Penirelli (c), Gunner, and Anthony Henry.

25.Corey Hollis
12/27/2014-Corlenia, GA

26.Kevin Blue
03/28/2015-Cornelia, GA

27.Jacob Ashworth
08/22/2015-Cornelia, GA
Defeated Young Lions champion Jeremy Foster, Television champion Kevin Blue, and Trevor Aeon in 4-way elimination match to win both titles on the last card of the promotion.

Title Reinstated

28.A.C. Mack
07/28/2018-Cornelia, GA
Defeated Xander Ramon in tournament final for the vacant title.

29.Chris Spectra
09/29/2018-Cornelia, GA

30.Shane Marx
10/13/2018-Cornelia, GA

31.Billy Buck
12/22/2018-Cornelia, GA

32.Matthew Hankins
03/09/2019-Cornelia, GA

05/25/2019-Cornelia, GA

Title Vacant

34.Tyler Cullprett
10/10/2020-Cornelia, GA br>Defeated Brian Blaze, Kevin Ryan, Spi-ral, David Ali, and Will Kaution in "Ultimate Anarchy" match.

35.Proc Johnston
05/22/2021-Cornelia, GA

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