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I used to not consider myself a serious guitar collector (thinking I couldn't afford to be!), but around 2000, when the number of instruments in my collection went past 30, I began to realize that it had become a serious pursuit. My favorite pastime for several years was to acquire a "wall hanger" for next to nothing and then restore it to a playable instrument. Eventually, I realized that I don't really have the patience or the dedication to be a good luthier, so I gave that up.

This collection consists almost entirely of what I would call "working mens'" guitars. Not the kind that are generally thought of as "collectable", but mostly inexpensive models that have been used down through the years by amateur and working musicians alike, sometimes referred to as "house brand" or "catalog" guitars.

The collection covers every decade of the 20th Century, and there are several guitars that are over 100 years old. (Note: Many of the instruments shown here have been sold to collectors, but I maintain the photos for historic purposes).