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Stylin' and Profilin': The Legend of Ric Flair

By Ervin Griffin, Jr.

Part 1: In The Beginning

Part 2: Bigger Fish

Part 3: The Road To The World Title

Part 4: Harley Race

Part 5: The Four Horsemen

Part 6: The Ankle Incident

Part 7: Hands Of Stone, Warriors, And R n R's

Part 8: First Blood

Part 9: Savagery Of The Four Horsemen

Part 10: 13 days

Part 11: Nikita Koloff

Part 12: What About Garvin?

Part 13: WarGames and The Dream Date

Part 14: Garvin Triumphs

Part 15: The Man Again

Part 16: The Challenge of Sting

Part 17: The 'Bloody' Controversy

Part 18: Return Of The Dragon

Part 19: War Of Attrition

Part 20: Terry Funk

Part 21: Thunderdome and Troy

Part 22: Return Of The Horsemen

Part 23: Dagger

Part 24: Payback Is A B*tch!!!

Part 25: Payback Is A B*tch, pt. 2

Part 26: A Year In The WWF

Part 27: A Year In The WWF, pt. 2: The Royal Rumble And Randy Savage

Part 28: A Year In The WWF, pt.3: The Ultimate Con Game

Part 29: A Year In The WWF, pt. 4: An (Im)Perfect Ending

Part 30: Texas And Hollywood

Part 31: Rick Rude

Part 32: Enter Vader

Part 33: The Title or The Career

Part 34: Bane

Part 35: Rest In Peace....NOT!!!

Part 36: Flair VS. Savage, Pt. 2

Part 37: Bash At The Beach Revisited

Part 38: Enter The Loose Cannon

Part 39: The Rise and Fall Of The Four Horsemen, Pt. 1

Part 40: The Rise And Fall Of The Four Horsemen, Pt. 2

Part 41: The Rise And Fall Of The Four Horsemen, Pt. 3

Part 42: Old Feuds Revisited

Part 43: Flair VS. WCW

Part 44: Become What You Despise

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