Yancy Derringer (1958–1959)

Yancy Derringer was an American Western series that ran on CBS, with Jock Mahoney in the title role. Yancy Derringer is a gentleman adventurer. He is a former Confederate Army captain who has returned to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1868, three years after the end of the Civil War. Widely respected by all parts of New Orleans society, he is recruited by the Federal city administrator, John Colton, to work as a secret agent at no pay. The full series is here.
Return to New Orleans
Gallatin Street
Ticket to Natchez
An Ace Called Spade
A Bullet for Bridget
The Belle from Boston
Loot from Richmond
Lonesome Jackson
Memo to a Firing Squad
Knaves from New Haven
Marble Fingers
Old Dixie
Two of a Kind
Nightmare on Bourbon Street
The Fair Freebooter
Mayhem at the Market
Night the Russians Landed
A Game of Chance
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