Solies' Classic Wrestling Images from the Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe

The Scrapbook of Joe Wolfe (1940-1954)

Joe Wolfe wrestled professionally in Ohio and around the country in the era of Jim Londos and Lou Thesz. His biggest professional matches may have been a series against a young, but already famous, Gorgeous George, in the Mid-West in 1948.

The images in this gallery were gleaned from Mr. Wolfe's scrapbook, which was leant to Solie's regular weekly columnist, John Cross by Joe's niece, Annie Gease, after Joe passed away at the age of 90, on July 11, 2002 in his home town of Columbus, Ohio.

Solie's Vintage Wrestling would like to thank Ms. Gease and the Wolfe family for permission to republish these photos, and also to our good friend, John Cross, for uncovering this treasure trove and scanning the images so that we could share them with you.

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The photo at the top of the page is from a newpaper clipping.

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