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The Illustrated History of the Four Horsemen

Perhaps the most enduring stable of pro-wrestlers ever. The reformed Horsemen line-up (as of September 14, 1998) is shown above - but there have been many members and incarnations over the years. Here is an episodic history of the Four Horsemen with pictures and video! (Editors Note: As I gradually catalogue all of my video collection it may be that I will end up going back and filling in earlier parts of the Horsemen story. So these Part numbers are subject to change as I add more episodes)

Part 1: The Conception
Part 2: The $1500 Suit and the $1000 Challange
Part 3 A Dasterdly Attack!
Part 4 Gestation - The Payback for a Rescue
Part 5 The Birth of the Horsemen - The Steel Boot and Tully Blanchard becomes involved
Part 6 Revenge is sweet
Part 7 The "Security Guard" Incidents - Tully gets his belt...for a while
Part 8 Set Back! How Tully lost the TV Title
Part 9 How Tully and Arn "Won" the Tag Team Titles
Part 10 The Anti-Horsemen - Their Enemies Unite/The Horsemen Garvin Wars (revised 6/7/97)
Part 11 The Departure of Ole and the Redemption of Lex Lugar (revised 9/6/97)
Part 12 Of baseball bats and the Midnight Rider
Part 13 The Turn of Barry Windham
Part 14 Horsemen Minus the Brainbusters
Part 15 The Horsemen Reborn
Part 16 New Challenges and a New Horseman
Part 17 Woman wants in; Sting is Out
Part 18 Sting's Revenge
Part 19 Magic and a Monster!
Part 20 Doom Threatens and a Japanese Victory
Part 21 Separate Destinies

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